Brave 16: Jarrah Al-Silawe & Bubba Jenkins take home titles in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – The Middle East’s premiere MMA promotion, Brave CF put on a strong show in their home region at Brave 16 featuring a welterweight title fight between Carlston Harris and Jarrah Al-Silawe in the main event and a featherweight title tilt between Bubba Jenkins and Elias Boudegzdame in the co-main.  Read on for live updating recaps and fight clips from all the Brave CF 16 action, broadcast live at!


Brave 16 Welterweight Title Bout:

Jarrah Al-Silawe (13-2, #107 World)

TKO-Punches, Round 1

Carlston Harris (12-4, #180 World)

“The Jordanian Lion” Jarrah Al-Silawe ended Carlston Harris’s welterweight title reign in short order, as he crushed the champ with a straight right hand that put him down and out 3:15 into round number one.  Al-Silawe’s first big right of the fight put Harris on wobbly legs, and once he smelled blood the challenger never let his man off the hook. Harris withstood a few more glancing shots, but a flush right down the middle was the finishing blow that precipitated the TKO stoppage.  Chalk up six wins in six fights in the Brave promotion for new welterweight champ Jarrah Al-Silawe!


Brave 16 Featherweight Title Bout:

Bubba Jenkins (13-4, #88 World) 

Unanimous Decision – 5 rounds

Elias Boudegzdame (15-5, #92 World)

Five rounds of wrestling domination was all Bubba Jenkins needed to wrest the Brave featherweight belt from defending champ Elias Boudegzdame. If you’ve seen Bellator & ACB alum Jenkins fight before, then you won’t be surprised to hear that the ammy wrestling star immediately grounded defending featherweight champ Elias Boudegzdame in the opening moments. “Smile” went to work trying to attack with submissions, which have been an Achilles’ heel for Bubba in the past, but never came close to finishing in the early rounds.  Elias landed his hardest shots of the fight in round 2, an illegal knee at the start of the frame and an illegal upkick late; those two fouls forced ref Leon Roberts to step in and take a point. Jenkins gamely fought onward, and even toughed out a really tight-looking heel hook that Boudegzdame threatened with late in a last-gasp effort late in the 4th round. That leglock appeared to cause some degree of injury, but still didn’t prevent Bubba Jenkins from dominating round 5 and locking up his first major pro championship with a last-second suplex.


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Brave 16 Undercard:


125: Bruno Malfacine (3-0)  Sub1  Cris Rodriguez, Jr (3-2)

Absolutely gorgeous ground work here from 10-time BJJ World Champ Bruno Malfacine, who took out fellow BJJ player Cris Rodriguez Jr. in short order.  Malfacine used a nice ankle pick to score a takedown against the cage before nimbly slipping in hooks.  In a blink of an eye, Malfacine rotated to mount before reverting to back mount and squeezing out the RNC submission.  Check out how Malfacine smoothly neutralized Rodriguez’s left arm with his leg, preventing the American from hand-fighting against the choke.  The Brazilian’s standup remains a question, but he seemed comfortable in the cage and appeared to be ready to step up to world level competition after 3 easy wins (2 in Brave CF) against regional level foes.



170: Gadzhimusa Gadzhiev (9-4, #364 World)  TKO1  Mohammad Fakhreddine (10-3, #247 World)

In this matchup of battle-tested Brave CF vets, Mohammed Fakhreddine tried to rush forward and overwhelm Dagestan’s Gadzhimusa Gadzhiev with a flurry of punches and body kicks.  Much like Dima Homjakovs in the previous fight, Fakhreddine paid for his wild aggression, although “The Latest” didn’t have nearly so much success before eating dust.  The Lebanese ace stayed in the pocket for too long on his first real aggressive charge, and ate a crisp counter left to the jaw for his trouble. That shot put Fakhreddine down and out, and awarded Gadzhiev his third finish in five Brave CF outings.



176: Mounir Lazzez (7-0, #369 World)  TKO2  Dmitrijs Homjakovs (4-1, #83 E.Europe)

Sweden’s Dmitrijs Homjakovs faced a significant size disadvantage against Mounir Lazzez, but that didn’t stop the Full Metal Dojo alum from marching forward with a reckless but potent assault of head kicks, punches, and jump knees. That proved to be the recipe for an all-out war, as Desert Force MMA champ Mounir Lazzez stood his ground and tried to time counter punches & elbows against his dervish-like foe. The pressure seemed to get to Lazzez as his output dwindled early in round 2. A pair of hard body shots from “Dima” gave Lazzez something else to pay attention to midway through the second stanza. Just when Homjakovs seemed to be in control, the Tunisia’s knocked him down with a short right hand!  The undersized Swede withstood an incredible assault of ground strikes and even struggled to his feet. Great heart from Homjakovs, but it simply gave “The Sniper” Mounir Lazzez an opportunity to finish things off with knees & punches on the feet.  What a two round brawl – “One of the greatest Brave Combat Federation fights of all time” according to ring announcer Carlos Kremer.



