Berkut Young Eagles 5 Results & Video: Bibert Tumenov & Kazim Tumenov star in Grand Prix action

Tolstoy-Yurt, Chechnya – Some of the top young prospects in Russian MMA were on display at Berkut Young Eagles 5, a night of tournament action that saw 16 fighters advance to Grand Prix semifinals at 125, 135, 145, and 155 pounds. Read on for links to every fight at BYE 5, plus notes on all the action including the dominant KO’s by Bibert Tumenov & Kazim Tumenov!


BYE 5 Lightweight Grand Prix Quarterfinals

155: Kazim Tumenov (3-1)  TKO2  Erkin Darmenov (8-3, #426 World)

The less-heralded of the two Tumenov cousins in action at BYE 5, Kazim Tumenov earned himself some hype here with a crushing round 2 finish of gritty FNG alum Darmenov. The Kazakh had been red hot as of late, coming in with 4 straight wins, but Tumenov set the tone 90 seconds in with a knockdown off a crisp left hand. After swinging wild ground-and-pound & fishing for an RNC, Kazim lost position and spent some time fending off Darmenov’s grappling attack. Back on the feet at the end of round 1, these two lightweight hopefuls slugged away with some of the most reckless & crowd-pleasing exchanges of the event. Both fighters were more patient in the striking exchanges at the start of round 2, which gave Tumenov a chance to show off his range control skills and technical striking abilities. After scoring plenty with both hands, the southpaw Tumenov landed a big left that knocked Darmenov to the mat midway through the second. Darmenov showed dogged persistence as he got up and kept trading for another minute, until Kazim landed the conclusive right-left combo that faceplanted the Kazakh. Great war thanks to the efforts of both gentlemen, and a real attention-earning performance by Kazim Tumenov as he advanced to the Grand Prix semis in violent fashion.


155: Kubanych Abdisalam (11-3, #574 World)  UD3  Abdulla Almurzaev (5-1, #526 World)

Kyrgyzstani finisher Abdisalam entered this contest with only 1 decision win in 10 career victories, but he couldn’t figure out a way to crack lanky Chechnyan Almurzaev in this 15 minute contest. Abdisalam connected with some nice straight punches in round 1 before finishing on top with a takedown. Almurzaev had a great moment midway through round 2 when he reversed an Abdisalam takedown by rolling through into mount. But before long, the one-time ACB winner Abdisalam was back on top. Almurzaev seemed to know that he needed something big heading into round 3, but instead, Abdisalam poured it on with big punches in the final minutes that sent his man reeling. The more experienced fighter sealed things with a final takedown to cap one of the most hotly contested fights of Berkut Young Eagles 5.


155: Abdurakhman Magomadov (3-1)  SD3  Vladimir Palchenkov (6-2-1)

Round 1 was essentially a grappling match that saw both Magomadov and Palchenkov score takedowns and demonstrate solid defensive jiu-jitsu & scrambling capabilities. Both men looked pretty worn after a round of intense wrestling, but bit down on their mouthpieces and stood center cage trading for most of round 2. Magomadov seemed to have more zip left in his punches, bloodying Palchenkov around the right eye, but both men landed their fair share of shots. Magomadov continued to fire away with straight punches in round 3. Palchenkov couldn’t keep up on the feet and tried for a takedown, only to be reversed and put on the mat with 2 minutes to go in the fight. Both men left it all in the cage as they scrapped to the end of this well-matched battle, good for a $1000 Fight of the Night bonus. Competitive, yes, but the decision seemed pretty clear as Abdurakhman Magomadov walked away with a hard-fought win.


155: Movsar Baimaskhanov (3-0)  UD3  Umalat Poshev (2-2)

In the first round of this lightweight quarterfinal, Poshev grabbed a body lock and pulled Baimaskhanov down on top of him into mount not once, but twice. Movsar tenderized Poshev’s face in retaliation but didn’t quite sink the RNC he squeezed late in round 1. After that rough start, Poshev spent rounds 2 & 3 hunting for a big punch but Baimaskhanov used slick footwork to keep out of range. The undefeated fighter added in some solid counters and used a late takedown to seal his spot in the lightweight Grand Prix semifinals.



Featherweight Grand Prix Quarterfinals


145: Bibert Tumenov (5-0, #342 World)  TKO1  Zygimanta Ramaska (4-1, #415 World)

The cousin of ACB star & ex-UFC contender Albert “Einstein” Tumenov, Bibert Tumenov has been making waves of his own with round 1 KOs in 3 of his first 4 fights. He added a fourth here by viciously slugging Ramaska in the liver two minutes into round 1. Another finish for Bibert’s growing highlight reel, and good for a $1000 KO of the Night bonus check.


