Camino a Copa Combate: Results & Clips feat. 1 Round Qualifiers for Combate Americas’ $100k Copa

Long Beach, California – A pair of high octane five-minute qualifiers highlighted the Camino a Copa Combate main card as the USA & Mexican representatives were solidified for Combate Americas’ upcoming $100,000 Copa Combate tournament in December.  Check out recaps & clips from all the action broadcast on DAZN and Univision Deportes, including the high stakes scraps between USA’s Andres Quintana vs Erick “Ghost Pepper” Gonzalez and Mexico’s Alejandro Flores vs. Pablo Sabori!


Camino a Copa Combate 1 Round Qualifiers:



USA 145 Qualifier: Andres Quintana (15-2,#137 WorldSub1-RNC  Erick Gonzalez (8-3, #325 World M155)

This one was quick and exciting, as promised, as two of the most accomplished featherweights in Combate Americas’ history threw down for just under 3 wild minutes. Erick Gonzalez came out as hot as you’d expect from a man called “Ghost Pepper”, tossing out head kicks and punching for the kill against TUF 22 alum Andres Quintana. Gonzalez’ aggression caught up to him quickly, though, as “The Bullet” took his back standing after a big swing-and-a-miss. After scoring a big slam, Quintana sunk in an off-angle RNC that was too much for Gonzalez to fight out of. Your winner and USA’s representative in December’s $100,000 Copa Combate, Andres Quintana!



Mexico 145 Qualifier: Alejandro Flores (13-1, #3 Mexico, #219 World)  UD1  Pablo Sabori (8-5, #21 Mexico)

There’s more than one way to approach a sprint, as the slightly larger Pablo Sabori proved by going for a high energy clinch attack.  That approach burned some time against the cage but didn’t succeed at cracking Alejandro Flores’ takedown defense. Flores drilled Sabori with sharp punches when they had range, and ended up on top smashing away with punches in the final minute. Sabori made it interesting with a late triangle choke attempt, but came up short as Alejandro Flores claimed a unanimous decision victory to seal his spot as Mexico’s representative in December’s eight man, one night Copa Combate tournament.



Camino a Copa Combate Undercard:


W115: Melly Martinez (5-0, #86 World)  TKO1-Teep to the Liver  Francis Hernandez (3-3, #161 World)

Three Combate Americas wins under her belt, “Super Melly” Martinez entered this contest boasting plenty of confidence to go with some of the best kicks in women’s MMA. Martinez got a taste of Francis Hernandez’ power early courtesy of a right hand to the jaw that off-balanced the undefeated Mexican. But true to her nickname, Martinez was undaunted as she ate Hernandez’ worst and got right back in her face. Moments later, Martinez put Hernandez down with a crippling teep to the liver that led to the round 1 TKO win! Awesome work from Melly Martinez, who registered her third finish inside La Jaula in true highlight reel fashion.



145: Gaston Reyno (8-2, #1 Uruguay)  Sub1-RNC  Carlos Ochoa (3-6)

Taekwondo champ Gaston Reyno had  tough time getting going as Mexico’s Carlos Ochoa pressed forward into the clinch and attacked with in-tight offense from the opening bell. Reyno briefly scored a takedown to mount, but found himself flipped to bottom position and forced to scramble. Ochoa stayed on the attack, smashing away with kicks and punches that dropped the favorite onto his back!  Reyno barely survived as Ochoa got on top before working to the back and trying for an RNC.  The underdog didn’t get his hooks in, though, allowing Reyno to buck him off and take the back himself!  Moments later, Gaston Reyno finished this quick, crazy fight by flattening Ochoa and squeezing out the RNC submission.  Sheer madness from the four-time Bellator vet in his Combate Americas debut, and, per the man himself, good enough for Campbell McLaren to book Reyno a spot in December’s Copa Combate tournament.



165: Daniel Rodriguez (7-1, #313 World)  TKO3  Ozzie Alvarez (8-5, #618 World)

This bout marked the first-ever contest in Combate Americas’ freshly minted 165 pound super lightweight weight class and set up four-time Jaula winner Daniel Rodriguez as a contender in the new division.  It took about 90 seconds of feints before the action started with Ozzie Alvarez charging forward throwing hammers. Daniel Rodriguez was unfazed, firing back with a precise left hand that snapped Alvarez’ head back twice in middle portion of round 1.  A pair of playful capoeira kicks from each man ended round 1, though once they headed back to the corner Rodriguez looked to be having a lot more fun than the battered Alvarez.  The Floridian charged forward again in round 2, but once more ate a big shot to his jaw in return. Rodriguez kept things composed throughout rounds 2 & 3 as Alvarez desperately tried to figure out a way to land damage or get the fight to the ground. The solution never presented itself for Ozzie, as Daniel Rodriguez maintained his technical edges and found a home for short finishing shots that put the onrushing Alvarez down facefirst on the mat in round 3!  Big TKO to cap a great performance from the 31 year old Rodriguez, who ran his record to 4-1 in La Jaula.



155: Dominic Clark (12-8, #619 World)  UD3  Danny Ramirez (6-5)

Danny Ramirez is known for fan-friendly brawls, but Dominic Clark had no problem grounding and neutralizing the three-fight Combate alum in this bout. Clark took the 30-27, 30-27, 30-26 decision but earned boos from the crowd for his low-risk performance. It’s a win, for sure, but probably not the way to get a call back from the fireworks-loving Combate Americas brass.



125: David Duran (7-4, #59 US West)  TKO3  Heinrich Wassmer (6-4, #40 US West)

Following a first round characterized by relatively technical standup, Duran & Wassmer stood toe-to-toe and slugged away until one man hit the canvas. “The Farmer of Destruction” Duran ate the first huge punch of the fight early in round 2, but bounced back with any trouble and started to wear down “Ricky Scraps” as the bout wore on. Early in round 3, a huge counter left hook from Duran left Wassmer turtled up on the canvas and led to the TKO stoppage to cap this terrific undercard slobberknocker.



145: Hunter Carlyle (5-1, #85 US West)  Sub2-RNC  Brian Del Rosario (3-2)

Crazy fight here that saw Hunter “Spike” Carlyle nearly KO Brian del Rosario with a knee to the jaw and followup shots in the first. Del Rosario ate a ton of damage and recovered to see out the end of round 1. The underdog used a final burst to get into back mount and fish for an RNC at the start of round 2, but Carlyle squeaked out the back door and latched onto a choke of his own that forced Del Rosario to tap out! Great stuff from the “Alpha Ginger”, and kudos to Del Rosario for hanging in there after most fighters would’ve been gone in round 1.



145: Keith Carson (7-5)  UD3  Oscar Suarez (4-2, #28 W.Europe M135)

Keith Carson broke out of a 3 fight losing streak (vs. a murderer’s row of regional opponents) by outworking Oscar Suarez over 3 rounds. Suarez never could get off his back foot as Carson pressed forward relentlessly on the feet and mixed in takedowns to keep the Spaniard off-balance.


125: Michael Reyes (5-4, #68 US West)  Sub1-RNC  Hugo Aranda (2-1, #20 US West)



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