Mousah and Whiteford headline ACB 87

ACB 87 Preview: Watch Nasty Finishes and Violent Handiwork from 24 World Ranked Stars of ACB Nottingham!

This Saturday’s ACB 87 marks the UK return for Russia’s biggest fight promotion, Absolute Championship Berkut. Words are nice sometimes, but ACB books cards that are so deep that we might as well let the top notch fighters of ACB 87 do the talking instead. For your preview-tastic enjoyment, I picked out a top finish for (almost) every fighter on the show. As always, there are some great ones in here!


ACB 87 Main Event

145: Rob Whiteford (14-4, #92 World)
vs. Kane Mousah (10-1, #291 World LW)

Rob Whiteford, 35 y/o ATT rep, Scotland’s “Hammer”, 2-0 in the ACB cage, finished Nam Phan with a VIOLENT guillotine at ACB Manchester 14 months ago:

Kane Mousah, Manchester England’s “The Danger”, 2-0 ACB with 2 decisions, GNP Smash Artist:


ACB 87 Co-Main Event

185: Piotr Strus (12-3-2, #46 World)
vs. Fernando Gonzalez (27-15, #41 World)

Piotr Strus, #2 ACB middleweight, 3-0-1 ACB, 29 y/o Berkut Fight Team, World Class Polish All-Arounder:

Fernando Gonzales, 7-2 Bellator contender, the Menifee Maniac, Unassuming Fight Finishing Expert:


135: Takeya Mizugaki (21-13-2, #83 World)
vs. Pietro Menga (13-1, #183 World Fly)

Takeya Mizugaki, #31 all-time 135er per Fightmatrix, 0-2 ACB, 4 loss streak, last finish was in 2011

Pietro Menga, 30 y/o Pitbull, briefly signed to UFC in 2017 before getting shafted for short-notice weight miss, 0-1 ACB


135: Rob Emerson (19-12, #68 World)
vs. Shamil Shakhbulatov (9-1, #115 World)

Rob Emerson, grizzled UFC and Bellator vet, making his ACB debut, once fought elite LW Gray Maynard to a crazy double-KO no contest:

Shamil Shakhbulatov, All Fights in ACB, 7 fight win streak, Habitual Distance-Goer, Majority Decision over TUF 24’s Xavier Alaoui last fight:


185: Mike Rhodes (10-5, #160 World)
vs. Ibragim Chuzhigaev (11-5, #68 World)

Mike Rhodes, 3 fights in the UFC way-before-his-peak, 28 y/o Roufusport trainee, been to war with some serious dudes like Alan Jouban:

Ibragim Chuzhigaev, All-Fun KO Puncher, 9-3 ACB, won 7 of his last 8, splattered Will Noland at ACB 70:


135: Dean Garnett (9-2-1, #231 World)
vs. Dominique Wooding (5-1, #390 World)

Dean Garnett, 29 y/o Liverpool ace, 1-2 ACB, 2 loss sub streak versus top contenders, demolished undefeated Mike Tobin at ACB 54:

Dom Wooding, Untested 21 y/o BAMMA regional product, 5 KOs in his 5 wins:


155: Adam Aliev (8-2, #232 World)
vs. Andre Winner (21-11-2, 2-4 UFC, #209 World)

Adam Aliev, Spinning Stuff aficionado, 6 fight streak in Berkut Young Eagles, 7-2 ACB, utterly smoked Ednilson Barros at ACB 78:

Andre Winner, TUF 9 vet, 2009-2011 UFC regular, ACB debut, last finish was 5/2014 in the semis of an eight man, one night tournament:


170: Adam Proctor (8-1, #312 World)
vs. Ashley Reece (6-0, #487 World)

Adam Proctor, “The Love Doctor”, ACB debut, 3 win streak in the UK regionals, ground Nathan Jones into the mat at BAMMA 33:

Ashley Reece, 2-0 ACB, a “Beast” of a UK wrestler, former undefeated amateur champ, smooshed Martin Hudson at FCC 16:


145: Alex Gilpin (10-1, #79 World)
vs. Adlan Mamaev (4-0, #269 World)

Alex Gilpin, 26 y/o Wisconsin regional champ, only loss via split to UFC’s Dan Moret, ACB debut, showed off diverse offense to TKO Jose Pacheco 1/17:

Adlan Mamaev, Berkut FC pupil, earned his way to the ACB main show by going 4-0 in Young Eagles, scored finish #1 via crushing Anaconda at ACB 78:


170: Sam Boult (10-2, #384 World)
vs. Stanislav Vlasenko (11-3, #227 World)

Sam Boult, one of Sheffield’s finest, 1-1 ACB, 2 win streak, talented ground finisher:

Stanislav Vlasenko, 25 y/o freestyle wrestling practitioner, 3 win streak, 5-2 ACB, squeezed a tap out of Sergey Khandozhko at ACB 68:


155: Alibek Akhazaev (8-2, #218 World)
vs. Tim Wilde (12-3, #296 World)

Alibek Akhazaev, 5-2 ACB, six straight fights to decision, scored a triangle choke sub at ACB’s first event in 2012:

Tim Wilde, “The Experiment”, violent and aggressive striker with all-around skills, 3 win streak, ACB debut:


135: Carlos Abreu (6-2, #173 World)
vs. Chris Miah (8-1, #11 UK)

Carlos Abreu, the flashy “Crocodilo” of Goias Brazil, 2 win streak, first fight outside Brazil:

Chris Miah, 27 y/o Titan Fighter rep, only loss to UFC contender Jarred Brooks, natural 125er with only one win by decision and a nuclear right hand:


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