Conor McGregor had his day (90 seconds) in court

Unfortunately not much was learned today from Conor McGregor’s brief appearance at the courtroom in Brooklyn, New York. Media flocked to the courthouse steps hoping for some big news story and got a short statement and not much else in the form of resolution.

“I regret my actions that led me here today, I understand the seriousness of this matter, and I’m hopeful it gets resolved soon.”

McGregor arrived alongside teammate and cohort Cian Cowley for the bus attack that nearly ruined an entire PPV back at UFC 223. Less than two minutes later they exited the courthouse with a new date set to appear: July 26th.

The UFC’s biggest star is facing some pretty serious charges including two felony counts of criminal mischief. McGregor’s lawyers are surely hard at work on a possible plea deal.

Dana White plans to meet with the Irish star (again) this time in Vegas on June 18th.

There have been plenty of rumors of Conor McGregor coming back to fight in some form or another most recently a hot topic of discussion surrounding UFC 225 was that a potential fight between him and Rafael dos Anjos was being planned for UFC 224 in Brazil before the bus attack.

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