Alaska FC 142: Results & Clips from a 100% Finish Filled Main Card

Anchorage, Alaska – It was a night of serious action at Alaska FC 142, with headlining bouts that produced back-and-forth excitement & every fight heading to a finish prior to round 3.  If you missed the show on UFC Fight Pass, check out recaps & clips of all the fights from the AFC 142 main card!



Alaska FC 142 Results:


170: Uros Medic (3-0, #12 Alaska)  Sub1-Triangle Choke  Jason Flowers (1-2)

The Alaska FC 142 main event proved to be a heated affair, as Medic & Flowers exchanged a pre-fight shove before briefly trading strikes center cage.  Medic offered a nice knee from the clinch, but Flowers showed some serious power with a belly-to-belly suplex into side control!  Flowers circled to North-South position before switching to the other side and nailing Medic with knees to the body.  All that good work went to waste when Flowers tried for an ill-advised armbar.  When he gave up on that submission, Flowers dove straight into a triangle choke that earned the sudden submission win for Uros Medic!  Quality fight from both of these BJJ players and a great way to cap an Alaska FC 142 card that proved to be a very entertaining watch at just over one hour.



145: David Booker (4-3, #12 Alaska)  Sub2-RNC  Aaron Ulroan (5-4)

After a two-minute feeling out process, “Coffee Boss” Booker landed a grazing spin kick to the body but found himself planted on the mat when Ulroan caught the leg. On the mat, Ulroan advanced to half guard and skillfully administered ground strikes until Booker powered his way up.  From there, Booker got to the clinch and started landing serious offense via knees to the body.  Both men attempted back takes and were reversed, before Ulroan finally landed in back mount and hunted for a too-late RNC heading as the round 1 bell sounded.  Ulroan’s grappling edge re-emerged in round 2, scoring a takedown and advancing to mount in the second minute.  Just like in round 1, a back-take try revealed an opening for Booker to reverse to top control before scrambling to the feet.  Ulroan, who usually fights at 135, seemed to be wearing down but still managed to finish a low single leg.  Booker’s power edge kept shining through, though, as he reversed top position and fended off an armbar before pounding away with ground elbows.  Then with just moments left in round 2, Booker switched to an RNC that forced the tap as the round 2 bell sounded!  Impressive high-energy war from these two, and a really nice change of pace from the quick finishes that populated the early portion of this AFC 142 show.



265: Enoka Sautia (2-0)  TKO1  Onosai Moana (3-5)

Following an early low blow and some wild mid-cage swinging, Moana found himself in a hole after being docked a point for shorts grabbing.  When the fight returned, Sautia deftly evaded a takedown try and dropped Moana to the mat with a knee to the body.  Sautia controlled position for several minutes before smashing the downed Moana with elbows that precipitated the stoppage just over 4 minutes into round 1.  That’s two round 1 TKOs in two months for Enoka Sautia, who turned pro just last month at AFC 141.



135: Cody Williams (11-7, #4 Alaska)  TKO1  Archie Fultze (0-2)

Weird little fight here as “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Fultze ate a knee and landed face down on the mat for a moment.  When the ref stepped in to award the victory to eight-time Legacy FC vet Cody Williams, Fultze recovered and ended up fighting for a takedown as the ref tried to separate them.  Strange scene for sure, but upon further review it looked like Fultze was indeed out – chalk up another quick win for “Wolverine” Williams, who made good on his second Alaska FC appearance after falling to reigning champ Maurice Mitchell at AFC 126 back in late 2016.



135: Preston Micheletto (1-0)  TKO1  Tristan Lowe (1-3)

Lanky bantamweight Micheletto enjoyed an efficient pro debut as he smashed Lowe with uppercuts as soon as “Lowe Boy” shot in for a takedown.  Easy money for Alaska BJJ’s Micheletto, who showed off the kind of reactions and precise striking that should make him a force to be reckoned with in the Alaskan regional ranks.



 135: Jacob McNaulty (2-3)  Sub1-North South Choke  Marv Alexie (2-3)

“Mad Man” McNaulty got the better of the entertaining brawling exchanges early, before grounding and tapping “The Martian” Alexie via North-South Choke – aka the Jeff Monson special.



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