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FNG 87 Results, Recap and Clips: Queally stuns Khachatryan, Krylov crushes Maldonado for the belt

On Saturday, Fight Nights Global made the trip to Rostov-On-Don with their 87th event (FNG 87). The card was headlined by Armenian stand out David Khachatryan and SBG product Peter Queally. The co-main event of the evening was a light-heavyweight title clash between champion Fabio Maldonado and challenger Nikita Krylov. Also on the card was an intriguing lightweight contest between top prospect Alexandr Shabliy and UFC veteran Adriano Martins.

Peter Queally (11-4) def. (T/KO via punches in RD1) David Khachatryan (24-4)

In a fight between two fighters who more often than not go the distance, not many expected a first-round finish. Queally began the fight as the aggressor momentarily dropping Khachatryan with a right hand, however, the Armenian popped straight back up. However, Queally continued to pressure forward and eventually scored another knockdown. This time, he didn’t allow Khachatryan to recover and landed several follow up shots before the referee stepped in. Khachatryan protested the decision to stop the fight and perhaps he had a good case as the stoppage did seem somewhat premature.

Nikita Krylov (25-5) def. (T/KO via punch in RD2) Fabio Maldonado (24-12)

Just as the fight began, Krylov landed a kick right on Maldonado’s cup. Maldonado was visibly hurt by the low blow and took a while to recover. After the action restarted, Maldonado was more than content to let Krylov be the aggressor. Krylov stayed patient and picked Maldonado off with his kicks without overcommitting to anything. Maldonado briefly threatened with a guillotine after getting taken down but Krylov quickly escaped. Krylov was as patient on the ground as he was in the stand up as he was methodically ground and pounding Maldonado.

In the second round, Maldonado upped his aggressiveness but was unable to land any meaningful shots. The finish came as Krylov landed a right hand on the break from the clinch and sent Maldonado face first into the canvas.

Alexandr Shabliy (18-3) def. (UD) Adriano Martins (28-10)

Martins was given a yellow card for missing weight and thus started with a point deficit. In the first round, Martins was the busier fighter as well as the one walking forward. However, in the second round Shabliy started finding his rhythm and began countering Martins well. The Russian’s success carried into the final round as he visibly stunned Martins with a right hand, which was the most significant strike of the fight. At the end of fifteen minutes, all three judges were in agreement that Alexandr Shabliy was the winner.

Full Results:

Peter Queally (11-4) def. (T/KO via punches in RD1) David Khachatryan (24-4)

Nikita Krylov (25-5) def. (T/KO via punch in RD2) Fabio Maldonado (24-12)

Alexandr Shabliy (18-3) def. (UD) Adriano Martins (28-10)

Nikolay Gaponov (6-2) def. (Submission via rear naked choke in RD1) Daniil Voevodin (2-3)

Mike Graves (6-1-2) draw. Murat Khasanov (4-0-1)

Elias Silverio (14-3) def. (UD) Saygid Izagakhmaev (8-1)

Vladimir Egoyan (18-6) def. (UD) Alexander Yanyshev (3-2)

David Gladun (5-2) def. (T/KO via punches in RD1) Chermen Kobesov (2-1)

Makhach Khvadzhayev (2-0) def. (UD) Evgeny Gontarev (3-6)

Khalid Murtazaliev (11-2) def. (UD) Aleksey Sidorenko (6-4)

Migran Arutyunyan (1-0) def. (Submission via shoulder choke in RD2) Ali Yousefi (6-5)

Shamil Tingadzhiev (9-5) def. (DQ due to spitting out mouthpiece in RD3) Alexey Zhuravlev (2-1)


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