185: Chad Hanekom (6-1, #10 S.Africa)  UD3  Leon Aliu (8-1, #181 World)

South Africa’s Chad Hanekom threw his name into the hat for a future Brave middleweight title bout with this wrestle-first, wrestle-second win over Leon Aliu. The previously undefeated Italian showed off dangerous hands in the moments when he could get distance, including a second round flash knockdown of Hanekom. But those opportunities were few and far between. The South African spent the vast majority of the contest bullying Aliu to the mat and walked from the cage with the blowout decision win, largely unscathed.


135: Hamza AlKooheji (7-2, #433 World)  UD3  Crisanto Pitpitunge (9-7, #18 SE Asia)

Former PXC star Crisanto Pitpitunge found the range early against one of the top stars of the Middle East, dealing fists to the face of Hamza AlKooheji until the Bahrainian retaliated with an illegal low kick. When the action restarted, Pitpitunge switched gears with a takedown against the cage and over a minute of top control. Round 2 saw the tides shift as AlKooheji wasted no time securing a takedown his own and navigating to back control, where he slugged away with punches. Crisanto scrambled midway through the frame, only to be put on his back for the rest of round 2.  The same fate befell Pitpitunge in round 3 as the local favorite Hamza AlKooheji enacted five minutes of grappling dominance en route to the UD victory – good for his fourth win in five Brave CF appearances.


155: Guram Kutateladze (9-2, #296 World)  UD3  Erick da Silva (22-6, #285 World)

This crowd-pleaseing lightweight matchup blossomed into a festival of Muay Thai violence, with TUF Brasil alum Erick da Silva & Scandinavian regional champ Guram Kutateladze both landing head kicks and haymakers in the opening minutes. Things slowed a bit late in round 1 before da Silva scored a takedown early in round 2. The Georgian managed to get back to his feet but landed an illegal soccer kick to da Silva’s face when he tried to capitalize. The Brazilian was okay to continue, and Guram went back to a high volume assault of punches & kicks during the latter portion of the second. Da Silva showed off a great chin as he kept walking through shots, but the beating took its toll in the third as he didn’t have the juice left to threaten at any range. Guram Kutateladze closed well by mixing in a pair of takedowns before slugging it out to the bell – good enough for a 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 unanimous decision in his Brave CF debut.


155: Flavio Serafin (6-2, 6 yrs inactive)  Sub1  Vaughn Donayre (8-8, 0-5 ONE)

Crazy five minute fight here! Five-time ONE vet Vaughn Donayre set the tone with an early headkick, then followed up with a second high kick to the jaw of Flavio Serafin about a minute later. “The Spawn” went buck wild as soon as that kick landed, swinging away with massive hooks that the Brazilian ate pretty well. With about two minutes to work, Serafin finally ducked under and took things down into his world. The Ricardo Laborio protege looked great from there as he secured top position and advanced to mount. Serafim pounded away from high mount before wrapping up an inextricable armbar with seconds left in round 1. It wasn’t pretty when he was on the feet, but 38 year old Flavio Serafin proved to eveyone that he still has a killer ground game even after a 6 year absence from the cage.



135: Louie Sanoudakis (7-1, #6 Quebec)  UD3  Nawras Abzakh (7-2, #262 World)

Desert Force MMA champ Nawra Abzakh and Tristar rep Louie Sanoudakis traded takedowns, top control, and submission tries throughout this spirited 15 minute grappling clash. Neither man landed much damage with strikes, but the scrambles were fun and either man could have walked out of the Brave 16 cage with the victory. Jordan’s Abzakh rallied late, but it wasn’t enough as the judges awarded Sanoudakis a unanimous 29-28 nod.


125: John Cris Corton (6-3, #16 SE Asia)  UD3  Hussain Ayyad (1-2)

Bahrain’s Hussain Ayyad had a few solid moments thanks to brief top control and a triangle choke try. But the Phillipines’ John Cris Corton spent most of the fight in dominant position on the mat, en route to a Brave CF 16 card-opening unanimous decision win.



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