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DWCS Brazil 3 Results: Contender Series Brasil 2018 wraps with four more UFC contract winners

Las Vegas, Nevada – The season finale of DWCS Brazil 2018 produced a stellar flyweight main event, a pair of WMMA bangers, and two solid finishes.  As usual, Dana White and crew had their hands full deciding which talented Contenders deserved a UFC contract, finally settling on four more contract winners to close out the Contender Series Brazil 2018 season.  Read on for recaps of all the action from DWCS Brazil 3 on Combate!



125: Raulian Paiva (18-1, #120 World M135)  SD3  Allan Nascimento (17-5, #285 World M135)

DWCS Brasil 2018 wrapped up with a fantastic 15 minute contest between two of the very best flyweight prospects that Brazil has to offer. Raulian Paiva’s wrestling edge was evident as he tossed one fight RIZIN vet Allan Nascimento to the ground multiple times in round 1. Unfortunately for Paiva, he was in quicksand on the mat early as “Puro Osso” threatened with kneebar and heel hook tries. On the feet each man had success, including a spinning kick to the liver and jump knees from Nascimento. Paiva started turning the tide late in round 1, finding the mark repeatedly with his lead left hand, and he seemed to be wearing down Nascimento with accurate punches as round 2 progressed. Nascimento decided to switch things up by shooting but ended on bottom eating elbows. Nascimento wasn’t done yet, though, as he reversed position and nailed Paiva with knees and punches as his foe walkwalked. Nascimento tried for a homerun as he started round 3 with a graceful flying helicopter kick. Paiva’s straight punches won out during the early striking exchanges, though. When Nasicmento took it back to the mat, he seemed to be making progress until he tried to leap across Paiva for an armbar and ended up on bottom. Paiva methodically worked to the mat before reversing to top position and riding out the final seconds of this excellent, well-rounded contest. Both men could easily be in the UFC tomorrow, but two of the judges sided with Paiva’s slightly more versatile attack and focused top control. That’s 12 consecutive wins for Raulian Paiva, who earned a UFC contract with this beautiful display of martial arts skill and resilience. No shame for Allan Nascimento here, who gave it his all against a world class opponent and may have fallen into the trap of pursuing a finish at the expense of working toward the decision.



205: Vinicius Alves Moreira (9-1, #110 World)  Sub2  John Allan (12-5, #120 World)

Vinicius Moreira showed extreme caution regarding the power in John Allan’s hands, as he grabbed for a single leg and worked hard for a takedown in the first minute of the fight. 15 seconds later Allan was back on his feet, teeing off on the stationary Moreira with hooks and a cracking uppercut that seemed to have the Brasilia native on wobbly legs. But Allan tired quickly, and when he did Moreira had more success forcing the fight to his world on the mat. Allan survived mount in round 1, but in round 2 he found himself laying flat on his back in mount desperately fighting off an americana. That submission didn’t work, but Moreira got the job done when he rolled to bottom and switched to a triangle choke that easily tapped the barely-defending Allan. Good enough for a UFC contract for Vinicius Moreira, who toughed his way through some big shots in round 1 and kept intact his careerlong streak of never seeing round 3.



W135: Luana Carolina (5-1, #93 World)  UD3  Mabelly Lima (7-1, #82 World W125)

25 year old Luana Carolina entered the final WMMA bout of DWCS Brasil 2018 on a four fight win streak against questionable opposition. Luana “Dread” finally showed her stuff versus a solid opponent this time, as she leveraged her length and power to overcome a game challenge from Mabelly Lima. Natural flyweight Lima used big overhand rights to work her way to the clinch against the much taller Carolina, but had no means to get her opponent to the ground. On the feet Carolina threatened with knees, head kicks, and front kicks to the face, but it was her straight punches that appeared to do the most damage to Lima. Credit Lima for looking solid fighting up a weight class, and for clinching her way to the final bell in the face of Carolina’s potent offense. But this was Carolina’s fight as she took the decision – a very solid showing that earned Luana Carolina a contract and a place in the UFC’s 135 pound ranks.



W135: Gisele Moreira (8-2, #62 World)  SD3  Dayana Silva (7-4, #56 World)

She might have been at a disadvantage in terms of pure speed & power, but 37 year old Gisele Moreira schooled much younger foe Dayana Silva on the feet during much of this bantamweight encounter. Silva left her face available to be hit as she put everything into power rights and caught air. Moreira countered her foe’s signle punches and kicks with well-timed return fire. When the fight briefly turned to grappling, Moreira proved her superiority in that regard with a round 2 back take and a late round 3 takedown & top control. Solid if unspectacular work from Gisele Moreira, who used her superior technical game to neutralize Dayana Silva’s power and athleticism.



155: Thiago Moises (11-2, #137 World)  TKO1  Gleidson Cutis (7-4, #342 World)

Gleidson “Poney” looked pretty solid fighting on AXS TV undercards while Thiago Moises was at the top of the card taking on future UFC rivals. The gulf in class showed in this one, as Cutis was never really in the fight. Moises patiently picked his spot, dropping Cutis briefly with a right hand 3 minutes in. About a minute later the favorite connected with a head kick that penetrated Cutis’ defense and sent him down to the mat for good. Good enough for a UFC contract for the former RFA champ!



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