Bec Rawlings: MMA Star Turned Bare Knuckle Boxer

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship is set to put on their first ever card on June 2’nd from Cheyenne, Wyoming. This will be the first sanctioned bare knuckle boxing event in the United States since 1889. The co-main event of the night will feature former UFC Flyweight Bec Rawlings – who will make her bare knuckle boxing debut!

While Bec Rawlings does want to fight in a cage again her mind is on the fight ahead of her. On June 2’nd Rawlings will fight with just her fists – bare knuckle! Although Rawlings has never fought in a boxing match, her training for MMA fights has always included boxing. For this fight Rawlings trained at United Fight Team in Brisbane, Australia. Rawlings says “Boxing is pretty big in Australia and I train with some of the best women boxers from Australia.” The main training partner for Rawlings’ fight was April Adams, who is Australia’s Super-Bantamweight Women’s boxing champion. Rawlings also trained and sparred with newly crowned Women’s International Boxing Association World Bantamweight champion Cherneka Johnson. It’s safe to say that Rawlings has had a tough camp ahead of her bare knuckle boxing debut.

The training for bare knuckle boxing and MMA differs in a few different ways. “I’ve been working on strengthening my hands for the bare knuckle aspect”. Rawlings also says “To fight bare knuckle you don’t want to throw a ten-punch combination, if you do you will most likely hit the top of your opponents head and will hurt yourself more than your opponent.” Training cover guards has also been a strategy for Bec Rawlings. Since they will be fighting without gloves, she will need to use her defense and cover up so she takes as little damage as possible.

Cardio was another major focus for Rawlings while training for this fight. “With boxing, the pressure and the pace is different than with MMA. You’re more in range with less time to react.” Rawlings also says “In boxing, there are a lot more setups, faints, and angles which give you less time to think and breathe then what you get in MMA.”

Although Bec Rawlings has fought only in MMA in her career, she looks forward to having to standup and rely on her striking. She says, “I can throw more hands without the risk of being taken down. But in saying that, I’ll be stuck on my feet with nowhere to hide and I won’t be able to grab ahold of my opponent and throw her to the ground.” Rawlings goes on to say, “The danger of not being able to take her opponent down is exciting and that’s why bare knuckle boxing excites me!”

Although Rawlings has this fight in bare-knuckle boxing, she has intentions to return to the cage to fight in MMA again. But for now, she will be in the ring in the co-main event of the night fighting Alma Garcia. Garcia is also a Mixed Martial Artist along with a boxer who fights out of Denver, Colorado.

Rawlings stated that even though she does look forward to getting back into the cage, she also loves having “the freedom to not be locked down to an exclusive contract.

“There are fighters then there are fighters who love to fight. Rawlings fits the bill of the latter, she says “I love fighting, I love competing, I love testing myself!”

This fight against Alma Garcia will be the co-main event of the Pay-Per-View. Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship has really gotten behind the two women. Rawlings says “It’s cool because you don’t really see women getting a push in boxing.” Not only have the women gotten a push, everyone on the card has. Rawlings states “This isn’t a card of just street fighters. There are seasoned veteran boxers and MMA fighters on this card. There are legitimate strikers and fighters on this card that will make it exciting to watch!”

To watch Bec Rawlings and all of the other fights on the card head over to the link provided in the tweet below!


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