DEEP 85 Impact: Victor Henry and Alyssa Garcia kick their way to TKOs in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan – A rowdy crowd (by JMMA standards) packed Korakuen Hall to cheer on 11 action-packed fights at DEEP 85 Impact, streamed live worldwide on YouTube. Read on for results & recaps from all 11 pro fights at DEEP 85 impact, plus clips of the crushing finishes authored by Victor Henry, Alyssa Garcia, and Kana Watanabe!




DEEP 85 Impact Main Card


135: Victor Henry (14-4, #64 World)  TKO3  Takafumi Otsuka (24-15-1, #85 World)

Former DEEP champ Takafumi Otsuka entered this main event feature with a ton of momentum thanks to a 2017 RIZIN Grand Prix semifinals run that included wins over UFC vets Anthony Birchak and Khalid Taha. Otsuka used his wresting skills to good effect in those bouts, but couldn’t keep Josh Barnett protege Victor Henry on the mat following an early clinch takedown. Forced into a kickboxing match, Otsuka fired leg kicks while Henry returned with potent body punches. When the two men began grappling in round 2, it was the six-time Pancrase vet Henry who took advantage by parlaying a kimura attempt into top control. When Otsuka reversed position, Henry’s scrambling game was on point as he got the fight back to stance and landed some of the first flush punches of the DEEP 85 Impact main event. After a grappling-heavy start, a slugfest erupted center cage as both men stood in the pocket and ate big punches in the final moments of round 2! The brawl continued in round 3, as Otsuka cracked away with solid punches. It looked like Henry needed something big to steal the fight away on foreign terrain, and he came up with just the ticket – a nasty front kick to the body that left Otsuka curled up on the mat! What a huge win for Victor Henry after he fell short to eastern hemisphere elites Masakatsu Ueda and Rafael Silva in his previous two contests in Japan.



135: Makoto Kamaya (30-16-4, #296 World)  UD3  Kaito Sakamaki (14-8-1, #307 World)

Erstwhile ZST champ Kaito Sakamaki came out hot with high-octane offense including a wicked spinning back to the body. But it’s tough to faze a 50 fight pro like DEEP stalwart Makoto Kamaya, and the 35 year old wisely chose to close the distance and avoid kickboxing with the younger man. The 21 year old Sakamaki showed off nice jiu-jitsu sweeps when Kamaya took him down, but spent his time in top position fending off a guillotine choke. Kamaya got his grappling game working in round 2 with a trip takedown and top control. As Sakamaki faded in round 3, Kamaya was just getting started as he enacted 5 minutes of smothering top control. The decision victory gave Makoto Kamaya 5 wins in his last 6 outings and ran his record in the DEEP promotion to a remarkable 21-11-3.


W105: Alyssa Garcia (4-5, #27 World)  KO2  Satomi Takano (11-11, #16 World)

Battle-hardened US wrestler Alyssa Garcia showed off her sharpening striking skills as she cracked Satomi Takano with a head kick en route to a slump-busting round 3 TKO. Garcia demonstrated her ground talents early on with a nifty omoplata and a handful of powerful ground strikes. Yet the improvements in her hands and feet were most noticeable. Garcia offered Takano a glimpse of her future fate when she landed a grazing head kick in round 1. The next time Garcia went high in round 2 it landed flush, and Takano crumpled to the mat for the crushing finish! Alyssa Garcia took on another tough challenge on foreign soil, following consecutive decision losses to top-10 atomweights Maria Oliveira and Ayaka Hamasaki in RIZIN, and this time the 24 year old Californian came up spades with her biggest win since decisioning reigning RIZIN queen Kanna Asakura in 2016.



