Lisbeth "Bunny" Silva (via Combate Americas)

Combate Americas Mexico vs USA: Lisbeth Silva Announces Herself to the 105 Pound Division with a Wicked One-Knee KO

Sacramento, California – With a nickname like “Bunny”, you might expect world-ranked atomweight Lisbeth Silva to be the sort of fighter who pecks and paws her way to victory. Well you better not judge this woman by her nickname, because you’ll be hard pressed to find a 105 pound athlete who hits as hard as the Combate Americas atomweight star. Silva (6-3, #20 World) enjoyed a massive power advantage over Brenda Enriquez (1-2) that she used to soften up the Utah native with kicks at all levels and ambidextrous power punches. Enriquez did her best to fire back on the rare occasions when she managed to get inside, but mostly she puzzled over how to get near Silva without eating one of her damaging shots. In round 3 Enriquez finally bit down on her mouthpiece and went for a takedown, only to eat a vicious standing knee to the orbital that earned Silva the KO victory! When’s the last time you saw that kind of one-strike finishing power in a 105 pound fight? It looks like Combate could have a future star in Lisbeth Silva, who started her career 0-3 before tearing off 6 straight wins in the last two years – including four straight in the Combate Americas “Jaula”.


Combate Americas Mexico vs USA Main Event @Lightweight:

W: Anthony Avila (16-5, #319 World)
Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
L: Jose Luis Verdugo (8-5, #326 World)

If beautiful, fluid movement and striking setups were the sole criterion for winning a fight then California’s Anthony Avila may well be ranked in the world top 10 at lightweight. The Sacramento slickster bounced around effortlessly and left Mexican tough guy Jose Luis Verdugo grasping at straws and swinging for air throughout much of this 15 minute contest in Avila’s hometown. Verdugo made his name on the regionals with a win over UFC vet Esteven Payan, and he entered this contest on a three fight win streak. But every time Verdugo tried to throw a counter, the ridiculously quick Avila had already landed and escaped out of range. As Avila slowed a bit later in the fight, Verdugo managed to get into range and drop a few solid shots on the hometown boy’s chin and body – including a huge cross that made Avila wobble in place with about one second to go in the fight. That moment aside, this was Anthony Avila’s night, and he used his sublime technical movement to run away with the obvious unanimous decision in his Combate Americas debut.



Combate Americas Mexico vs USA Co-Main Event @Featherweight:

W: Horacio Gutierrez (5-3, TUF Latin America 2 finalist, 0-2 UFC, #352 World)
Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
L: Chris Avila (5-7, 0-2 UFC, Diaz buddy)

For those young fans who haven’t been around long enough to remember the days, long ago, when Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz fighting in the UFC was actually a thing – well, great job realizing that you should care about Combate Americas so young into your MMA fandom! But back to the point, Chris Avila was a sort of Artem Lobov for Nate Diaz, a friend with a sub-UFC grade record who was given a UFC shot based more on connections than performance. Unlike Lobov, who can give many world class fighters a tough matchup on a good day, Avila never got untracked in the UFC. Avila looked much more comfortable in this bout against fellow Octagon short-timer Horacio Gutierrez, but had a hard time tracking down the athletic “Punisher” as he bounced around the cage. When Gutierrez decided to throw offense he offered hard kicks and vicious power punches designed to seek the knockout. None of those bombs really found the target, and the grazing shots Gutierrez landed were eaten by his tough Californian opponent. Nonetheless, Avila’s lead-left-centric offense is pretty limited and he couldn’t find a way to do much to his opponent. Credit Avila for entertaining the crowd with some Stockton slap tries and assorted Diaz Brothers create-a-fighter taunts, but credit Gutierrez with the clear decision victory in his Combate Americas debut.


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