8 Italian matches to remember at Cage Warriors


The upcoming weekend will be one of the most anticipated of the year for Italian MMA fans. In Birmingham, during the course of the 98th numbered event by British top promotion Cage Warriors, the colors of Italy will be represented twice: about midway through the main card it will be the turn of Angelo Rubino [8-3 MMA, 1-0 CW] to show his skills in the match which pits him against Adam Proctor [9-1 MMA, 0-1 CW], while in the most important match of the evening, in the main event, it will be up to Stefano Paternò [12-2-1 MMA, 1-0 CW] to defend the colors of Italy and his welterweight title, against the unbeaten Ross Houston [7-0 MMA, 5-0 CW].

To kill some time as we await the event, we have compiled a list of 8 important matches featuring performances by Italian athletes in the British promotion and that every MMA fan should check out in the meantime.
Note that the fights listed here are not the only matches featuring Italian athletes in Cage Warriors, but rather a personal selection of the 8 most important ones.

Alessio Sakara at Cage Warriors 1

It’s almost impossible to find images of that evening, but among the various accomplishments of Italian MMA pioneer Alessio Sakara, is that of having participated to the very first edition of Cage Warriors. It was 2002 and in that occasion “Legionarius” fought twice in one night, winning the first match by submission against Adam Woolmer but losing the second, also by submission, against Simon Holmes.


Ivan Serati vs. Riciardas Zlatkus

In this match, which took place at Cage Warriors Showdown 2, and saw future UFC veteran Ivan Serati fight Riciardas Zlatkus, our compatriot captured a victory by TKO in the first round.


Ivan Musardo vs. Joe Duffy

Credits: Cage Warriors

One of the highest peaks not just of his career, but of the entire Italian MMA movement, was reached by Ivan Musardo in 2011 when he was able to defeat Joe Duffy, who at the time had recently beaten a young Conor McGregor, and bring a Cage Warriors title to Italy for the first time, the lightweight belt.


Mauro Cerilli vs. Karl Moore

Credits: Cage Warriors

The second Italian title conquered in the British promotion was a result of the victory by Mauro Cerilli against Nills van Noord in November 2017; the match in our list, though, is the first defense of the belt by Cerilli, dated March 2018, in which our compatriot literally demolished Karl Moore, who was the hometown favorite, to retain his title. In addition, this performance was delivered on the prestigious stage of Cage Warriors’ Super Saturday.


Luca Iovine vs. Nathaniel Wood

There aren’t just victories in our list, unfortunately. Luca Iovine fought against one of the most talented bantamweights in Europe, Nathaniel Wood, in the main event of Super Saturday, during the Cage Warriors 92 event, losing in the first round. Despite the unfortunate result this match had undeniable importance in the European scene, as “The Prospect” was called by the UFC after his performance.


Carlo Pedersoli Jr. vs. Nicholas Dalby

Credits: Cage Warriors

Carlo Pedersoli Jr. delivered a stellar performance against a very high-level opponent in the main event of Cage Warriors 93.
The decision victory, in a match he had accepted on short-notice, against former UFC fighter Nicholas Dalby, allowed “Semento” to get his long-awaited call by the UFC, which came just one month later.


Stefano Paternò vs. Mehrdad Janzemi

Credits: Cage Warriors

Stefano Paternò will be back in action this weekend to defend the belt captured in the main event at  Cage Warriors 95 against Mehrdad Janzemini. In that occasion the athlete from Milan showcased his power, managing to defeat his opponent by KO early in the first round.

LINK: https://www.ufc.tv/video/stefano-paterno-vs-mehrdad-janzemini-cage-warriors-95

Micol DiSegni vs. Cory McKenna

Credits: Cage Warriors

A symbol of the growth of Italian female MMA, Micol DiSegni’s victory at Cage Warriors 97 is the most recent in our list of matches to check out.
Before this match, McKenna was touted as the “next big thing” in English female MMA; by winning, Micol not only derailed her hype train, but also established herself clearly as a contender for the title of the promotion.

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