Brave CF 8 Recap: Klidson Farias, Carlston Harris Earn Belts in Brazil

Brave CF 8 from Curitiba, Parana, Brazil saw the fast-rising Middle East based promotion crown inaugural champions in the welterweight and light heavyweight divisions. The main event 205 pound clash between 24 year old Brazilian finisher Klidson Farias and undefeated 21 year old Timo Feucht was scheduled for five rounds, but the started at a high pace and it only took moments for Farias to find the German’s chin and then plant him with a takedown. Feucht did a nice job defending an armbar and an RNC try, and even managed to roll into top control briefly as the two showed off their scrambling ability in the last minute of an entertaining first frame.

Round two of the Brave CF 8 main event saw both men show off their striking skills, with Farias landing a handful of strong punches that the German ate without issue. Feucht worked his way to the clinch with just over a minute left in the second, but that gave Farias the opportunity to grab for a body lock and slam him violently to the mat. The Brazilian moved straight to mount and started pounding away with punches and elbows, and then with 25 seconds left in round 2 Farias torqued a keylock from mount that forced Feucht (6-1) to tap out!  Klidson Farias (11-2) looked absolutely stellar in all phases of the game in this one, and he appears a very worthy man to hold the inaugural Brave light heavyweight belt.


Brave CF 8 Co-Main: Carl Booth (7-1) vs. Carlston Harris (11-3), 170 lbs Brave CF Title

Guyana native Carlston Harris stepped up from an undercard bout into this five-rounder for the inaugural Brave CF welterweight title on short notice after original contender Mokhammed Fakhreddine bowed out with an illness. Short notice fight or not, Harris wasted no time before tackling England’s Carl Booth to the mat at the start of the first. It looked like Harris’s jiu-jitsu would play early, as he easily advanced to mount and managed to return Booth back to the mat when he scrambled a couple of minutes later. Harris ended round one squeezing an arm triangle, and went right back to the grappling game to start the second stanza.

Midway through the second Booth finally created some space and managed to drop Harris momentarily with a wicked leg kick. When Harris pushed back to the clinch, the much fresher Booth reversed control and briefly achieved mount against the cage, but couldn’t score any significant damage. Harris managed to control most of the third frame against the cage, though Booth managed to land a couple of sharp jabs when he briefly broke free. Round four was more of the same for Harris, who managed to crawl on Booth’s back and get one hook in halfway through the round. And round five was a matter of lathering, rinsing, and repeating for the grappling-savvy Harris. It wasn’t the most exciting performance, but credit Carlston Harris (12-3) with executing a strong game plan that neutralized Booth’s power and emphasized his grappling deficiencies. Don’t be surprised to see Harris’s first title defense come against the man who he replaced in this bout, Lebanese ninja Mohammed Fakhreddine, at one of Brave’s next few events.


Luan Santiago (11-2) vs. Igor Soares (4-3), 155 lbs

This lightweight clash was dynamite for all four minutes that it lasted, as underdog Igor Soares proved to be a game test for Luan Santiago. The stocky, powerful Soares did a good job preventing Santiago from gaining purchase in the grappling game early, and on the feet he absorbed some strong shots from Santiago and fired back with his own. Soares was briefly in control after landing a knockdown with a nasty right hand, but Santiago defended effectively and nimbly scrambled to his feet. The prospect looked a little bit more measured after tasting Soares’ power, and he waited for the perfect moment to land a crushing straight left and a follow up shot that sent Soares to dreamland with one minute left in the bout. Nice work from Luan Santiago (12-2), who showed the ability to bounce back from adversity and score an intelligent finish under fire.


Christiano Frohlich (7-3) vs. Edilberto de Oliveira (29-16-2), 205 lbs

Veteran Edilberto de Oliveira surprised Christiano Frohlich with a slap to the mouth during the Brave CF 8 weigh-ins, and he started this bout with an immediate takedown attempt that also seemed to catch Frohlich on guard. But after a couple of minutes of inactivity, referee Osiris Maia stood the pair back up and that’s when Frohlich went to work. The big man landed all sort of wild strikes including a flying knee, standing knees, and big punches. When de Oliveira’s mouthpiece went flying out the veteran backed away from the action, which brought ref Maia into the picture again for the referee stoppage. It was another slightly strange ending in an event filled with them, as de Oliveira seemed to be asking for his mouthpiece and Frohlich certainly wanted to keep punching “Crocota” in the face. But either way, it’s another TKO win for Christiano Frohlich (8-3) who ran his finishing streak to four straight including a TKO of UFC vet Leonardo Leleco Guimaraes in his last bout.


