Getting To Know MMAToday: Ep 3 – Max Freedman

MMA Today is a diverse team with diverse writing styles. Each writer is unique and has their own aspects of the sport that they enjoy to cover and write about. Getting To Know MMA Today is a brand new series that will give each writer the opportunity to have the spotlight on them. This series will give you, the readers, a chance to get to know more about your favorite writers at MMA Today.

Joining me for today’s show is MMAToday editor, Max Freedman. Max is 26 years old and currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. He’s had a love for the sport for some time, in fact, he found his true love for MMA back in middle school. Max started watching professional wrestling from a young age, watching guys like Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn.

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Here is some work of Max’s work to check out:

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