Dillian Whyte releases shortlist of potential opponents – Joseph Parker not on it

Nobody knows who British heavyweight Dillian Whyte (24-1) will end up facing next. A rematch with Dereck Chisora might be on the cards, but negotiations aren’t moving at a great pace and it looks like the fight might fall through entirely. Whyte told Sky Sports back on October 22nd that Chisora was in “massive danger” of missing out on the rematch, and the heavyweight also released a list of names of other possible opponents.

“Chisora is a fight the fans want to see, and it’s a fight I want to have, because I want to bash his head in, and just get the stoppage that I should have taken care of the first time around,” Whyte told Sky. “There is a massive danger he will miss out on a career highest payday. At the minute, as the deal stands, it’s getting worse. I’ve got options, he ain’t really got no options…”

Whyte named Anthony Joshua as one of those options, but whether or not he could get that fight made right now is debatable. He also claimed that his backup options include Dominic Breazeale (19-1), Luis Ortiz (29-1), Adam Kownacki (18-0), and Jarrell Miller (22-0-1).

Kownacki and Miller are perhaps the most interesting possible matchups out of that group, with both of those fighters holding undefeated records. Miller, however, is already expected to face Bogdan Dinu in November.

One name that isn’t on the list is Joseph Parker.

The New Zealander hasn’t had a good 2018 and lost to both Anthony Joshua and Whyte himself earlier in the year, but despite this, his promoter David Higgins isn’t happy about the possibility of a rematch being left off the shortlist.

“It’s interesting that he didn’t mention Joseph Parker’s name. To me it says that they are running the other way, knowing that without officiating errors, Parker would have overcome and beaten him,” Higgins said to Sky Sports.

“To me, that’s an admission that he’s scared of Joseph Parker. Dillian Whyte knows there’s unfinished business with Joseph Parker. Joseph Parker knows there’s unfinished business with Dillian Whyte.”

The complaints are a bit strange as Parker hasn’t had a win since September of last year and has gone 0-2 in his last couple of fights. His two career losses are more than any of the other fighters that Whyte named, officiating errors or not.

Parker is also expected to face Alexander Flores in December, meaning a fight with Whyte would have to take place in 2019.

It will be interesting, though, to see who the heavyweight contender ends up fighting. If all of the names that he listed truly are options, Whyte has a lot more flexibility here than Chisora does.

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