David Michaud earned a crushing KO in his Bellator debut (pic via @bulldawg155)

Bellator 204 Prelims: Results/Recaps/Clips from a Violence-Packed Sixpack of Fights

Sioux Fall, South Dakota – Before Bellator champ Darrion Caldwell squared off with Noad Lahat in the Bellator 204 main event, the Bellator 204 prelims featured a number of intriguing prospects and veterans alike looking to climb the Bellator ladder. Read on for recaps & clips of all the fights including big finishes from Venezuela’s Omar Morales, home favorite David Michaud, TUF alum Jason Jackson, and ammy wrestling ace Romero Cotton!



155: Omar Morales (7-0)  KO1 Troy Nawrocki (3-1, #75 US Midwest)

Sometimes an undefeated record in the South American regionals doesn’t hold up under the pressure of US competition. That wasn’t the case at all for Venezuela’s Omar Morales, who cruised to 6 wins in the southern hemisphere before making good on his Bellator debut versus undefeated Nebraskan Troy Nawrocki. The smooth-moving Morales shinned Nawrocki with a vicious left head kick just as his opponent was ducking. With Nawrocki hurt, Morales needed just one more perfect punch to finish the deed in just 58 seconds!  Crazy debut finish from Omar Morales, who opened some eyes with this wild finish!


155: Demarques Jackson (9-2, #597 WorldSD3  Bryce Logan (9-3, #181 World)

Demarques Jackson looked like he had Bryce Logan outgunned early as he backed the local fighter up with power hooks. Just when Jackson seemed to be getting in his groove, Logan landed a perfect right to the temple that made the Hard Knocks 365 rep do a legit chicken dance mid-cage. Jackson recovered quickly, though, and Logan never pressed for the finish. That proved to be a mistake as Jackson resumed his assault, adding knees and low kicks to his punching attack and bloodying Logan by the end of round 2. Both men were a bit tired as the final round kicked off. Jackson chose to take the fight to the mat and earned a couple minutes of top control, but Logan managed to sweep and land a handful of elbows as his home crowd screamed their appreciation to the final bell. It wasn’t enough for Logan to emerge with a win in this close fight, as Demarques Jackson squeaked out a 30-27, 29-28, 28-29 split decision win in his Bellator debut.


170: Jason Jackson (8-3, #161 World)  TKO1  Jordon Larson (9-5, #276 World)

Hard Knocks 365’s Jason Jackson appeared to get lost in the moment when he fought in front of Dana White on Contender Series and never got his potent offense working. “The Ass Kicking Machine” had no such problem in his Bellator debut as he stalked South Dakota native Jordon Larson from the outset. Once Jackson easily stuffed Larson’s first takedown try, he immediately kicked into fourth gear and started swinging ill-intentioned right hands. One of those bombs caught Larson as he was backing away from the action and put the underdog down on the mat. Some follow up strikes were all it took to put Larson in the fetal position and render Jason Jackson the winner by round 1 TKO in his Bellator debut.


170: David Michaud (13-4, #223 World)  KO1  Corey Davis (3-1, #86 US Midwest)

After one win in three competitive UFC outings, David “Bulldwag” Michaud has kept his career rolling with strongs performances in LFA and the regionals against solid opposition. Michaud faced a far less experienced opponent for a change at Bellator 204 and was ready for Corey Davis’s bullrush assault. Davis used his athleticism to bully toward the clinch but ate a crisp counter right from Michaud as he left his face undefended. The undefeated athlete redoubled his efforts and forced the clinch again, where he worked toward Michaud’s back. But as soon as Michaud scraped Davis off his back, the South Dakotan turned around and demolished his seated foe with a brutal uppercut for the round 1 TKO! That’s five finishes in his last five wins for Michaud, who is still just 29 and could be a darkhorse in the Bellator lightweight or welterweight ranks if they decide to give him a shot against a more seasoned opponent.


200: Romero Cotton (3-0)  KO1  Willie Whitehead (2-3)

Willie Whitehead’s plan for dealing with Romero Cotton’s NCAA wrestling pedigree: weigh in for this middleweight bout around 15 pounds overweight! The former Nebraska-Kearney star was nonplussed as he ducked under a Whitehead punch and secured a takedown after 90 seconds of gauging distance. Whitehead gamely struggled to his feet, only to eat a nuclear right hand from the wrestler that put him on rubber legs! Cotton followed up with nasty knees to the face that ended Whitehead’s night in brutal fashion after 4:12 of action and earned him his third win in three Bellator starts.


170: Tyler Ray (3-1)  KO1  Seth Bass (4-3)

Seth Bass got off to an exceedingly slow start as he stood in front of Tyler Ray and ate punches. Florida man Ray proceeded to control the clinch and score a single leg takedown. Bass threw up a pretty threatening-looking armbar but that gave Ray a chance to pass to side control. Although Bass regained guard, Ray landed some nasty elbows that briefly knocked his man cold 3:30 into round 1! Nice way to get your first career TKO to kick off the Bellator 204 prelims.



125: Lloyd McKinney (13-5, #166 World)  Sub3-Arm Triangle  Robiel Tesfaldet (2-2)  –  not broadcast


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