Dave Mazany is the 2x EFC Lightweight champ

EFC 72 Results/Clips: Alaska’s “Pain Train” Dave Mazany becomes 2x EFC lightweight champ in Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa – A 25 minute war broke out in the main event of EFC 72 as Alaska’s Dave “Pain Train” Mazany wrested the EFC lightweight belt from rugged South African veteran Martin van Staaden to become a 2-time champ in the promotion.  Read on for recaps of the main card fights and highlights of the EFC 72 undercard action!


EFC 72 Main Event – 155 lbs EFC Title:


Dave Mazany (16-7, #199 World, new 2x EFC champ)

Split Decision

Martin van Staaden (19-10, #205 World)

The story of this epic 25 minute encounter was Dave Mazany’s dogged grappling game versus the striking acumen of Martin van Staaden.   Mazany shot out of the gate at high pace and set the tone of the fight with a single leg takedown after controlling the first two minutes in the clinch. The Alaskan repeated that feat in every round of this five round fight, as van Staaden’s takedown defense started out pretty sturdy but wore down as the contest played out.  Van Staaden certainly had his moments, including huge punches that wobbled Mazany and had the track star fleeing the scene at the end of rounds 1 and 2.   But every time Van Staaden landed a sharp punch, Mazany bit down on his mouthpiece and flurried forward with unorthodox strikes from unpredictable angles.  The defending champ van Staaden also lost a point for grabbing the fence multiple times while defending takedowns. At the end of five rounds either man could have been crowned EFC lightweight champ, but the judges sided with Mazany’s sizeable grappling advantage over van Staaden’s slight grappling edge by 48-46, 46-48, 49-45 split scorecards.  34 year old Dave Mazany became a two-time EFC lightweight champ to cap a gritty and entertaining performance from both men.


EFC 72 Co-Main Event – 185 lbs:

Gideon Drotschie (7-3)

Unanimous Decision

Jenaid Ebanks (2-2)

After a stellar amateur career and an impressive pro debut under the bright lights at ACB 54, UK resident Jenaid Ebanks entered “The Fighter” South Africa TUF-style reality show as one of the competition’s favorites. Ebanks fell short in that endeavor, and he had no better luck in his first regular EFC apperance as former 205 pound champ Gideon Drotschie grounded him for much of this 15 minute grinder.  Ebanks briefly threatened with a guillotine in round 1, but that gave Drotschie a chance to advance position and smash the Brit from mount and back mount late in the first! The ref easily could have stopped the fight in the final seconds of round 1 but instead allowed Ebanks to ate a stream of punches in the past 10 seconds.

Ebanks recovered well enough to trade strikes with Drotschie during the first minute of round 2, but the South African landed the first big shot via right hook about a minute in. Drotschie got his man back to the ground and defended another guillotine, but a non-fight-threatening illegal knee forced a brief referee stoppage so Ebanks could recover. A couple of minutes to breath was just what Ebanks needed, as he finished round 2 cracking the tiring Drotschie with high-volume striking including a solid liver kick and elbows that busted the former champ open.

The momentum was clearly on Ebanks’ side when round 3 kicked off, as he pushed Drotschie into the clinch and start battering the weary Cape Town native with knees. After another short break to check on Gideon’s cut, the bout continued to the delight of the local crowd and to the benefit of the rejuvenated hometown fighter. Once again Drotschie forced Ebanks to the ground and landed another questionably-legal knee just as his opponent became grounded. Drotschie maintained heavy pressure on Ebanks in the middle portion of round 3, while pounding away with punches against the cage at every opportunity. Ebanks hung tough but lacked the energy to do anything more than survive until a final guillotine try in the last minute. No luck, as a bloodied Gideon Droschie rode out the fight in back mount en route to a hard-earned unanimous decision win. That’s the first win for Drotschie since 2015, while Ebanks suffered a second straight loss after starting his career 2-0.



EFC 72 Undercard Highlights:


135: Faeez Jacobs (4-2)  Sub1-RNC  Tumisang Madiba (7-5)

This four-and-a-half minute fight was all action and included tons of exciting twists and turns. Madiba charged forward wildly and pushed Faeez Jacobs into the clinch, but Jacobs used his momentum against him to work to top control. That’s when Jacobs got reckless as he threw huge hammerfists but left himself open for a Madiba armbar try. Madiba briefly threatened, but Jacobs squirmed out and went back to throwing bombs on the ground. It looked like Jacobs was close to a TKO finish when he had Madiba facedown on the mat, but instead he took the back and squeezed an RNC for the relatively merciful round 1 finish. Huge win for Faeez Jacobs against a man in Madiba who spent years tangling with just about everyone in the EFC featherweight ranks.


170: Justin Smith (2-0)  TKO1  Giovanni Pretorious (2-1)

In a fight that wouldn’t have looked out of place on an old Toughman show, heavy-handed Justin Smith unloaded with everything and the kitchen sink until Giovanni Pretorius fell down for good 3:30 in. Pretorius looked to be out of the fight early when Smith hurt him with counters in the opening moments, but he ate a ton of damage and kept coming back for more. Midway through round 1 Pretorious valiantly battled back to his feet, but he was clearly outgunned in the rockem/sockem battle that followed. After a knee strike went low, Smith regrouped his energy and finished his opponent with a massive left hand against the cage as soon as the action stared back up! He’s still a very rough product at this point, but there’s a reason they call Justin Smith “The Power”; with some refinement it looks like Smith has the tools to go far in the EFC welterweight ranks.


265: Matunga Djikasa (1-1)  Sub1  Willem Smith (0-1)

Djikasa bullied his way to a 28 second sub and celebrated with an Atittude Era crotch chop for good measure:


145: Anthony Mailer (2-3)  KO2  Duane Jones (0-2)

A big left hand sealed Anthony Mailer’s first win since his debut in 2014:



155: Hermie Drotschie (1-0)  Sub1-Armbar  Francois Cundari (2-3)

Hours before his brother Gideon came out on top in the EFC 72 co-main event, Hermie Drotschie authored a first round armbar finish in his pro debut:


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