Cage Titans 35 on FloCombat: Manny Bermudez Makes a Statement in the Main Event

Top bantamweight prospect Manny Bermudez has spent the last two years tearing through the best talent that the northeastern region has to offer, and he took the next step on his trek toward the UFC when he battled two-time WEC veteran Bendy Casimir in the main event of Cage Titans 35 on The 37 year old Frenchman is quite a few years removed from his prime, which saw him battle the likes of Ricardo Lamas and Erik Koch, and he got completely run over by the talented Bermudez who smashed him with a hard right just moments in. Shortly thereafter the fight hit the mat, where Bermudez wrapped up a triangle choke that put Casimir (20-15-2) out cold just over a minute in!  This was just the kind of highlight reel performance that Manny Bermudez (10-0) needed to get the attention of the UFC’s matchmakers – what else does the South Shore Sportfighting star have to do before he gets a shot at competing in front of Dana and company?


Cage Titans 35 Co-Main Event:  Frank Sforza (7-0) vs. Jeff Anderson (10-15), 150 lbs

Undefeated featherweight Frank Sforza has been terrorizing the New England regional scene since his debut back in 2011, with seven consecutive dominant performances over mostly lower level competition. Sforza took on another journeyman foe in his Cage Titans 35 battle with Jeff Anderson, who had no answers for the prospect’s power wrestling game. Anderson managed to fight off RNC and arm triangle choke attempts in the first round, but a second round RNC did the job just over a minute into round two. Frank Sforza (8-0) kept his record undefeated in dominant fashion – hopefully the Massachusetts powerhouse will step it up to higher level competition now that he’s proven himself time and again versus mid-grade competitors.


Sean Lally (6-2) vs. Avery McPhatter (9-8), 185 lbs

Texas journeyman Avery McPhatter is the sort of fighter who never backs down from a challenge, and despite a pedestrian looking record he has wins over quality regional fighters Raul Amaya, Mike Bruno,  and Ryan Sanders under his belt. On this evening he was tasked with taking on regional middleweight prospect Sean Lally. Lally was clearly hunting for the big one punch KO, but McPhatter evaded effectively and confidently while firing back with jabs. A sharp jab dropped Lally on his butt early in round two, and McPhatter followed up with a nice flurry against the cage while his foe was still stunned. Lally’s subsequent attempts to get the fight to the mat went nowhere, and though he did touch McPhatter with a couple of nice shots late the Texan appeared to own a 2-0 lead on the scorecards as the fight entered round 3. Lally kept on pressing forward in the third, but ate a handful of jabs from McPhatter as he swung and missed with looping lead hooks. In the end the judges were called upon and awarded the unanimous 29-28 win to the hometown fighter Sean Lally (7-2) in a very surprising verdict.


Joe Giannetti (5-0) vs. Keenan Raymond (3-3), 155 lbs

Flowy striker Joe Giannetti tried to give the fans a show as he opened up with wild offense, but when he overextended on a flying knee attempt Keenan Raymond quickly took his back and made the undefeated favorite pay for the remainder of round one. Though Raymond’s arm triangle and RNC attempts didn’t produce a finish, his positional dominance and choke tries may have been enough to earn a 10-8 under liberal 2017 scoring criteria. After a brief pause to check on a potential knee injury to Raymond, the two went back to work in the second with Giannetti flashing out a dizzying array of kicks but falling prey to another takedown about a minute into the frame.  Raymond tried to work some wild ground and pound, but that gave Giannetti an opportunity to reach for a guillotine and score the flash submission! Nice comeback from Joe Giannetti (6-0), who showed some holes in his takedown defense but also showed off terrific striking form, crafty offensive and defensive jiu-jitsu, and plenty of poise in this back-and-forth contest.


Johnny Campbell (14-9) vs. Dan Cormier (5-8), 125 lbs

WSOF regular Johnny Campbell and regional competitor Dan Cormier both come from a grappling pedigree, so it was no surprise when this flyweight contest turned into a 15 minute wrestling battle. Cormier was up to the challenge in round one, as he achieved top positions at times and made Campbell uncomfortable with sub threats when he was on the bottom. But as the fight wore on Campbell’s cardio and technical advantages started to shine through, and he though he never came close to finishing Cormier he did end round 2 in full mount and round 3 in side control.


Brianna Smith (0-0) vs. Danielle Hindley (0-0), 120 lbs

The lone womens’ fight of this Cage Titans 35 show came and went in a blink of an eye. Brianna Smith walked forward offering a glove touch to start the fight but Danielle Hindley wasn’t about that noise, as she cracked Smith with a high kick. Smith caught the leg after impact and scored an immediate takedown, but Hindley (1-0) quickly locked up an Ezekiel choke from the bottom for the tap in under 15 seconds.


Shawn Rall (1-0) vs. Jeff Perez (1-0), 140 lbs

In their second pro bouts, SBG East Coast’s Shawn Rall came up to 140 pounds from flyweight while Jeff Perez dropped down from featherweight. That proved to be a recipe for disaster for Rall, as Perez (2-0) easily wrestled him to the ground and latched on a first round rear naked choke.


Jimmy Manning (4-0) vs. Fernando Perez (7-15), 155 lbs

Undefeated Jimmy “The Tooth” Manning had a bit more trouble than expected with journeyman Fernando Perez, who did his best to hang with the prospect on the feet and in the grappling exchanges over the first half of the contest. That said, Manning was clearly winning throughout and he scored the finish via TKO in round 2 when he checked a kick from Perez and caused his opponent to bow out with a leg injury.

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