Gegard Mousasi: “I’ll keep calling Rory names until he fights me”

Following a flawless performance to claim the middleweight championship at Bellator 200, former UFC veteran Gegard Mousasi elaborated on what was a fantastic night for him and his team, revealing what the future holds for him; including a potential showdown with Rory MacDonald.

Mousasi overcame the opponent in front of him; now former champion Rafael Carvalho in the very first round. A favourite going into the fight, Mousasi put on a masterclass and never looked in trouble and it appears Mousasi will be living life twice as easy outside of the cage.

Mousasi elaborated “I was physically stronger, if guys are not on steroids, I’m twice as strong as them. I’m gonna get some booze, gonna drink, gonna party.”

Talking to media backstage, conversations took a humorous twist with the Dutchman immediately referring to MacDonald as “Chicken Rory”. The Canadian, who holds the welterweight belt, has been in Mousasi’s targets for a while.

“We call him chicken Rory. That’s his name. But I do respect him a lot, he’s a top fighter. We’re gonna push for that fight, going to keep calling him names until he takes the fight.”

A win over Rory would even further cement claims of him being one of the greatest, but Gegard insists being the best was never the aim.

“My goal was never to be the best middleweight. I never had that desire. I just wanted to make money. I’m fighting for my family, myself, I just want to win.”

However, Rory isn’t the only available opponent for Mousasi, with King Mo an open opportunity with the heavyweight making the move to 185lbs.

“Obviously that would be a good challenge if he’s a contender. He’s a world class fighter. He was the first guy I really didn’t like because he was so annoying. I respect him, he’s strong. If he’s clean and a contender, sure.”

With over fifty fights to his name and being 32 years of age, it seems Mousasi is on limited time. However, being on a seven fight win streak and just becoming champion, “The Dreamcatcher” isn’t ready to hang the gloves up yet.

“I don’t know. I struggled during my last fight with my eye but… If I win all four of my fights, it changes. I have nothing to prove I feel. After four fights we will see, but I’m very happy with Bellator.”

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