UFC Champions Conor McGregor & Max Holloway Verbally Spar on Social Media

McGregor and Holloway have been at it on the web. Let’s look back at all their barbs.

Conor McGregor is one of the top trash-talkers in the UFC. This is part of McGregor’s allure. He baits his next opponent into looking like a fool, insulting them, and then beating them down inside the octagon. Who doesn’t love someone who could back it up?

On the other hand, there is Max Holloway. He’s currently the featherweight champ and on a 12-fight win streak, the longest in the UFC right now. Holloway doesn’t really trash talk, but will respond in kind if called out.

Holloway’s last loss was to McGregor, and Conor didn’t let him forget it. So, as stated earlier, Max Holloway fired back. Let’s take a look at what’s transpired so far:

It all started with Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has been teasing a UFC debut after beating McGregor in the boxing ring. Mayweather, ever the showman, posted a photoshopped picture of himself knocking out McGregor with an elbow:

Certified Killa vs Certified Bitch

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So McGregor fires back at Floyd and throws shade at Holloway two months after Holloway beat José Aldo a second time.

When there is no referee to save you.

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Holloway fired back.

When there is

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So after UFC 222, where Holloway had to pull out due to an injury, Frankie Edgar, who Holloway was supposed to fight, lost to Brian Ortega. Holloway went on to congratulate Frankie, a well liked fighter and MMA legend:

McGregor had something to say about that:

McGregor hasn’t defended either of his belts once and Holloway let him know he had to leave featherweight without defending once:

Then we had this cringe-worthy Burger King ad McGregor most likely got paid handsomely for:

Holloway went on to have a field day with this one:

Someone then tagged the ever-sassy Wendy’s Twitter and Holloway loved every second of it:

McGregor then went on to start beef with 50 Cent instead, which had been entertaining in itself. Many believe this war of words isn’t over between McGregor and Holloway yet. And with Holloway being on such a hot streak and talks of him moving up to 155 and fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov instead of McGregor because it’s the harder fight, we will be getting more entertainment from these two again soon.

If Holloway does make that switch and gets a couple top tier wins at lightweight, don’t be surprised if McGregor-Holloway II goes down.

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