145: Timur Khizriev (5-0)  UD3  Musa Visengeriev (1-1)

After Khizriev controlled the clinch early, Viesengeriev worked his way back to distance and promptly knocked down his foe with a straight right hand. Khizriev survived and slowed Visengeriev quite a bit with wrestling rounds 2 and 3, good enough to avoid further damage and record the comeback decision win.


145: Roman Avdal (12-6)  UD3  Ruslan Temiraev (2-3)

Temiraev’s grappling superiority shined through when he dumped the veteran on his back via single leg 3 minutes in. The flashy kickboxer Avdal upped his intensity in round 2 but stumbled to the mat after a wild rolling thunder-like kick attempt. Unfortunately for Temiraev his gas tank seemed to dump two minutes into round 2, allowing Avdal to wrestle his way to dominant position. Avdal kept up the wrestling in round 3 while mixing in spinning attacks galore during the moments it was on the feet.


145: Yusup-Khadzhi Zubariev (2-0)  UD3  Ruslan Khatshukov (6-2)

Nalchik, Russia’s Khatshukov showed off some nice kickboxing in the opening minutes of this one. But once Zubariev opted to work the fight into the clinch his strength and grappling advantages were evident. Zubariev worked the fight to the ground by the end of round 1 and repeated the feat in rounds 2 & 3 to secure a Grand Prix semifinals berth.



Bantamweight Grand Prix Quarterfinals

135: Saygid Adulaev (4-1)  Sub3  Imran Timagov (0-1)

Timagov bit off more than he could chew in his pro debut, as the smaller man Adulaev outwrestled him without much trouble. Adulaev pounded away steadily throughout the fight before unleashing hell in the final minute and finishing with a buzzer beating RNC!


135: Tamerlan Kulaev (6-1)  UD3  Aleksandr Antonenko (6-1)

Not much to this one, as Antonenko simply didn’t have the strength or technique necessary to deal with Kulaev’s high-paced grappling. Kulaev dumped Antonenko on the ground anytime he wanted, held position, and did mild ground damage. Nothing spectacular here, but plenty good enough for Kulaev to earn a spot in the Grand Prix semifinals.


135: Said-Magomed Batukaev (4-0)  TKO3  Vadim Panevin (8-3)

This one turned into an exhibition match in favor of 20 year old Batukaev, who used Panevin as a punching bag for most of the first round-and-a-half. Batukaev worked the body and head in equal measure, and once he had Panevin reeling he started hunting for the head kick and flying knee KO. Neither materialized, so Batukaev switched to grappling and dominated there, too, en route to breaking Panevin’s will midway through round 3. Great work from Said-Magomed Batukaev from bell-to-bell, watch out for this young fighter in upcoming years.


135: Khalid Shaipov (5-0, #424 World)  UD3  Aslanbek Karov (7-3)

After a wrestling-centric set of flyweight quarterfinals, these two one-time ACB winners got the bantamweight bracket going with a kick-heavy round 1. Karov owned the sharper feet and used tricky feints and timing to find opportunities to connect with punches. With things going badly at range, Shaipov switched things up and used his wrestling late en route to the close decision win.



Flyweight Grand Prix Quarterfinals

125: Edgar Okhtov (5-4)  Sub1  Mumin Shakirov (6-2, #70 Russia)

Onetime FNG competitor Shakirov never got going as Okhtov downed him, worked to the back, and squeezed an RNC early in round 1.


125: Movladi Kalamov (3-0)  Sub3  Aleksandr Kolesnik (4-2, #84 Russia)

Stunning comeback here as 20 year old Kalamov latched in an RNC to snatch victory from Kolesnik with one minute to go in the 3rd round. The 25 year old Kolesnik had dominated with wrestling for most of the fight.


125: Batukhan Baysuev (3-1)  UD3  Ruslan Cheuzh (1-1)

19 year old Cheuzh hung in there on the feet, but 20 year old Baysuev came out on top in the wrestling exchanges en route to the clear decision.


125: Dzokhar Eskiev (2-1) defaults Gerardo Fanny (5-0, #202 World)

The top ranked fighter in the tournament per Fightmatrix world rankings, Netherlands’ Fanny came in overweight and was subsequently DQ’d from the proceedings. Eskiev advanced to the Grand Prix semifinals by default.


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