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Bellator 206’s Cass Bell Talks Start in MMA, Lengthy Amateur Career, Upcoming Fight

Green hair. That’s how you will recognize Cass Bell at Bellator 206 this month. Bell takes on 4-3 Ty Costa on the September 29. MMA Today recently sat down with Cass and talked with him about his start in MMA, Bellator’s newest Grand Prix and more!

“I got my start in MMA because I was wrestling in high school. I lost my coach my junior and senior year. So my last two years, we really didn’t have a set coach and those were the years I was really supposed to be doing better than I was because I was older. My senior year, I placed 5th in sections. I probably should have went to state, which is what my goal was. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and after that I thought it was pretty much over. Then I found a gym after high school, started training and have been in love ever since.”

Bell took his time rising up the ranks. He took 11 amateur fights before turning pro for Bellator earlier this year. “My coach and I talked a lot about when I should go pro and stuff. Him and my other coaches wanted to take our time, train and get better. Then we’d take a couple fights around my level, then see how I was doing and just keep pushing myself for the next level. I was an amateur, so if I lose, it’s okay, I learn so much from it. I feel like I learn more when I lose anyway.”

Bell went straight to the big show going professional, jumping straight in at Bellator, a fight he’d go on to win via ground and pound. Bell attributes that to his longer amateur career.

“I fought over the past couple years, and I’d fight and sometimes I’d win, sometimes I’d lose. One of the guys I fought, Justin Tenedora, I fought and beat, went on to fight in Bellator after that. Then Victor Jones, who I lost to, he also made it into Bellator after fighting me, also.”

Eventually, Tendora’s dad called up Bell and wanted him on his management staff and wanted to get Bell into Bellator. “Justin’s been saying good things about you and we want you on our team,” said Tendeora’s father. After six months of talks, Bell finally got the call to join the ranks in Bellator.

As for what’s next, Bell has his focus on his next opponent, Ty Costa.

“He’s a good fighter. I’ve been watching a bunch of his tapes. He’s a wrestler so I’m watching for takedowns. He’s a tough opponent, I’ve seen him dropped in his fights, and he keeps coming. He’ll get dropped in the first round and he’ll keep fighting the three rounds and he ends up on top.”

With Costa at 4-3 professionally, it’s the little step up in competition that Bell is always looking for in his next fight. “He fought not too long ago so I have tape on his fight that wasn’t that long ago and it’s still accurate tape that’s only a month, a month and a half old.

Company business

As for the company, Bellator just announced the welterweight grand prix with names such as Rory MacDonald, Douglas Lima, Michael “Venom” Page, and more. Here’s what Bell had to say about that:

“I got my money on Rory [MacDonald]. He’s a tough competitior. He’s going to fight Jon Fitch, which will be a great fight. But I got my money on him winning it. As for the heavyweight, I’ve got my money on Ryan Bader.”

Bell fights on Bellator 206 on September 29th in San Jose California. Make sure to follow Cass Bell on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all his latest fight news!

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