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Bill Algeo finally gets his fight with Scott Heckman at ROC 65

Bill ‘Senor Perfecto’ Algeo has been a fighter on a mission throughout his entire career. His goal has been quite simple: become the best fighter in the world by facing the toughest competition he can. So far in his career, he has done so within his means. Since he is outside the UFC and Bellator, he hasn’t fought the upper echelon in the world, but he has done his damnest to do it in the Northeast.

Algeo has fought the likes of Jared Gordon, Shane Burgos, Jeff Lentz, and Frank Buenafuente. In his last fight at Ring of Combat (ROC) 63 he added another tough fighter to that list in James Gonzalez. In that fight, Algeo improved his record to 10-3 by winning the fight via unanimous decision, in the process he defended his ROC featherweight belt. The fight played out how Algeo expected it to, Gonzalez tried to use his jiu-jitsu, but Algeo wouldn’t allow himself to be submitted, he admits it may not have been one of his most exciting fights, but he got the result he wanted.

“I knew if that’s the route he wants to go, instead of striking with me or trying to come up and do anything, that I knew it was going to be a boring fight but it would be an easy win.” Algeo told MMA Today, “So, I’ll take those all day cause a win is what this game is all about.”

Now, Algeo is moving on to his next opponent, Scott Heckman, whom he will face in the main event of ROC 65 on September 21. Heckman has a record of 27-8 and has fought tough opponents as well, having defeated the likes of Brian Kelleher, Ralph Acosta, and Jeff Lentz. Heckman is an opponent Algeo has wanted to face for some time, but it just never worked out until now.

“I’ve been trying to fight this guy since I was like, I don’t even know what my record was, 1-1, 3-1, 4-1 whatever my record was at the time,” Algeo continued, “We were both fighting at Valley Forge, hey we are both the same, weight, I think I can beat you, why not fight? But I was told at that time, I don’t have enough wins, I don’t have this, I don’t have that. Honestly, I don’t think he wanted to match up with me back then. From there, I’ve always put name (in) whenever he’s needed an opponent but it hasn’t happened until now. I’m very happy, very excited this fight will take place cause I know Scott will show up and I know it will be a good fight. But I’m confident in my skills and I’m confident in how I match up with him.”

The matchup did hit a few hurdles in the lead-up but ultimately got done, according to Algeo, Heckman wanted the fight to be under the Maverick MMA banner while Algeo wanted it to be under the ROC banner. Algeo proposed the neutral ground of LFA who was coming to town the weekend before but they never made a serious offer. In the end, ROC made the best offer and Algeo will defend his title against Heckman there.

As far as the fight goes, Algeo will let Heckman decide how it plays out, but expects the victory no matter where it takes place.

“I just want to win, whether it’s knockout or the sub, or just get that decision. It really is up to Scott and what he wants to do, if he gets hit a little bit and just wants to make it a wrestling match and make it a little bit boring, we’ll do that too. At the end of the day, as long as I get my hand raised, I’m happy.

I’m good anywhere, I’m ready.”

At this moment, winning is all that matters to Senor Perfecto, he believes its time for him to showcase his talents on the big show and though he has come close before, he believes his time is now.

“I’ve been in the position a couple times, then I’ve just got beat a couple times. I’ve been beat by good guys in the UFC. I got beat by Burgos, I got beat by Gordon, they’re doing well for themselves. I’ve come up short a few times but [I’ll] finally get in there because that’s what I deserve.

“I’m 29 years old, I don’t want to do this forever, I got the next, two, three, four years.” Algeo explained, “I want to go on a serious run, fight good guys, get my name out there, get the accolades I deserve and soak up all the credit for all my hard work over the past ten years.”

You can watch Bill Algeo take on Scott Heckman at ROC 65 on FloCombat.

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