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DWTNCS Season 2 Ep. 8 Breakdown & Staff Picks

265- Greg Hardy vs. Tebaris Gordon

Get to know the fighters:


Greg Hardy
Pros- Heavy hands
Good kicks
Cons- None

Tebaris Gordon
Pros- Solid takedown-defense
Good wrestling
Good ground and pound
Decent jab
Cons- Lacks head movement
Lost off his back

Who has the advantage:

Striking: Hardy
Speed: Hardy
Knockout power: Hardy
Chin: Hardy
Kickboxing: Hardy
Footwork: Hardy
Wrestling: Gordon
Grappling: Gordon
Submissions: Neither
Cardio: Gordon

The former NFL football star Greg Hardy who played for Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys transitioned over to MMA nearly a year ago. Hardy made his pro debut earlier this season of the contender series in episode one when he knocked out a top prospect in Austen Lane. Gordon has the odds against him but there is still so much unknown about Hardy still. How will Hardy reacts if he gets taken down? If he goes past round one, how he will react when someone really lands on his chin? Hardy looks like the favorite being the bigger guy who is much faster with a lot more power.

205- Kennedy Nzechukwu vs. Dennis Bryant

Get to know the fighters:


Kennedy Nzechukwu
Pros- Solid muay-thai knees
Good elbows
Does well with his reach
Cons- Very green
Slow pace
Not enough output

Dennis Bryant
Pros- Strong
Decent ground and pound
Cons- Poor Takedown-defense
Lost off his back
Heavy top position
Cardio needs work

This is a fight where no matter the outcome, it’s hard to see either as ready for the UFC. That being said, Nzechukwu does have a future in the sport where he is still developing as Bryant has about reached his peak at 32-years-old. Nzechukwu has the advantage everywhere in every aspect.

155- Joe Lowry vs. Devonte Smith

Get to know the fighters:


Joe Lowry
Pros- Always coming forward
Excellent boxing
Huge right hand
Knockout power
Excellent Takedown-defense
Good kickboxing
Solid wrestling
Cons- None

Devonte Smith
Pros- Dangerous ground and pound
Good wrestling
Very fast
Dangerous  striking
Good kickboxing
Excellent killer instinct
Cons- Takedown-defense needs work

Who has the advantage:

Striking: Smith
Speed: Smith
Knockout power: Lowry
Chin: TBD
Kickboxing: Smith
Footwork: Smith
Wrestling: Lowry
Grappling: Lowry
Submissions: Even
Cardio: Lowry

This is one of the best matches for the whole contender series as both talents have bright futures in the sport. Lowry has a title in a top promotion outside the UFC in Cage Fury Fighting Championship (CFFC). He also won his last fight for the V3Fights promotion in front of Dana White for his Lookin’ For a Fight series. Lowry shouldn’t have to go on the contender series cause he’s done enough on the regional scene to go to the UFC. Neither of these athletes have any glaring weaknesses but UFC lightweight John Gunther was able to take down Smith at will in their 2017 matchup. That being said, Smith burnt himself out going for the finish hard and early so perhaps that played a factor. This is going to be a great fight.

145- Bobby Moffett vs. Jacob Kilburn

Get to know the fighters:


Bobby Moffett
Pros- Solid technical wrestling
Excellent submission threat (chokes)
Aggressive pressure
Cons- Slows as the fight goes
Fades head movement

Jacob Kilburn
Pros- Solid kickboxing
Creative kicks
Decent wrestling
Diverse attack
Cons– Poor takedown-defense
Nothing off his back
Open in exchanges
Leaves hands low

Who has the advantage:

Striking: Moffett
Speed: Moffett
Knockout power: Moffett
Chin: Moffett
Kickboxing: Kilburn
Footwork: Kilburn
Wrestling: Moffett
Grappling: Moffett
Submissions: Moffett
Cardio: Moffett

In the Memphis episode of Dana White: Lookin’ For a Fight, Dana White was puzzled why they matched up Moffett with a 3-0 inexperienced opponent in Jonathan Jackson. With that said, Kilburn whas only seven fights and is very un-battle tested. With all respect to Kilburn, he has only beat “cans” and did lose to the sub-par Ruben Warr. Kilburn is only 23 but right now, he really isn’t a threat to a veteran like Moffett.

145- Alex Gilpin vs. JR Coughran

Get to know the fighters:


Alex Gilpin
Pros- Excellent at attacking chokes
Excellent wrestling
Great work passing guard
Thrives in scrambles
Excellent jiu-jitsu
Solid ground and pound
Always working on the mat
Overhand right
Favors right hand
Cons- Lacks head movement

JR Coughran
Pros- Solid wrestling
Good ground and pound
Relentless on takedowns
Heavy hands
Good leg kicks
Improved boxing
Cons- Questionable chin
Lacks head movement at times

Who has the advantage:

Striking: Coughran
Speed: Gilpin
Knockout power: Coughran
Chin: Gilpin
Kickboxing: Coughran
Footwork: Gilpin
Wrestling: Gilpin
Grappling: Gilpin
Submissions: Gilpin
Cardio: Coughran

This is a great fight as both have improved so much in their careers from both being one-dimensional wrestlers. Gilpin looked much more technical in his last fight against an undefeated Russian in Adlan Mamaev as Coughran showed in his last fight that he has some improved striking with good boxing skills. Don’t expect this fight to stay on the feet just because both are really good wrestlers. It’s hard to say who has the better wrestling but if you look at the resume of Gilpin, he beat Adlan Mamaev, Joni Salovaara, and Nate Jennerman where Coughran hasn’t fought too good of competition.

MMA Today Staff predicts who gets the UFC contract

Shawn Bitter @mmawizzard
Joe Lowry, Bobby Moffett, and Alex Gilpin.
I don’t think he would sign nor Hardy because of the experience nor Kennedy because he’s still so green. Lowry is one of the best prospects this season and so is Smith so the winner gets in for sure. Moffett will probably make quick work of Kilburn and Dana like that. Gilpin and Coughran will put on a good back and forth showing but Gilpin will impress.

DC Howard @FightFan_DC
Joe Lowry and Bobby Moffett.
As always there are a bunch of interesting talents in play here, but Joe Lowry is the kind of skilled and tough all-arounder who should have a bright UFC future. I think he’s a safe pick against Devonte Smith, who is a nasty striker but also managed to lose to Stipe’s buddy John Gunther when he couldn’t get the finish early. Bobby Moffett has nearly the same package of elite skills as Lowry, and he faces a substantially less dangerous opponent in the rough-around-the-edges Jacob Kilburn.

Max Freedman @TrademarkMMA
Alex Gilpin and Kennedy Nzechukwu.
Gilpin is a really well-rounded and young talent, Gilpin is a proven finisher. Should he make a statement against the untested JR Coughran, expect Gilpin to join Sodiq Yusuff and Jordan Griffin as the latest additions to the UFC’s featherweight division. There’s simply no team in MMA performing to the level of Fortis MMA. Nzechukwu is the only Fortis fighter who has not been awarded a UFC contract yet. Expect a finish over Dennis Bryant and Nzechukwu to join fellow teammates Alonzo Menifield and Ryan Spann in the lackluster UFC Light-Heavyweight division.

Nolan King @mma_kings 
Bobby Moffett, Greg Hardy, and Alex Gilpin
It’s so hard to predict who will take the contracts in the season 2 finale. This might be, in my opinion, the most stacked week. I solely based my picks off of the fighters who I believe have the best stylistic matchups for them. At the same time, it’s quite possible we see some upsets. What I do know, however, is that I can’t wait for the sophomore season to go out with a bang!



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