5 Reasons To Watch The Pacquiao-Matthysse Fight On Saturday

One of boxings best ever is about to go for his 60th win. And y’all are sleeping on it. Manny Pacquiao (59-7-2) is a generational type of fighter. Once he finally calls it quits, we won’t see another one like him. So do yourselves, the sport of boxing and Pacquaio himself a favor and tune in this Saturday night. The champion Lucas Matthysse (39-4) is Pacquiao’s opponent but let’s be honest, you will watch for the former champion. If so, you might be surprised by the champions boxing skills – so don’t sleep on him or this fight!

5 Reasons To Watch The Manny Pacquiao-Lucas Matthysse Fight:

  1. He is definitely a top-10 “Best Ever” boxer, probably even top-5. The word “GOAT” (Greatest Of All Time) gets thrown around a lot in sports, but this guy is in the conversation. At age 39 and a ton of miles in the boxing ring, Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao is fighting for another world title. And he has a legit shot at winning the fight. Although his knockout power has weaned with age, Pacquiao still has the strength to shake his opponents core and quite possibly get another win via KO!
  2. Manny Pacquiao isn’t the only one who knocks his opponents out. In his 39 wins the champion, Lucas Matthysse, has ended the fight by knockout 36 times. Matthysse puts the pressure on his opponents then ends the fight showing his punching power is legit. Don’t blink – you might miss a knockout!
  3. Will this be a goodbye to one of the greatest to ever? This could very well be Manny Pacquiao’s farewell fight. The former champion and boxing great will turn 40 later this year. He’s been in bloody battles for most of his career. The mind might be strong but eventually, the body won’t be able to take the damage any longer. Although Pacquiao is favored to win the fight, the champion Matthysse is younger and hungry while wanting to prove he is still one of the better Welterweight fighters. If Manny Pacquiao takes a bad loss to Matthysse it might be a wrap on his fantastic boxing career.
  4. Maybe this isn’t a farewell to Manny Pacquiao. What if he beats Lucas Matthysse by knockout in the early rounds or if he takes a unanimous decision in a fight where he looks like the old Pac-Man? It’s likely Pacquiao’s best days are behind him but it’s also possible he has a couple more money fights left in him. The Welterweight division is one of the best in boxing. There are still big money fights available to the winner of this matchup. Two of The Ring Magazine Pound-For-Pound best are in the top 7; Terrence Crawford (3) and Errol Spence Jr. (7). Both Crawford and Spence Jr are major draws and fan favorites, as is Pacquiao. It’s possible with a win we might see a Pacquiao fight with either Crawford or Spence Jr. down the line.
  5. For all of the hate this fight is getting – for various reasons – it may surprise us all and turn into a fun scrap. Both fighters have it in them to put on an action-packed boxing fight. It’s possible those boxing “wars” are behind them in their careers due to age BUT there is always that chance of an absolute barn burner of a fight. Manny Pacquiao and Lucas Matthysse might just give boxing fans a damn good fight!


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