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Combate 25 Results & Clips: Marcelo Rojo comeback KO, Madrigal & Quinonez FOTN rock Guadalajara

Guadalajara, Mexico – Twelve fights, 10 finishes.  That’s exactly the brand of intense action that fans have come to expect from Latin American MMA powerhouse Combate Americas. Combate 25, aka Combate Guadalajara, feaured tons of great scraps highlighted by a fight of the night jiu-jitsu war between Victor Hugo Madrigal and Cristian Quinonez. Read on for recaps & clips from every bout broadcast on DAZN & Univision Deportes, from prelims to postlims!



Combate 25: World Ranked Fights


135: Victor Hugo Madrigal (7-2, #35 Mexico)  Sub3  Cristian Quinonez (12-3, #221 World)

The final featured fight of Combate Guadalajara was pure excitement from the opening bell, as Cristian Quinonez dove in for a wild takedown but found himself instantly ensnared in an omoplata try from Victor Madrigal. Madrigal hung on to the submission, literally, as Quinonez stood there and patiently peeled away the leg triangle. Once freed, Quinonez dove on top and spent much of late round 1 hunting for an RNC. Madrigal had another incredible moment in round 2 when he stuffed a takedown attempt and threw his man over into a gorgeous armbar that Quinonez somehow survived! Quinonez briefly rallied with a takedown, only to have Madrigal roll through into top control and threaten with chokes for the rest of the round. Both men entered round 3 wearied and with a big round in their pocket. Quinonez had enough energy to score a double leg takedown, but couldn’t stop Madrigal from using a kimura sweep to take the back! Quinonez struggled, but before long Madrigal finalized things via RNC to cap an awesome back-and-forth MMA jiu-jitsu exhibition. A pleasant surprise from Combate Americas, where we usually get plenty of awesome standup fights but don’t often see a world class BJJ battle like this.



155: Marco Antonio Elpidio (8-3-1, #440 World)  UD3  Enrique Marin (11-6, #248 World)

TUF Latin American finalist Enrique “Wasabi” Marin introduced himself to the Combate Americas audience with a crowd-pleasing battle versus Mexico City’s Marco Antonio Elpidio that saw the home soil fighter take a contentious decision. Elpidio had trouble avoiding Marin’s punches as the Spaniard trucked forward, fists ablaze. Elpidio found some opportunities to slip in shots as round 1 wore on, but the oncoming Marin never gave him a chance to get off the back foot. The UFC vet upped the pressure in round 2 as he ground Elpidio into the cage and attacked with punishing clinch knees. Elpidio chose to retaliate by shooting for a takedown, but after a series of reversals Marin was the one who spent late round 2 on top. “Wasabi” refused to relent and cracked Elpidio with one of the biggest punch of the fight to start of round 3. The Mexican finished well with a last-minute takedown, apparently enough to sway the local judges who awarded Marco Antonio Elpidio the unanimous decision. Awkward moment in the post-fight interview as they asked Elpidio to talk about his win while showing video clips filled with little but Marin highlights.



135: Marcelo Rojo (15-5, #175 World)  TKO1  Jesse Strader (3-1, #46 California)

On paper this looked like a mismatch in favor of Argentinian ace Marcelo Rojo, but upstart Jesse Strader made it wild and crazy for as long as it lasted. Strader used a pistonlike combo of body shots to stun Rojo and drop him against the cage two minute in. The American flurried to finish, but that allowed Rojo scramble up. Back on the feet, Rojo started his epic comeback with a bunch of nasty knees to the face. With Strader turtled up against the cage, Rojo fired away with an unending flurry that eventually forced the stoppage from ref Jason Herzog. What an awesome come-from-behind finish for Marcelo Rojo, who advanced to 5-1 in Combate Americas.



150: Alejandro Martinez (4-2, #474 World 155)  Sub2  Jordan Beltran (9-5, #403 World 145)

Fresh off a four fight stint in top Middle East promotion Brave CF, Alejandro Martinez faced adversity early on when he ate canvas courtesy of a round 1 punch from Mexico regionals champ Jordan Beltran. Martinez hung in there and succeeded at dumping his man to the mat with around 90 seconds left in round 1. The TUF Latin America alum used his top time well, dropping damaging ground and pound before returning the bout to the mat at the start of round 2. Beltran was pretty much broken at that point, and Martinez finished in short order with an RNC inside of a minute. Solid Combate Americas debut from Martinez, who adds even more intriguing depth to the promotion’s growing 145 pound ranks.



