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Full Time Police Officer Ashley Cummins Ready for Invicta Belt “I’m Going to be a Champion One Day”

Most consider fighting a full time job, imagine carrying the workload of two full time dangerous jobs, well meet Ashley Cummins.

Ashley Cummins was a police officer in St.Louis Missouri for 8 years before moving to San Diego this summer. Currently a member of San Diego PD, Cummins has dealt with some of the toughest crime rates in America. That hasn’t stopped her from being the ultimate professional in uniform and in the cage.

“It has its moments, I’ve been doing it for so long now that it seems normal to me.” Cummins speaks on the difficulties of holding two of the hardest jobs on the planet, but she states that the good outweighs the bad.  “It almost is beneficial to me, when I am in fight camp, I kill myself, I overtrain, so it works out having to take a day off from camp to work.” Cummins believes both careers have made her a better person, but have also improved her in both being an officer and a mixed martial artist.

In the world we live in, being a women in law enforcement can cause some  misogynistic viewpoints, but the strength and power she shows daily in the cage and out has her peers in awe of her. “My department is so supportive, they had a watch party for my last fight, My department actually sponsored me last fight.” Ashley “Smashley” Cummins described the support as the best feeling, after her fight in the locker room her phone was blowing up with congratulatory texts from former and current co-workers. “To have the support at home, to have them care that much about my fights and career, it means the world.”

Ashley Cummins is an atom-weight (105 lb.) for Invicta FC, a winner of 4 of her last 5 Cummins knows how good she can be. ” I had to overcome a lot, at 115lb. I lost 4 in a row, that 4th loss was on The Ultimate Fighter, I had to have surgery, things were not good for me.” Not only at 105 does Cummins feel stellar, but to get back into a winning groove has her confidence at an all time high. That confidence was tested to say the least.

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“I quit, I actually quit for a few months, I thought maybe it’s time I do something else.”

That time off didn’t last long, as Cummins’ coaches ensured her she needed to be back in the gym, and it is exactly what she needed to hear. “I dropped down to 105, worked harder than ever and so far its paid off.” Learning from her losses, and the darkness she came through, she hopes can help others in that situation. “I hope my story helps make a difference, proof to never give up on those dreams, keep grinding.” 

“Smashley” doesn’t think she’d be anywhere close to where she is now without daily support from her teammates and coaches. “My coaches in Missouri, those are my best friends, I quit and they brought me back and told me how much potential I had.” Cummins didn’t think it was going to be easy when moving to San Diego to find a gym so similar to the one she had known and loved, she did in San Diego Combat Academy. “Day one my coach came up to me and said, ‘you are going to be a champion one day’ that stuck with me.”

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“My coaches, my teammates, I work hard for them, they have believed in me every single day.”

Ashley Cummins states that the reason she got into MMA in the first place was to prove something to herself. “MMA is the toughest sport, being honest, I wanted to prove to myself I can do anything.” Her parents wouldn’t allow her to train in high school, so she waited for the college freedom where she started training. Ashley has always been super athletic, she actually was on a soccer scholarship at her university, “my parents weren’t happy, I dropped soccer, but they were more thinking ‘we don’t want you hurt’ now they are so supportive and want to see me reach my dreams.”

Ashley Cummins has fought with Invicta since the beginning, and has also fought under the lights of Bellator. Cummins fought in-front of Dana White on The Ultimate Fighter, she has been noticed worldwide for her talent. “Heartbreaking losing in front of Dana, but everything happens for a reason, that wasn’t my time.” Cummins is glad she has had the opportunity to fight on many levels but she is happy looking back on her journey that led her to the 105lb. division. ” I have so many goals, I am not stopping till I reach all of them.” 

Obviously one of those goals is the chance in the UFC. Since the ESPN deal has been announced, many rumors have swirled that Dana White is looking into a 105lb. division for the UFC, although as of now merely speculation, Cummins believes the day will come. “Since day 1, since that day freshman year in college, I wanted to be in the UFC, at the time WMMA wasn’t even a thing yet, but that was my end goal.” The goal has been simple since the beginning, the road to that goal has been the hard part, but it has been embraced by “Smashley” along the way. “Invicta FC has done everything for me, I love them, but I want the UFC, I’m going to continue what I’m doing.”

According to Cummins, her last victory, a Unanimous decision at Invicta32, was a #1 contender fight. “I was told I’m next, so I am planning on fighting for the Atom-weight Invicta belt in 2019, so hopefully 2019 is my year.” 

The chance to hold a belt, the belt that her coaches have promised her from day one, would mean the world to Ashley. “New gym, new job, facing an undefeated opponent [Jessica Delboni], I knew a win could get me to that title.” In the 11 years that Ashley Cummins has been fighting as a mixed martial artist, this is the most motivated she has been, a chance at gold, rumors of a 105lb UFC division, and most importantly a chance to check off goal after goal, 2019 is truly looking like the year of Ashley Cummins.

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