W105: Si Woo Park (1-2)  UD3  Emi Tomimatsu (13-14, #12 World)

Former DEEP Jewels atomweight champ Emi Tomimatsu found herself on the wrong side of a stunning upset at DEEP 85 Impact thanks to a strong performance by South Korean upstart Si Woo Park. Park used leg kicks and jabs to good effect early as she skillfully darted around the cage. After taking the brunt of the early offense, Tomimatsu switched gears with a brief takedown and late clinch control as round 1 ticked away. Round 2 saw the roles reversed, as the fading Tomimatsu was unable to work her wrestling game and ended up smooshed into the mat by Park. By the time the last 5 minutes rolled around Tomimatsu was a stationary target, which allowed Park to smash the veteran with increasingly sharp combos. This fight was closer than the straight 30-27 scorecards may suggest, but either way it was a breakout showing for Si Woo Park against one of the most venerable competitors in the 105 pound ranks.


W125: Kana Watanabe (3-0-1, #82 World)  Sub1  Asami Nakai (2-1)

Asami Nakai put a pretty decent kickboxing assault on Kana Watanabe at the start of this one before she pulled Watanabe on top of her early in round 1. That turned out to be a very bad idea as Watanabe advanced to mount without much hassle. When Nakai gave her back, Watanabe nearly finished the fight with ground strikes. Instead Nakai rolled face-up, and Watanabe responded with an armbar that elicited the tapout four minutes in. Sheer dominance from Kana Watanabe, who picked up her third win in the DEEP promotion and looked like a developing future star in the process.  Pardon the poor quality of the clips, as DEEP’s lone cameraman had his view blocked by a cagepost during the finishing sequence.



145: Daiki Hata (18-12-7, #537 World)  UD3  Kyosuke Yokoyama (9-6, #206 World)

Road to the UFC: Japan reality show alum Daiki Hata danced his way to the cage with choreographed flair, but as soon as the bell rang “DJ Taiki” was all-business feinting and pressuring Krazy Bee’s Kyosuke Yokoyama. Yokoyama was effective at times countering Hata’s forward movement with leg kicks and check lefts. But he never managed to halt Hata’s pressure, and the veteran skillfuly reversed Yokoyama’s efforts to impose grappling dominance. All that backpedaling and wrestling wore down Yokoyama in the later rounds, as Daiki Hata dominated all elements of the game. Hata finished the fight with style, in the form of several soccer kicks to the body of his downed opponent followed by an ax kick for good measure.



DEEP 85 Impact Prelims

Two Round Fights


155: Koji Takeda (7-0, #361 World)  UD2  Juri Ohara (22-15-2, #624 World)

23 year old BRAVE Gym rep Koji Takeda scored the seventh win of his perfect one-year pro career with an impressive grappling exhibition versus nine-year pro Juri Ohara. Ohara briefly threatened an early leglock, but otherwise Takeda used his superior wrestling to notch the clear decision.



M115: Noboru Kawahara (5-1-2, #19 World)  Draw2  Yutaro Muramoto (6-4-2, #21 World)

Yutaro Muramoto didn’t get revenge for his TKO loss to Noboru Kawahara in their first meeting 13 months ago, but he did achieve a slightly better result in their second meeting at Deep 85 Impact. It looked like Muramoto was on course for success with two knockdowns and a takedown in round 1. But Kawahara stayed in the fight and narrowly outslicked Muramoto on the feet in round 2, at least in the eyes of the judges, to escape with a majority draw.


135: Rikuto Shirakawa (5-5-1)  Draw2  Kosuke Terashima (14-16-4)

You’re just asking for a lot of draws if you book two round fights scored on the 10-9 system, and we got another one in this bantamweight clash. Both men offered technical attacks from distance in round 1. Terashima shifted gears with a takedown early in round 2. Once he got back to his feet, Shirakawa picked up the pace and marched his man down with big punches in the second half of the round. Either round could have been scored for either fighter, and the result was a majority draw to cap a solid fight.


145: Ryuji Takashio (2-4-2)  UD2  Yusuke Matsubayashi (2-2)

Ryuji Takashio used 10 minutes of smothering grappling to control almost every second of this two-round contest.


M115: Taichi Isogai (5-1)  Sub1  Hiroyuki Sugiura (0-2)

Isogai blasted Sugiura with a perfectly timed knee as the latter man changed levels for a takedown. Moments later the stunned Sugiura tapped to an RNC, giving Isogai his fourth finish in five pro wins.


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