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Contender Series: Bobby Moffett ready to take one more step toward goal of being a UFC champion

Featherweight Bobby Moffett (12-3) has been in high pressure situations before.

He’s competed for an LFA title, an RFA title, and in front of UFC President Dana White on the UFC’s YouTube series, Dana White: Lookin’ For a Fight. All of these accolades are great accomplishments, but pale in comparison to what he is shooting to earn on Tuesday night.

Tuesday night, August 7th, Moffett will compete on the season finale of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. The UFC Fight Pass original series pins top regional talent against one another. UFC contracts will be on the line, as UFC President Dana White and matchmakers Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard will be sitting cageside.

Moffett feels his experience in high pressure situations before — some successful, some unsuccessful — will give him the mental edge he needs to walk away as a member of the UFC roster. Moffett believes past failures in such instances provided more him more longterm success.

“I feel like that helped a lot,” said Moffett in an interview with MMA Today. “Obviously, winning [some] those fights would have made things much better [than losing]. However, I think losing them gave me more learning, than if I had just won those. If I would have won, maybe I never would have learned the stuff that I did. Maybe I’d have similar opportunities [to this one], but I’d fail then.”

Born and raised in Illinois, Moffett has moved his training out west to Arizona where he trains at the esteemed MMA Lab under coach, John Crouch. Moffett attributes much of his growth as a fighter to Crouch and the phenomenal level of talent he gets to train with every day.

“Crouch has been an extremely positive influence on my career,” said Moffett. “It was a little different for me coming from a small gym where I didn’t have any training partners. I had a few, but they were few and far between. My old coach was a little bit more on the negative side of things. It was just a big psychological and physical change, going from there to the MMA Lab.”

“I have a great relationship with our strength and conditioning coach, Jarrett, and our striking coach, Eddie,” continued Moffett. “I’ve had Ben Henderson in my corner my past two fights, and I’ll have him there for this one. It’s just been a big change. I have a huge family here. It’s a massive difference. I can’t even explain how grateful I am to be a part of everything.”

In his last fight, Moffett was scouted by the UFC brass as part of the aforementioned Dana White: Lookin’ For a Fight. In the co-main event of the evening, Moffett defeated Jonathan Jackson (3-0) by first round submission. White liked what he saw, and offered Moffett a Contender Series contract. The offer didn’t surprise Moffett in the least bit.

“I figured I’d get the opportunity to fight on the Contender Series,” explained Moffett. “Obviously my fingers were crossed that maybe he would just sign me right away. But I knew that I’d end up fighting on the Contender Series, I could just tell. I thought there was like a 1% chance I’d get an actual contract that night against a dude that’s only 3-0. It was still kind of surreal to meet Dana White after the fight. For him to ask me straight up, ‘Hey, you want to fight?'”

This Tuesday evening, Moffett will have a tough test in front of him in the form of Jacob Kilburn (6-1). At 23 years of age, Kilburn has won three straight bouts and is just as hungry as “The Wolfman” Moffett.

“I know he’s a striker,” detailed Moffett. “He’s more of a guy who’s coming forward. He does more spin stuff. So some of his stuff isn’t just always going forward — some of it is countering. I know that his best asset is his striking. I plan on beating him there and then finishing him on the ground. I think he’s a tough dude, but I don’t think he understands the type of person he’s going to be fighting August 7.”

Putting his name on the dotted line of a UFC agreement would be a dream within itself for Moffett. However, in Moffett’s grand scheme of things, it’s just one step in the right direction.

“Obviously, it means the whole world to me,” described Moffett. “I started fighting because I believe I can be the UFC champion. That’s why I started. If I get the contract, then that’s the first goal that I hit right there. It’s one more step and it’s something that’s going to happen.”

“Thanks to everybody here at the MMA Lab. Thanks to Drakkar Klose. He and I have become really good friends. He’s really cared about my fights. Thanks to Ben Henderson, John Crouch, Eddie Cha, and my strength and conditioning coach, Jarrett Key. Thank you to Scott Mitchell Chiropractic. He’s been helping me out since my last fight with some stuff. Thank you to my family, who always supports me. It’s been a good journey, and I’m ready to show them this is what I was meant to do.” – The Wolfman


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