Terry Brazier became champ champ at BAMMA 36 (pic: @BAMMA)

BAMMA 36 Results & Recap: Terry Brazier claims a second BAMMA belt, Chi Lewis Parry escapes with a draw

London, England – British regional regulars BAMMA offered a rare Thursday night fight card at BAMMA 36, aka BAMMA Fight Night London, with a champion versus champion title tilt in the headliner. Read on for fight recaps from the five broadcast pro contests, including the return to MMA action for GLORY heavyweight kickboxer Chopper Chi Lewis-Parry.


BAMMA 36 Main Event @ 155:

Terry Brazier (10-1, BAMMA WW champ, #149 World WW)

Unanimous Decision (30-25, 30-25, 29-27)

Rhys McKee (7-2-1, BAMMA LW champ, #330 World)

Slimmed-down BAMMA welterweight champ Terry Brazier saw no reason to strike with Rhys McKee as he pushed the defending lightweight champ into the cage and dumped him to the mat in the first minute of the BAMMA 36 main event. Brazier worked toward an arm triangle choke but couldn’t clear guard as McKee tried a leglock. That gave Brazier a chance to land some slapping hammerfists midway through round 1. McKee finally threatened somewhat with a kneebar, which allowed him to finally stand and consequently score a takedown of his own. McKee worked to mount before latching in a body triangle when Brazier rolled to his stomach. “Skeletor” squeezed for the RNC but lost grip, allowing Brazier to end this very entertaining round 1 on top punching away.

Brazier went right back to the double leg takedown as round 2 commenced. McKee found himself pinned against the cage in mount taking short right hands from the welterweight kingpin. 90 seconds into round 2, Brazier worked to side control and pounded from crucifix position. After threatening with an americana and kimura, Brazier repositioned in full mount and started bashing away with ground punches (including several blatant punches to the back of the head that typically-hyperactive but suddenly-inert British official Marc Goddard didn’t punish for some reason). McKee kept on taking shots but again managed to struggle to his feet, where he took a flush knee to the dome before being dropped back to the ground. Brazier’s gas tank finally seemed to dip as McKee briefly assumed top position late in round 2; either way, this was another clear round for Brazier.

McKee entered the final round down 2-0 to Brazier, assuming sentience from the British judges (a strong assumption if you’ve ever watched UK MMA). The lightweight champ worked the jab in the opening moments as Brazier seemed content to catch his breath. About 30 seconds in Brazier exploded for a takedown but didn’t have the energy to control position as McKee briefly got on top in mount. On the feet, Brazier caught McKee with a quick right hook, but it wasn’t long before this one went back to his comfort zone as Brazier settled into side control late in the third. McKee didn’t have a miracle in him this bout as Brazier used superior grappling skills and timely striking to secure the unanimous decision. Your new BAMMA champ champ is lightweight and welterweight titleholder Terry Brazier.

Highlights from the exciting McKee/Brazier round 1


BAMMA 36 Co-Main Event @ 145:

Anthony “Pretty Boy” Taylor (4-5, 1-3 Bellator, #184 UK/Ire)

Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-26, 29-26)

Mike “Pretty Boy” Hales (5-1, #78 UK/Ire)

If you’re wondering how a fighter can own a 5-0 record with 5 finishes, and yet barely crack the top 100 in his home country, Mike Hales entered this one having faced opponents with a combined record of 0 wins, 50 losses on fight night. Hales had no answers for former James Gallagher opponent Anthony Taylor as the American tackled him to the mat and held him there for the first 3 minutes. After a standup and point deduction from UK referee Rich Mitchell for no clear reason (maybe a gentle headbutt upon review), Taylor went back to work with another takedown. The second round saw more of the same as Taylor had no problem bullying the untested Brit to the mat and smashing away for most of the stanza, though Hales managed to land a few elbows in the final seconds of round 2. Hales’ lack of ground game bit him again in the third as Taylor easily won the battle of the “Pretty Boys” over 15 grinding minutes en route to the unanimous decision win.


BAMMA 36 Feature Bout @ Heavyweight:

Lukasz Parobiec (13-7-1, #8 UK/Ire)

Majority Draw

Chi Lewis Parry (6-0-1, #212 World)

GLORY kickboxer and undefeated MMA competitor Chi Lewis Parry has occasionally had trouble making it to fight night, including a pair of scratched kickboxing contests versus Hesdy Gerges and a cancelled ONE title bout versus Brandon Vera. After close to four years away from MMA competition, Parry stepped in versus Stav Economou last time out and obliterated the veteran with Travis Browne style elbows (which the British regulators somehow botched and called a no contest).

In his second BAMMA outing, Lewis-Parry employed a patient early game plan as he stood at range and pawed at tattoo-flush journeyman Lukasz Parobiec. A very low volume Round 1 saw the Pole bounce from southpaw Muay Thai stance and flick leg kicks while Parry offered an occasional leg kick in reply. Parobiec’s confidence increased in round 2 as he landed several body shots and started making headway with his straight left. Parry finally unloaded with a head kick midway through the scheduled 15 minute contest but ate a sharp straight left moments later. Parobiec continued to march forward throughout rounds 2 and 3, backing Parry into the cage as relatively little fire came back his way. Parry finally attacked after he was penalized a point for eye poking, and he landed a strong left head kick with 150 seconds left in the contest. But Parry failed to seriously capitalize as the bout went to the scorecards.

Fairly tenacious work from Lukasz Parobiec, who was outgunned on paper but was the only man really trying to fight for most of this slow paced contest. The notorious local British judges were watching something completely different than everybody on Twitter (and yours truly), as they called the bout a majority draw. I guess Parry was due for some regulatory generosity after being robbed of a KO by incompetent officiating at BAMMA 34.


BAMMA 36 Facebook Prelims

155: John Nicholls (3-2)  Sub2-Mata Leon  David Khalsa (2-3)

After a fairly slow start to this lightweight bout, David Khalsa dropped John Nicholls with a straight left 4 minutes into the first round and worked to top position for the rest of the frame. Nicholls got some payback 1 minute into round 2 with a takedown of his own. Khalsa had no answers from his back as Nicholls maneuvered to back control and choked him out cold with 2 minutes left in the second stanza! John “No Mercy” Nicholls lived up to his nickname with the wicked submission finish.


130: Elliott Hoye (2-0)  TKO3-Punches  Luke Shanks (3-1)

The BAMMA 36 Facebook stream arrived two minutes into round 1, with Elliott Hoye throwing vicious elbows and knees at Luke Shanks. Shanks briefly managed to score a takedown and control Hoye against the cage at times, but whenever Hoye had the chance he threw consistent flurries of Muay Thai violence and managed to strike from top position late in the first round. Shanks tried to get the fight to the ground at the start of round 2 but found himself pinned down for the whole round and beat up by the elbow-loving Hoye. The ground beating continued in round 3, and finally Elliott Hoye put his man away with a flurry of hammerfists with about 3 minutes left on the clock. That’s 2 wins in 2 pro fights for Hoye.

BAMMA 36 Early Prelims (unbroadcast)

155: Jefferson George (9-6, #323 World)  Unanimous Decision   James Reedman (3-2, #86 UK/Ire WW)

145: Kingsley Crawford (2-0)  Unanimous Decision   Akonne Wanliss (0-1)


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