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CES 53 Prelim RESULTS: John Gotti III continues dominance with 28 second TKO win

Friday night, CES 53 kicked off with a four bout preliminary card at the Twin River Casino preluding a stacked night of fights on AXS TV. The untelevised portion was topped off by the third professional bout of John Gotti III.

The night kicked off with Justin “The Juggernaught” Valentin, a Connecticut native, facing Jessie Piers, of Fall River. Valentin made his professional debut, while Pires looked for his first pro win.


Opening Pre-Lim: Justin Valentin Vs. Jessie Pires (Flyweight Bout)

The bell rings and we are underway, an exchange of respect is made and we are ready to fight. Early in the bout a wild punch from Valentin turns into a successful take-down. Valentin continues with ground and pound, which successfully opens up the neck of Pires and within a minute of the fight Pires is in trouble. A 1st round guillotine submission (1:44) win for the NOW 1-0 Justin Valentin, pretty impressive pro debut.

Tommy Davis Vs. Hugh McKenna (Middleweight Bout) 

The Sityodtong product from Marblehead Mass will take on the New York fighter Hugh McKenna. McKenna has an official record of (1-1-1) while “Demolition Man” has an 0-1 record and is looking for a better performance after facing a 1st round KO in his pro-debut. McKenna wastes no time with a takedown attempt, which turns into a clinch along the fence before ultimately gaining the takedown. Davis manages to regain composure but continues under duress in the clinch. As the “Hugh” chants reign from the Gotti crowd (The two are teammates) McKenna smashes Davis to the ground once more and continues looking for submission attempts. Davis again continues with composure not allowing any obvious openings. The round ends where all of it took place, the ground.

We open round 2 with Davis completely clipping Hugh McKenna with a hook, as he tries to end it, McKenna goes to comfort with a takedown but it is stuffed by Davis who takes top control. Davis continues with ground and pound, but both fighters already seemed extremely fatigued. Davis stands back up and lands a vicious elbow, followed by a successful takedown. McKenna for a second seemed to have an armor but Davis quickly took it away. The ref was extremely close to calling it with seconds remaining as Davis continued vicious elbows but McKenna survives the beating.

We begin round 3 with very fatigued fighters. Hugh McKenna begins using his legs more to open round 3 before looking for another takedown. Which is stuffed and turned into a clinch battle, before Davis takes down the NY native. As the “Hugh” chants continue, Davis remains on top and in control with 2 minutes remaining, but the ever dangerous Hugh is always looking for that opening on the ground. Tommy Davis lands a unanimous decision win.

Fabio Cherant Vs. Ron Marshall (Light Heavyweight) 

Fabio Cherant has made a name for himself inside the CES promotion with 3 submission wins, the undefeated prospect will take on Ron Marshall of New Hampshire who is making his Pro debut. Cherant wastes no time with a number of leg kicks to the midsection. Marshall is clearly keeping a safe distance from Cherant but isn’t afraid to throw his big hook. Marshall picks Cherant up but Fabio turns it into top control, as Fabio looks to have the neck, Marshall has a beautiful turnaround and takes top control for himself. Marshall has Fabio in unfamiliar waters, but Cherant’s composure keeps him out of trouble and the two continue swapping top control with a plethora of submission attempts that fail.

Round 2 begins with Cherant content on looking for the counter punch, quickly the two exchange and clinch. As Marshall pick up Fabio to throw him to the ground it seems to cause more damage to Marshall as Fabio locks his arm around the neck, but the two stand up and back into the clinch. Cherant takes it back to the ground, and after some continued ground and pound the neck of Marshall opens up and Cherant lands his 4th win again via submission.

John Gotti III Vs. Josh Zuckerman (Welterweight Bout) 

John Gotti may not be in his home state of New York but the man brought a crowd with him. Gotti has already surrounded himself with hype, and it isn’t only because of his last name and the history, this man has talent. Gotti will be looking for a 3rd win against Florida native Josh Zuckerman (0-3).  John Gotti took little time to land a big punch, only 28 seconds into the bout he catches a leg kick from Zuckerman and throws a huge jab knocking down Zuckerman. After about 5-7 seconds of ground and pound the fight was stopped and Gotti remains undefeated. Post-fight the Gotti fans sang him happy birthday and Gotti again has a hugely impressive win.

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