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Bubba ‘I’m a Bad Man’ Jenkins is destined for championship greatness ahead of Brave CF 16 on Sep. 21

Nowadays with the new aged pathway of fighters in MMA, the transition from a base foundation in wrestling to become a well rounded martial artist is more than just a novelty. As for a determined fighter named Bubba ‘I’m a Bad Man’ Jenkins (12-4), born and raised in Germany, he is no stranger to the sport.

The decision to leave well-known efforts to fate, Jenkins explains his thought process to MMA Today“I wanted to get into a sport that allowed me to have my gift of gab, my personality” Jenkins said, “You know, everything I was allowed to be often that and everything I pretty much got shunned for in wrestling, you know? I kind of wanted to move the transition over to that.”

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Knowing there was a craving to keep evolving, Jenkins found himself in the United States. As time passed with the extreme championship highs and lows looming from wrestling, staying in one bracket didn’t seem like enough for the 145-pound fighter. “I was a National champion at the end of my wrestling career. I was tired of being the wrestler I could foresee being broke, living indoors guy chasing you know, the Olympic dream that I didn’t want to be a part of.”

Discovering MMA was a turning point. “Yeah, because some people see this as an end. I don’t see fighting as an end. I see fighting as a means to an end.” He continues,

“A lot of people have definitions wrong and I’m not half in the game and half out of the game, I just know that I have to have two perspectives. And one perspective is…what is it after you reign and do something? What is the next goal?”

At the age of 30, Jenkins seems humble yet confident with a solid foundation of a family. Fighting around the world as an international fighter has seized development by gaining presence in countries like Russia and China. The featherweight is no stranger to new opportunities by recently signing a multi-fight deal with Brave CF which is one of them. “I’m not just your every day down the street guy. I chose some of the organizations so I chose to make sure I can be international.” Jenkins explained.

Given there are some fighters fighting solely in one destination for the majority of their career, it seems almost ideal and cost effective. But with the want to evolve yourself, why not take the steps forward on new ground to gain more knowledge and styles around the world?

That seemed like no issue for Jenkins.

“You also want to be smart in the process where it takes to be great.” Jenkins said, “And I feel as though Brave CF is one of my processes to being great. Until we achieve greatness inside the MMA cage that is the only goal at the moment. Once that comes about I will be excited to see who along the lines, who would want to partner with me and my greatness.” As giving nothing but determination, the pursuit to win isn’t in question as mentioned On September 21 is when all the action happens for Brave CF 16 as Jenkins will take on Elias ‘Smile’ Boudegzdame (15-4) at the Mubadala Arena in Abu Dhabi for the featherweight title.

“I feel great about the fight. I’m excited about it. I’ve been preparing, you know? I’ve gotten better over the years and every fight I do shows that I’m a better fighter than the last I’ve put out there, but you know, it really shows that with timing I get better. And you know I believe many people will see that. I’m a force to be reckoned with.”



Before Jenkins makes his debut for Brave CF he steps in trying to put together a winning streak after scoring a third-round knockout against Diego Marlon at ACB 70. The bout happened just shy of a year ago where Jenkins got his hand raised with a proper finish just 44-seconds into the final round. Moving forward, a statement has automatically been made that he will come out with a win during Brave CF 16. “I predict that I will walk away with a big-ass gold belt around my waist,” Jenkins stated.

As Boudegzdame seems to be no threat to Jenkins, the 24 year old has won all six of his last fights by submission. From Jenkins putting out most of his opponents by knockout, this fight will be interesting enough to define who wants it more. When asked how the training was going for the fight he fills in by saying, “Blackhouse Training is preparing me in every way possible. Joan Gomez is my coach, Bernardo is doing my jiu-jitsu from Checkmat. We are 100 percent prepared in every asset to beat the hell out of Elias.” As the words flowed, you can feel the confidence rise up while Jenkins explained,

“I will beat the hell out of Elias in the time allowed. It will not go to the judges and I will walk away with the belt. Everything else will be left for the judges to decide as far as who is the best at the end of the night for fight of the night and bonuses. Other then that the judges need no work.”


Make sure to tune in.

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There is nothing better than a hungry fighter with no fear. “When I train and have to get ready for a fight I go into a place that really strictly focuses on my opponent. Also, the things that I need to do to support the family and still be part of the family.” He goes on to say, “I have three growing children under four [years old]. I have a beautiful strong wife. I’m a happily married man. Our establishment is built on a strong base of love and caring for each other.”

As his drive and support has been acknowledged, the hard part seems to be over and there is nothing left but Jenkins, his opponent and that octagonDon’t miss Jenkins attempt to take the ‘Smile’ off of  Boudegzdame to become our new Brave CF featherweight champion on September 21!

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