ACB 76 Results, Recap and Clips: Cooper Knocks Out Davlatmurodov In Stunning Comeback Win.

This past Saturday Absolute Championship Berkut — ACB — made a trip down to the Gold Coast, Australia, to put on their 76th event. The majority of the undercard was filled with regional fighters as well as having UFC veteran Dylan Andrews take on Azamat Amagov. The main event featured former Bellator title challenger Brett Cooper facing off against Russian prospect Sharaf Davlatmurodov.

Brett Cooper (23-13) def. (T/KO via punches in RD2) Sharaf Davlatmurodov (12-1)

Davlatmurodov opened up with a vicious low blow which visibly hurt Cooper, this resulted in Big John McCarthy taking a point from the Russian. After Cooper recovered, Davlatmurodov utilised his grappling to dominate his opponent for the remainder of the round. However, in the second round, Cooper was able to defend the majority of Davlatmurodov’s takedowns who seemed visibly tired. Eventually, Cooper landed an uppercut which dropped his opponent and flurried to seal the impressive comeback win, improving to 3-1 in the promotion .

Full ACB 76 Results:

Brett Cooper (24-13) def. (T/KO via punches in RD2) Sharaf Davlatmurodov (12-2)

Azamat Amagov (10-1) def. (T/KO via punches in RD2) Dylan Andrews (18-8)

Anthony Leone (16-8) def. (Submission via guillotine choke in RD2) Dean Garnett (9-2)

Michael Tobin (13-2) def. (Submission via bicep slicer in RD1) Sam Chan (5-4)

Rodolfo Marques (25-9) def. (SD) Mehdi Baidulaev (5-1)

Bai-Ali Shaipov (4-0) def. (SD) Kieran Joblin (20-10)

Islam Yunusov (5-2) def. (UD) Alan Philpott (16-10)

Trent Girdham (7-0) def. (Submission via armbar in RD1) Tim Moore (12-7)

Shannon McClellan (10-4) def. (T/KO via punches in RD1) Steven Nightingale (6-3)

Saeed Fatahfir (5-3) def. (T/KO via punch to the body in RD1) Ty Duncan (3-2)

Johnny Walker (6-3) def. (Submission via rear-naked choke in RD1) Justin Van Heerden (1-2)

Diego Pereira (4-2) def. (SD) Kairin Moses (4-2)

Daniel Hill (2-0) def. (T/KO via retirement in RD1) Gavin Hain (1-1)

Mohammed Alavi (3-0) def. (T/KO via head kick in RD1) Even Cox (1-1)

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