Amanda Serrano dominated at Combate 24 (pic via @CombateAmericas)

Combate 24 Results & Clips: Boxing champ Serrano, UFC vets Birchak & Michaud dominate

Tucson, Arizona – Combate Americas’ latest offering at Combate 24 featured highlight reel finishes in the headliners courtesy of hometown hero Anthony Birchak and decorated boxing star Amanda Serrano.  Read on for recaps & clips of all the action from the Combate 24 main card broadcast on DAZN and Univision Deportes!


135: Anthony Birchak (13-6, #138 World)  TKO1  Adam Martinez (5-2, #444 World)

Tucson’s Anthony Birchak made a successful Combate Americas debut in front of his hometown crowd with an efficient 51 second beating of four-time LFA & RFA winner Adam Martinez. Birchak swarmed early, connecting with a series of looping right hand that dropped the 36 year old Martinez. The Coloradan searched for a single leg, but that gave Birchak a chance to finish with hammerfists that precipitated a (maybe early) stoppage while Martinez was rising to his feet. Either way this was classy stuff from “El Toro”, who continued his excellent career-long run on American soil where he’s gone 13-1 including 3 bouts in the UFC.



W125: Amanda Serrano (1-0-1)  Sub1  Erendira Ordonez (2-2)

After settling for a drew in her MMA debut, six-division boxing champ Amanda Serrano got into the win column in style with a quick demolition of kickboxer Ere Ordonez. Ordonez successfully circled away for half a round while Serrano flashed lightning-fast hands in her face and connected with persistent leg kicks. Once Serrano found the mark midway through the first she pounced, smashing away with punches before battering her opponent with shots in the clinch. When Ordonez gave her back, Serrano opportunistically snatched the neck and cinched in a standing RNC to record her first pro win by submission – a surprising way for the boxing star to claim her first win. Overall Amanda Serrano looked much more comfortable in the cage than she did in her April debut, and the heavy hitter looks to be well on her way toward completing her mission of becoming a two-sport world champion.


170: David Michaud (14-4, #207 World)  TKO2  Fernando Gonzalez Trevino (3-2, #67 US Southwest)

31 year old AKA hopeful Fernando Gonzalez Trevino ran into a brick wall in this matchup with savage UFC & Bellator alum David “Bulldawg” Michaud. Michaud simply ragdolled Trevino at the start of the fight, chucking him to the mat briefly before taking his back against the cage. Trevino persevered and exchanged elbows in tight after extracting himself from Michaud’s clutches. The South Dakota native sent Trevino pinballing across the cage via flush right hand midway through the first, the biggest strike of the round. Mexico native Trevino held tough and re-established himself at range late in round 1 as Michaud stepped down a notch from his crazy early pace. After resting on the stool, Michaud emerged with renewed energy. David took Trevino to the mat and smashed away from back control with thunderous hammerfists that left him bloodied and forced ref Jason Herzog to step in for the early round 2 TKO. Fantastic work from David Michaud, who has continued to get better since his early career UFC stint and now looks ready to do plenty of damage in La Jaula.


135: Mario Bautista (6-0, #15 US Southwest)  UD3  Juan Pablo Gonzalez (7-2-2, #6 Argentina)

Smooth striking was the name of the game when Argentina’s Gonzalez and MMA Lab’s Bautista threw done center cage in round 1 of this entertaining clash. After a few minutes of evenly-matched exchanges, Gonzalez struck first with a cracker that sent Bautista to a knee momentarily. The 25 year old American bit down on his mouthpiece and kept throwing but fell prey to a Gonzalez takedown in the final moments of the first. After that rough start, Bautista started the second round aggressively with takedown tries and kicks. Gonzalez brought the war in return with cracking knees, but Bautista refused to slow his offensive output even in the face of heavy fire. Bautista ended round 2 on top, and he kept things at grinding pace with cage control for much of round 3. Grueling fight, in a good way, that showcased skill, cardio & toughness from both men. The judges were impressed with Bautista’s late work, awarding him a unanimous decision due to his edge in rounds 2 & 3.


135: Kasey Tanner (1-0)  Sub1  Arturo Guzman (2-3)

In the highlight of the Combate 24 prelims, debuting Kasey Tanner pulled off the recently-popularized (and very painful looking) Suloev stretch kneebar submission. Ouch:


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