Martins (left) fell to Al-Selwady (right) at Brave CF 18 (pic: @BraveMMAF)

Brave CF 18/WFCA 54 Results & Clips: Three title fights, Bellator vets aplenty in Bahrain

Manama, Bahrain – Bahrain’s International Combat Week festivities culminated Saturday with a world class co-promoted event that saw Chechnya’s WFCA join forces with Middle East powerhouse Brave CF to present WFCA 54/Brave CF 18.  Check out results of all the fights, featuring an array of prospects & world renowned veterans alike, plus clips from the top finishes at WFCA 54 & Brave CF 18:


Brave Lightweight Title:

Abdul Kareem Al-Selwady (10-1, #183 World)

TKO – Round 1, Injury

Lucas Martins (20-4, #90 World)

The 23 year old “Pride of Palestine”, Abdul Kareem Al-Selwady spent the first two minutes of this abbreviated Brave CF 18 main event landing repeated big right hands to the jaw of seven-fight UFC alum and defending Brave champ Lucas Martins. When Martins wobbled, Al-Selwady picked him up and slammed the Brazilian to the mat; moments later, Martins tapped in agony due to a knee injury.  Tough end for the veteran, though Al-Selwady appeared to be well on his way toward a finish when the injury occurred.  The Fortis MMA rep Abdul Kareem Al-Selwady continued to make waves as he picked up his fifth straight Brave CF win to go along with the first major title of his promising young career.



Brave Bantamweight Title:

Stephan Loman (12-2,#87 World)

Unanimous Decision, 5 rounds

Felipe Efrain (13-4, #95 World)

Defending Brave bantamweight champ Stephan Loman overcame a strong start from big-swinging Felipe Efrain to defend his belt via competitive unanimous decision in the second Brave CF 18 tilt.  Efrain marched down Loman for the first four rounds, showing off solid takedown defense and landing periodic big shots, .  The Brazilian challenger never had his man in serious trouble after round 1, though, as Loman skillful circled the cage and fired back with a much higher volume of counter punches & kicks.  The announcers had the fight scored even heading into round 5, though Loman may also have entered the final frame with a 3-1 lead.  Either way, the Filipino striker ratcheted up his aggression and output to seal the deal on his first title defense.  Impressive work from Stephan Loman, who is now a perfect 4-0 inside the Brave CF cage and enjoyed the honor of receiving his belt from UFC champ Khabib Nurmagomedov in the post-fight ceremony.



Brave Flyweight Title:

Velimurad Alkhasov (6-0, #44 World, missed weight)

Unanimous Decision, 5 rounds

Marcel Adur (14-5, #33 World)

High profile flyweight free agent Jose “Shorty” Torres” brought his substantial announcing talents to the commentary booth for this entertaining flyweight title contest (ed note: an earlier version incorrectly indicated that Torres had signed with Brave as a fighter).  Both Velimurad Alkhasov and Marcel Adur showed off their skills over the course of this tactical yet entertaining five round affair, but in the end the Russian’s grappling overcame the Brazilian’s striking acumen.  Alkhasov clearly won rounds 2 and 4 with his wrestling, though he favored position over damage.  Adur, to his credit, probably took round 1 with striking and did his best work when he rocked Alkhasov with a flying knee & a body kick at different points in round 3.  The Brazilian missed his chance to finish, though, allowing Alkhasov to clinch his way out of trouble.  This fight probably came down to round 5, where Alkhasov was clearly the better man.  The four-time ACB winner sprinted to the finish with plenty of power punches and takedowns that sealed his unanimous decision victory.  Great win for Velimurad Alkhasov, though he missed out on claiming the vacant Brave CF flyweight title due to missing the 125 pound championship weight.



Brave CF 18 Undercard:


125: Hussain Maki (2-2)  TKO1  Mohammed Abo Ali (4-4)

The Bahrainian fans roared their approval as 25 year old Manama native Hussain Maki overwhelmed and finished Egypt’s Abo Ali in just under a round.  Abo Ali was outgunned on the feet but fired back gamely, and both men had their moments on top when it hit the mat.  The crowd-pleasing end came when Ali hunted for a kneebar but allowed Maki to pass to mount. From there “Iron” Maki sealed the deal with power punches for his second win in the Brave promotion.



