About Us


The Wise One

Shannon Sass

Shannon Sass aka Nino is a full time father/diaper changer. Co-founder of MMA-today.com Ric Flairs Speech Writer, and Life Coach to Bruce Branner. You can’t stop what’s coming.









The Italian

Tony Fagnano

Longtime MMA fan who got hooked after watching hometown hero Chuck Liddell fight in Pride. Drink way too much iced coffee. My dog and cat graciously let me lay my head down in my tiny San Diego apartment.








The Troll

Izi Garcia

Truth seeker, number cruncher and twitter addict. You might have heard about me from that one time I pissed someone off. Love hiking with my puppy “Chomps” and debating nonsense with the MMA community in general.







The MMA Addict

DC Howard

Chronicler of Global MMA and author of This Week in Face Punching. DC is also a loving husband, devoted father to two kittens, nascent Muay Thai aficionado, career researcher and statistician, retired four year poker pro, and disc golf addict.






Senior Writer

Nolan King

Nolan King is the face behind “The MMA Kings” twitter account, a part-time EMT and a full-time pre-medical student (both a science and fight nerd). ┬áColumnist, writer and occasional MMA insider. ┬áBig Boston sports fanatic so hate is expected and accepted.







Senior Writer

Ryan Thomas

Ryan is an over-opinionated debater, former Muay Thai practitioner and face-punching nerd extraordinaire. His passions include cats, watching copious amounts of television, bumping Rap and Hip Hop music, lauding European MMA, Light Heavyweight prospect hunting and daytime drinking. When he’s not online he’s researching, and when he is online he’s probably arguing with someone who knows far less than himself. He’s also extremely humble and feels illeism is always acceptable.





The Boxing Guru

James Harrison

James Harrison is a boxing writer and podcaster from the DMV area. Covering live fights across the U.S. Chuck Liddell’s barber. Big Poppa Pump’s speech therapist. Hold my mimosa, it’s my turn to roll the dice.









Josh Mantle

My names Josh Mantle from North Wales. I have a huge passion for MMA. Im a 2nd Dan in Shukokai Karate.As well as MMA Im a fan of Boxing and football too.