Fight Nights Global 78 Results, Recap and Clips: Tsarev beats down Guisenov, Gimbatov finishes Falcao.

Fight Nights Global put on their 78th event in Togliatti, Russia. Although the fight card did not possess the most name value it provided a number of quality finishes.

Michail Tsarev (31-7) def. (T/KO via punches and elbows in RD1) Artur Guseinov (21-6)

In the main event, two veterans of the Russian MMA circuit clashed as Michail Tsarev faced Artur Guseinov. The two men have fought a combined number of 65 fights with only 3 of those going the distance. Guseinov stepped in on approximately 20 days notice as a replacement on to Vladimir Mineev who sustained an injury.

The fight began with both fighters exchanging kicks before Tsarev initiated the clinch and converted it into a takedown which took him straight into mount. Tsarev then took Guseinov’s back before attempting an armbar. Despite the armbar looking tight, Guseinov managed to slam his way out and gain top control. Guseinov then jumped for a leg lock, however, Tsarev defended well and transitioned into mount. From there he unleashed punishing ground and pound which promoted the referee to call the fight.

Ayub Gimbatov (8-1) def. (T/KO via punches in RD1) Maiquel Falcao (38-11)

In the co-main event, Ayub Gimbatov looked to extend his winning streak by beating the well-traveled veteran Maiquel Falcao. It is worth noting that Falcao missed weight and received a yellow card prior to the start of the contest.

The fight started off with Gimbatov staying at range and using his kicks and straight punches to pepper Falcao, who looked significantly slower than his opponent. As the round progressed Gimbatov started increasing the pace and eventually found a finish with a flurry against the cage. This win saw Gimbatov move to 9-1 with his only loss being to the current M-1 Middleweight champion Artem Frolov whilst Falcao fell to 38-11 and lost 3 out of his last 4 bouts.

Full results:

Michail Tsarev (31-7) def. (T/KO via punches and elbows in RD1) Artur Guseinov (21-6)

Ayub Gimbatov (8-1) def. (T/KO via punches in RD1) Maiquel Falcao (38-11)

Shamir Abasov (1-0) def. (KO via head kick in RD1) Georgy Sakaev (0-4)

Yulia Kutsenko (1-2) def. (T/KO via punches in RD2) Zlata Sheftor (5-2)

Hasan Yousefi (1-1) def. (T/KO via punches in RD2) Dinislam Murtazaliev (0-0)

Denis Izmodenov (2-6) def. (UD) Nikita Podkovalnikov (1-0)

Anvar Chergesov (6-4) def. (UD) Adil Boranbayev (6-3)

Anatoly Kondratiev (2-1) def. (Submission via guillotine choke in RD1) Evgeny Sulkin (2-0)

Murat Khasanov (5-5) def. (Submission via guillotine choke in RD1) Alexander Khmara (4-1)

Levan Solodovnik (2-1) def. (UD) Magomed Isaev (3-2)

Maksim Panshin (1-0) def. (UD) Alisafa Mardaliev (0-0)

Konstantin Nazarov (0-1) def. (UD) Grigory Vlasyan (0-0)

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