155: Luan Santiago (13-3, #267 World)  UD3  Djamil Chan (15-5, #143 World)

Round 1 suggested that this fight would be a washout for Luan Santiago, who dominated Bellator vet Djamil Chan with wrestling early and serious power punches & knees late.  But Chan absorbed everything that Santiago had to offer and turned it into a real war in rounds 2 & 3.  Chan’s comeback attempt culminated when he backed down and wobbled Santiago late in the third.  But in the midst of Chan’s flurries, the Brazilian found a perfect counterpunch that halted all momentum and came as close to finishing as any shot landed in the fight.  Great fight with action and momentum swings throughout, and a solid way for Luan Santiago to claim a third Brave CF win against his most recognizable victim yet.



155: Cian Cowley (2-1)  TKO1  Hardeep Rai (3-2)

This battle of young British Isles-based prospects saw SBG Ireland’s Cian Cowley felled Hardeep Rai with leg kicks before finishing his prone enemy with savage GNP in the final minute of round 1.



170: Khamzat Chimiev (3-0)  TKO1  Marko Kisic (4-1)

Allstars Training Centre rep Chimiev steamrolled Kisic, knocking him down early and keeping the pressure up with punches as his late notice opponent tried to stay in the fight.  The skill edge was simply overwhelming as Chimiev dropped the Swiss with a right hand before finishing with ground strikes in the latter stages of round 1.




WFCA 54 Results:


135: Abdul-Rakhman Dudaev (23-4, #33 World)  UD3  Joe Taimanglo (24-9-1, #15 World)

With 21 bouts of experience under the WFCA & ACB banners, Abdul-Rakhman Dudaev is sure to be a serious player when the upcoming merger between those top Russian promotions takes effect in 2019.  Dudaev had relatively little trouble here as he soundly outstruck & outwrestled 11-time Bellator alum Joe Taimanglo for the clear unanimous decision victory.  Joe T couldn’t find a homerun finish like he pulled off against Darrion Caldwell to hand the reigning Bellator champ his only loss to-date.  He DID manage to do a pretty good Harold Howard circa 1994 impersonation with this … sweet! … rolling thunder try in round 3:



145: Frodo Khasbulaev (29-8, #74 World)  Sub2  Rob Emerson (20-13, #85 World)

It wasn’t particularly competitive when these former U.S. big show talents collided in the WFCA 45 co-main event.  Former Bellator tourney winner Magomedrasul AKA “Frodo” Khasbulaev had no problem grounding and battering UFC & Bellator vet Rob Emerson from the outset of this contest.  Emerson persisted like the grizzled veteran that he is, only to fall prey to an arm triangle choke from the Dagestani that turned the lights out in round 2:



145: Akhmed Shervaniev (12-0-1, #317 World)  UD3  Antonio Carlos Ribeiro (16-4-1, #261 World)

Rugged Brazilian “Buiu” Ribeiro kept things interesting as he never backed down from undefeated WFCA homegrown talent Shervaniev.  The Russian dinged Ribeiro with several kicks to head and body throughout, and did a good job of avoiding a big shot as he swung hooks. Ribeiro fired back gamely throughout but didn’t have the technical capacity to seriously crack Shervaniev’s strong defense.



170: Goity Dazaev (8-1-1, #391 World)  TKO3  Vasily Kurochkin (9-5)

Dazaev wobbled Kurochkin with punches on the feet and dominated on the mat throughout this one-sided contest.  Kurochkin’s gas tank finally hit empty in round 3, which saw Dazaev score the takedown and finish things his unmoving foe off with high-volume, low power GNP.



145: Anzor Abuldkhozjaev (8-1, #477 World)

Nikolay Kondratuk (11-3)  TKO1  

Unheralded Ukrainian Kondratuk never really seemed to show up for this fight versus WFCA regular Abdulkhozjaev.  Abdulkozjaev aggressed from the outset as his opponent retreated with evident uncertainty.  Before long, the Russian dropped Kondratuk against the cage before finishing him with persistent ground strikes about three minutes in.



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