Godofredo Pepey came out on top at Brave CF 15 (pic: @godofredopepey Instagram)

Brave CF 15: Pepey dominates, clips from 7 Brazilian finishes in 7 fights!

Bucaramanga, Colombia – The first major MMA event to touch down in Colombia turned into a festival of early finishes, with all seven matchups ending in the first two rounds at Brave CF 15.  With quick pacing throughout the broadcast, it was a perfect recipe for an action-packed show that checked in around just 2 hours long! Revel in all the finishes, plus notes on the crop of talented Brazilian & South American competitors who threw down in the Brave CF 15 cage.


155: Godofredo Pepey (14-6, #101 World)  Sub1  Alexander Torres (5-5, #111 L.America)

Eleven time UFC featherweight Godofredo Pepey made it seven-for-seven for Brazilians finishing fights at Brave CF 15 – what a show for fans from that country!  Even the local crowd apperciated Pepey’s work as he dismantled and finished local one-fight UFC vet Alexander Torres in short order. After offering a few spinning kicks, Pepey took it to the mat and expertly passed guard. When Torres got up, Pepey slid to the back and sunk in a standing body triangle from back mount. Torres fell over like a tree, but did a good job of defending the RNC.  The Colombian couldn’t defend when Pepey switched to an armbar – smooth work for Godofredo Pepy, who landed on his feet in his first bout outside the UFC since 2011.



145: Gabriel Miranda (13-4, #636 World LW)  Sub1  Fernando Noriega (5-2, #44 L.America)

Headstrong 21 year old Fusion FC Peru alum Fernando Noriega rushed forward blindly toward a takedown in the opening seconds but found himself caught in a guillotine. Noriega fought briefly, but it was for naught as he tapped out at 1:12 of round 1. And so the finish parade continued at Brave CF 15!



155: Cleiton Silva (14-2,#224 World)  Sub1  Marcelo Bustos (11-8-1, #57 L.America)

After a successful Brave CF debut, lanky Brazilian Cleiton Silva offered up a casual flying knee but wasted no time kickboxing with undersized late replacement Marcelo Bustos. As soon as Silva got the bodylock, he chucked Bustos to the mat and advanced to mat. Bustos had no chance as his back was taken when he tried to scramble. Silva slowly squeezed the life out of his desperately struggling foe before sinking the RNC in under 2 minutes. Beautiful work from Cleiton Silva, who scored his 2nd finish under the Brave banner in completely dominant fashion and called for a Brave CF title shot in his post-fight interview with Robin Black.


155: Ricardo Tirloni (24-7, #125 World)  Sub2  Ramon Cardozo (5-2, #71 L.America)

Since his seven fight run in Bellator from 2011-13, Ricardo Tirloni has been headlining on the South American scene and racking up wins over recognizable foes like EJ Brooks, Todd Moore, and Enrique Marin. After losing his last bout to Akira Okada at Panrase 293, Tirloni bounced back with a ruthless performance against undergunned regionals fighter Ramon Cardozo. Cardozo backpedalled desperately and tried to catch the oncoming Tirloni with a big KO punch in round 1. But Tirloni pursued intelligently, slipping Cardozo’s big shots and firing back with a flying knee and spinning hook kick in the final minute. When round 2 came around Tirloni decided it was about time to finish. The Brazilian charged in with huge shots, eating a perfectly timed punch from Cardozo before tossing in a flying knee on his way to the takedown. As the Mexican went down, Tirloni wrapped up an anaconda choke that earned the tap in mere moments. The 35 year old Santa Catarina native Ricardo Tirloni just keeps on trucking, and here he reminded everyone that his iron chin and finishing skills are still intact.


170: Geraldo Coelho (12-3, #475 World)  KO1  Jamie Cordoba (10-5, #500 World)

It looked like we might be in for a BJJ match when Geraldo Coelho dropped down for an armbar early in round 1. But as soon as Jamie Cordoba got out of the hold and back to his feet, the Brazilian started reigning fire with punches and high kicks. Moments later Coelho landed a pair of short right hands to the temple followed by a crowning left hook that left the 300 Sparta MMA Peru champ stiff on the mat! Fabulous work by Geraldo Coelho, who picked up a fifth win in his last six fights – all by finish.



170: Mauricio Reis (18-10, #492 World)  Sub1  Diego Jaimes Otalora (10-3, #526 World)

Colombian regionals champion Diego Otalora emerged to a deafening roar from his partisan crowd, but he was rocked by a leg kick and right hook in the opening minute. Otalora persisted and used a judo toss to chuck Mauricio Reis to the ground when the Brazilian rushed to finish. On the mat Otalora held onto a side headlock, WWE style, before finally settling to half guard. That didn’t last long, as Reis rolled for a leglock that earned an instant scream of submission from the home favorite! Decisive work from Mauricio Reis on hostile terrain, who was emotional about coming through in this crossroads bout on the Brave CF big stage.



170: Eduardo Garvon (12-3-1, #444 World)  Sub1  Matias Juarez (9-2-1, #11 L.America)

It didn’t look good for Matias Juarez as soon as he came out swinging wild, Duffeesque hooks at solid Brazilian Eduardo Garvon. Juarez lasted moments on his feet before Garvon took him to the mat and started smashing from dominant position. The Argentinian briefly worked for a leglock but spent the next several minutes getting his face elbowed in. When Juarez finally gave his back, Garvon was ready with an RNC that wrapped up his dominant victory with 28 seconds left in round 1.


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