155: Leo Rodriguez (12-2-1, #374 World)  TKO2  Ramon Lopez (5-3, #31 Mexico)

TUF Latin America alum Leo Rodriguez enjoyed a strong comeback from 3 years of inactivity with this crushing defeat of impeccably-bearded Ramon Lopez. Lopez couldn’t fend off Rodriguez’s takedown attempts, and ate some serious punches and knees against the cage when Rodriguez switched to clinch offense in round 2.



Combate 25 Prelims & Postlims

W105: Alitzel Mariscal (1-0)  UD3  Brenda Enriquez (1-3)

Debuting atomweight Alitzel Mariscal looked cool and composed in her first round as a pro, mixing periods of clinch control with aggressive striking. Perhaps she dumped more adrenaline than she let on, as Brenda Enriquez landed a huge counter one minute into round 2 before pushing her way to some cage control of her own. Mariscal showed off some nice judo skills, tossing her overenthusiastic opponent to the mat and settling into top position for much of the second half of round 2. Both scrappers were visibly tired as they spent the third round mixing tentative kickboxing with grueling clinch work. Just the second decision of the night went to Alitzel Mariscal, who walked away with the well earned unanimous nod.



125: Axel Osuna (1-0)  Sub2  Edgar Chairez (4-1, #5 Mexico)

Guadalajara’s own Axel Osuna debuted in spectacular fashion with a round 2 upset of previously undefeated Edgar Chairez. Chairez entered La Jaula with round 1 finishes in every fight, but Osuna pushed the pace on the feet from the opening bell. Two minutes into round 1, Chairez tried to repeat the spinning elbow that earned him a highlight reel finish at Combate 21. When that strike glanced off harmlessly, Chairez threw up a flying triangle attempt and followed with a double-armbar try. Back on the feet, Osuna attacked confidently until Chairez knocked him over briefly with an elbow. That barely fazed Osuna, who got back to the feet and set to bullying Chairez into the cage for the rest of round 1. Chairez used his final burst of energy to circle to the back and score a takedown early in round 2. Osuna waited for the perfect moment to scramble to top, where he blasted away with elbows before finishing off with a gorgeous triangle choke/armbar combo. What a pro debut from Axel Osuna, who showed polished skills in all phases of the game and stole all of Edgar Chairez’s hype in the process.



265: Alejandro Solorzano (4-2, #20 L.America)  TKO1  Mike Villareal (1-2)

The first heavyweight bout in Combate Americas history saw Mike Villarreal unload his gas tank slamming and smashing Solorzano in the opening minutes. After Solorzano survived the initial flurry, he climbed to his feet and methodically popped the gassed Villareal with straight punches until the big man fell to the ground in the final minute of round 1. It wasn’t always pretty. It was good enough to earn Alejandro Solorzano a potential future date with ex-WWE star Alberto “del Rio” Rodriguez (9-5 MMA) when the former Dos Caras Jr. makes his return to La Jaula following an eight year retirement.



145: Jose Alberto Martinez (5-2)  TKO2  Luis Ceron (5-4)

After 7 minutes of headhunting action, Martinez mixed in a beautiful body shot that left Ceron crumpled in a heap for over a minute. Just nasty:



135: Mahatma Garcia (8-7-1)  Sub2  Federico Betancourt (3-6)

Garcia dominated on the feet in round 1 but couldn’t stop Betancourt’s early takedown tries. With Betancourt tiring, Garcia smashed his man in round 2 before snatching the RNC submission midway througb the frame.



135: Ivan Torres (2-0)  TKO1  Mario Tena (5-2, #45 L.America)

A characteristically wild brawl to start the Combate Guadalajara prelims. Torre seemed to get the better of the striking throughout, with standing uppercuts and relentless GNP paving the way for his round 1 TKO.



155: Bryan Arreaga (1-0)  TKO1  Marco Dominguez (0-1)

Dominguez started his pro career with a deep armbar try that Arreaga tried to slam his way out of. After receiving a warning for kicking Dominguez in the face, Arreaga postured up and forced things back to the feet 2 minutes in. Unfortunately for Dominguez his left knee appeared to be blown up, allowing Arreaga to charge forward and assault his man with punches & leg kicks that dropped him against the cage and forced the round 1 TKO stoppage.



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