5 “Big Show” Ready MMA Prospects From August

MMA Prospects expert Shawn Bitter takes a look at five fighters who proved they’re ready for the “big show” in August.

“Pretty Boy” Troy Lamson
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Date – August 3rd, 2018 | Promotion – WXC 73 | Method – Knockout (Slam), Round 1 | Opponent – Joe Elmore (12-11)
At only 26, Lamson has a lot of experience with 12 pro fights and 17 amateur fights (17-0). First and foremost, Lamson is an excellent wrestler having wrestled at Michigan State University.  The wrestling has translated nicely to MMA thus far. Lamson doesn’t tend to strike much but he holds power but then again, he finds it much easier to get the takedowns, get the back, and unleash ground-and-pound. In 2016, Lamson would drop his two losses in a row but to his defense, they were against two solid regional prospects in Justin Jaynes and Nick Browne. Since them two losses, Lamson has won his next five fights winning a regional title in the process. Lamson has the growing skill-set to compete in the big show today but has the personality and look a big promotion would love.

Check out his full fight from August on UFC Fight Pass.

Troy Lamson
6 Submissions
From East Lansing, Michigan
Training out of Murcielago MMA
Ideal Card- UFC Wisconsin (Dec. 15th)
Ideal Opponent – Dong Hyun Kim

Nate “The Snake” Andrews
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Date – August 3rd, 2018 | Promotion – CES 51 | Method – Submission (Triangle), Round 1 | Opponent – D’Juan Owens (16-12-1)
Being 34-years-old in the lightweight division, he’s not really considered a prospect to many, but Andrews’ record and his abilities can’t be ignored as well as he’s not had his chance on the big show yet. Andrews’ best weapon is his choke as he holds nine submission wins finding the neck. Nearly all his fights include Andrews threatening the choke at some point. Andrews is able to be taken down but he has good defense off of his back and solid jiu-jitsu threatening submissions from the bottom. On the feet, Andrews has long punches he uses at range and mixing in solid kicks. Andrews even holds a head kick knockout. “The Snake” is on a eight-fight win streak and the CES Champ who defended his title in August. With so much experience and a 100% finish rate some big promotion should take Andrews.

Check out this highlight of his fight in August.

Nate Andrews
10 Submissions
From East Providence, Rhode Island
Training out of New England Combat
Ideal Card- Bellator card targeted late in the year
Ideal Opponent – Carrington Banks

Evgeny Goncharov

Date – August 8th, 2018 | Promotion – WFCA 50 | Method – TKO (Punches), Round 1 | Opponent – Zelimkhan Umiev (11-1)
Goncharov is a solid heavyweight prospect out of Russia. On the feet, he does have some power but on the mat is where he wants to be. Goncharov is an excellent wrestler who will get the body lock and get the huge power takedowns showing how strong he is. On top, he has some slick grappling for a big guy but his ground and pound is his best aspect where he throws at a high rate and can do that all fight. This past August, Goncharov won the WFCA title and beat a guy in Zelimkhan Umiev who is one of the most dangerous heavyweights out of Russia and Goncharov knocked him out in the first round. He is 32-years-old but that’s still fairly young in the division but he has beaten some solid fighters and is ready to take a fight under the big lights.

Here is his full fight from August.

Evgeny Goncharov
2 Submissions
From Novocherkassk, Russia
Training out of Legion Fight Team
Ideal Card- UFC China (Nov. 24th)
Ideal Opponent – Alexander Romanov

Denis “The Russian Bogatyr” Goltsov

Date – August 22nd, 2018 | Promotion – S-70: Plotforma Cup 2018 | Method – Submission (D’Arce Choke), Round 2 | Opponent – Eduardo Oliveira (18-3-1)
At only 28, Goltsov has beaten a string of well-known fighters in James McSweeney, Chase Gormley, Peter Graham, Brett Rogers, Konstantin Erokhin, Mike Kyle and Paul Buentello. He is good everywhere and he dominates fights. Goltsov has the laid-back style where he can work a precise and impactful jab for as long as he pleases, but then he can switch it up and launch a head kick out of nowhere. Goltsov is a multiple-time Combat Sambo champion and placed first at this year’s Euros. Goltsov is the finished product and is only getting better and better. He’s arguably the best Heavyweight prospect out there.

Denis Goltsov
9 Submissions
From St. Petersburg, Russia
Training out of Sambo-Piter
Ideal Card- UFC China (Nov. 24th)
Ideal Opponent – Jarjis Danho

Here is his full fight from August.

Alexander Romanov
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Date – August 22nd, 2018 | Promotion – S-70: Plotforma Cup 2018 | Method – Submission (Scarfhold Neck-crank), Round 1 | Opponent – Virgil Zwicker (16-7-1)
Romanov has a background in Sumo as he was the 2016 Champion of Romania. Romanov is still improving and has some upside at only 27 years old. On the feet, Romanov is still green as he likes to throw some high kicks and he seems to be improving a little in that area. The wrestling is solid when he gets the distance closed Romanov is super strong and in a few fights has had some pretty awesome WWE-like slams. In top position is where Romanov does the most damage as he is a heavy guy usually weighing in at 257 pounds and when he gets in the mount which he usually does he’s not coming off and the ground and pound he throws is his best weapon. He’s a guy that could take a few more fights first before signing to a big promotion but at heavyweight, they need all the talent they can get.

 Here is his full fight from August.

Alexander Romanov
6 Submissions
From Comrat, Moldova
Training out of Lion Comrat
Ideal Card- UFC China (Nov. 24th)
Ideal Opponent – Evgeny Goncharov

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