Killys Mota (10-0) vs. Allan Moziel (7-5-1), 155 lbs

This contest was three rounds of one way traffic as top prospect Killys Mota absolutely had his way with surprisingly athletic regional journeyman Allan Moziel.  When the fight was standing Mota blasted Moziel with a vigorous supply of power punches and head kicks. Perhaps luckily for Moziel, Mota chose to take the fight to the ground in each round with solid double leg, single leg, and trip takedowns. Mota achieved mount and back control several times, and threatened with TKO and submission finishes on occasion, but Moziel was really there to fight and showed off great heart and nice submission defense – if not much else. Nonetheless, this was a pretty strong performance from Killy Mota (11-0) who kept his perfect record intact and essentially made no mistakes in this contest.


Johnny Walker (9-3) vs. Rodrigo Santos (9-7-1), 205 lbs

One thing inconsistent light heavyweight prospect Johnny Walker always brings is offense, and he was presented with a prime opportunity to shine at Brave CF 8 against puffed up middleweight Rodrigo Santos. Walker did exactly what he needed to do, keeping range well against the retreating Santos and landing first with a solid spinning body kick 90 seconds in.  The finish came in the first significant exchange about a minute later, as a Walker punch sent Rodrigo crashing facefirst into the canvas. The referee had seen enough, as he stopped the bout as Santos came to his senses and popped back up. Although the underdog protested, chalk the TKO win up for Johnny Walker (10-3) who earned his first back-to-back wins since 2015.


Jeremy Pacatiw (5-1) vs Thiago Dela Coleta (3-2), 135 lbs

Prevailing MMA stereotypes suggest that a fighter from the Phillipines like Jeremy Pacatiw would probably want to avoid a BJJ match against a Brazilian native like Thiago Dela Coleta, but Pacatiw quickly dispelled that myth in the first round by jumping onto Dela Coleta’s back and cinching in a body triangle. Pacatiw threatened with the choke intermittently while controlling position throughout the first, and briefly managed to twist his way to the back again in the second frame. Back on the feet, Dela Coleta pressed forward as the two exchanged leg kicks. Then in an instant Pacatiw landed a crushing body shot that left Dela Coleta doubled over for the round 2 TKO.  Impressive work both striking and grappling from Jeremy Pacatiw (6-1), who looks like one of the most promising Filipino prospects out there.


Rodrigo Melonio (16-2) vs. Marcel Adur (12-4), 125 lbs

Springy 22 year old flyweight Rodrigo Melonio came into his Brave CF 8 preliminary contest against well-tested Marcel Adur on an eight fight winning streak, but he had never faced a fighter anywhere near Adur’s caliber before. Melonio tried to dance around the outside but Adur did a good job of cutting off the cage and thwarting the smaller man’s wrestling attempts. In the second round Adur connected with a nasty straight right that sent Melonio crashing to the canvas, and added some solid ground-and-pound that crush the younger man’s nose to smithereens. After the doctor took a look, the fight was waved off by TKO stoppage in favor of 25 year old Marcel Adur (13-4), who added Melonio’s name to a resume that already includes finishes of UFC vet Ivan Lopez and former Bellator contender Alexis Vila.


Wellington Turman (11-2) vs. Sergio de Farima (13-3-1), 170 lbs

This welterweight contest hardly had a chance to get going, as Wellington Turman (12-2) cinched an arm-in guillotine off a lazy shot from Sergio de Fatima (13-4-1) that elicited the tap just 85 seconds in.


Eduardo Ramon (12-4) vs. Rogerio Santos (4-2), 170 lbs

Underdog Rogerio Santos managed to achieve top position in this welterweight clash, but when he postured up to throw strikes that gave Eduardo Ramon an opening to throw up an armbar that earned him the submissions victory:

Shyudi Yamauchi (14-8) vs. Werlesson Martins (9-2), 135 lbs

Bellator veteran Go Yamauchi’s cousin Shyudi Yamauchi only did battle with Werlesson Martins for just over three minutes, but that was plenty of time for Yamauchi to paint the canvas red with Martins’ blood before finishing him with an RNC:

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