Former UFC flyweight Jose Torres feels wrongfully cut but excited for what is next

Rumors swirled after the Demetrious Johnson trade, and former UFC flyweight had the same thoughts in the back of his mind, this is bad news for UFC Flyweights. “One day I’m on the UFC roster, wake up the next morning and I’m cut, awful feeling but I’m amazed by the outpour of support.” Shorty Torres was also quick to point out that the original awful taste in his mouth has turned into a huge opportunity. “A day ago I’ve got my feet stuck in the mud, now I feel on top of the world with the endless opportunities this brings.” 

Jose “Shorty” Torres is only 26 years old, and leaves the UFC roster with a 1-1 record inside the promotion’s cage. Many times when a fighter and the UFC part ways it is due to recent bad performances, this wasn’t the case for “Shorty”. His cut came due to the division he was in, but it seemed pretty simple to move him up to 135lb. “I couldn’t tell you, look at my track record, I was a 135 champion for Titan FC, a 2 weight champ, nearly my whole amateur career was at 135, I guess it was because I wasn’t a favorite.”


Torres (8-1-0) not only fought twice for the UFC this year, but both were also short notice fights, ultimately doing the UFC a favor to keep from canceling bouts. “I guess I just wasn’t the guy who was best buds with Mick Maynard or Sean Shelby, I was just a fighter doing what was asked of me, clearly my resume never meant a thing to them.” Torres took both his UFC fights on less than 20 day notice, one on only 9 day notice. ” I cut over 20 pounds both those fights, my performance suffered because of it, but I saw an opportunity and took it, thought that would be respected.”

A man of 25 amateur wins, and 8 professional wins, Jose felt his record meant nothing to the UFC, and they only cared about his past 2 fights. “I think they saw a loss and a ‘lucky KO’ and said this guy can’t fight, didn’t even keep me as a possible replacement at 135, they just had no respect for me.”

Torres may have been the first person cut from the division and the most vocal, but he hasn’t been the only one. “Brooks was cut, Scoggins, a UFC vet was cut, I mean Scoggins has fought at bantamweight plenty why not give him a shot, they don’t respect anyone down at our weight.” Torres defeated Jarred Brooks via 2nd round KO, but Brooks followed that up with a victory later in 2018. Justin Scoggins had just accepted a fight recently, before finding out he was cut as well. As the days roll by, more flyweights continue to share that they have been cut by the UFC.

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“I mean I lost my last fight, it wasn’t a good performance, but before that I was a winner of 33 straight, you are telling me 33 wins out of 34 deserves to be cut?”

The Chicago native felt belittled by his previous bosses, and stated he was not alone in that feeling when it came to other fighters in the division but this is only helping him grow. “I’m learning just how much opportunity there is out there.” Torres not only felt betrayed but that his accolades were never fully recognized. “I was belittled, my accolades, I mean I had DJ [Demetrious Johnson] saying I could be a possible future opponent before the Cejudo fight.”

Torres went from getting a respectful shoutout from one of the greatest MMA fighters ever to not being apart of the roster, and he wasn’t to shocked. “The UFC didn’t even care about their own champion, so why would they care about me.” “Shorty” believes that the inability for the division to be truly promoted created its downfall, “We have no McGregor, no Covington, so they didn’t promote us in the slightest.” 

To make things seemingly worse, Jose Torres never received a call from any of his bosses, his manager shared the news with him. ” I met Dana once at a weigh in, shook his hand, never saw him again. ” It was not only Dana White, Torres had a nearly non-existent relationship with all of the UFC management, and was let go with 2 fights remaining on his contract.

“I never got the chance to speak for myself, to tell the UFC why I deserve this spot.”

While being pushed out of work is never something people enjoy, not all is bad for the 26-year-old fighter. “There are so many promotions out there, the UFC is dominant, but so much out there.” We are finding out that if there is ever a time to be a free agent in MMA that it is now, “I’ve proven I can win at the UFC level, now I wanna prove I can win in other promotions, be one of the best in the world.” Another big part of getting a new job is the pay, and Torres isn’t too worried about that. “The UFC doesn’t pay anyone, I mean look at boxing, 60% of PPV numbers go to fighters, for UFC we are lucky to get 10%.”

The situation of all of this that angered Torres the most was the idea that those friendlier with Sean Shelby and Dana White seem to be the ones getting more of a chance to stick around. “It’s politics, ‘oh I know him, I owe him, he can stick around’ we aren’t getting a fair shot, just getting picked off.” 

With the opportunity to choose exactly where he wants to go, the obvious question choice was, where are you going to sign? Quickly the Chicago native said the first promotion to reach out was Brave Fighting Championship [Brave FC] which excited him because he will be a guest commentator for Brave FC this upcoming weekend. “They are only 18 cards in, and they have grown so fast, they have already been on 5 separate continents. I’ve known them forever, I know I’d be taken care of there.” 

Although Brave FC may be the favorite, nothing has been signed and Torres will continue listening to offers, he said one thing is for sure, he wants to be a champion. “Wherever I sign, I want to be a double weight champion, I was in Titan FC, that is my ultimate goal, I want to clean out 2 divisions.”

In the end the UFC certainly will continue letting go of talented fighters in a division they decided were no longer useful to them, fighters like Jose Torres will be let go through no fault of their own. Even though these cuts will be devastating, fighters such as Torres will realize that their ultimate respect will be reached in a new promotion, where success is in their own hands.

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