Puetz (right) claimed gold at GMC 16

GMC 16 Results/Recaps/Clips: Former M-1 champ Stephan Puetz claims gold in Cologne

Cologne, Germany – Top German MMA outfit GMC put on one of their most impressive shows yet at GMC 16, topped by a main event clash between defending 205 pound champ Jan Gottvald and former M-1 Global titleholder Stephan Puetz. Read on for notes on that battle plus recaps & highlights from GMC 16’s other two title fights and a solid slate of world ranked undercard action!



GMC 16 – 205 lb Title:

Stephan Puetz (16-4, #64 World)

Unanimous Decision – 5 rounds

Jan Gottvald (7-2, #144 World)

Former M-1 Global champ Stephan Puetz entered his title challenge against Jan Gottvald with the more distinguished resume, and he showed off the kind of pressure game that Gottvald had no answers for over the course of this hotly contested 25 minute bout. The challenger alternated clinch control with intelligent kickboxing to set the tone in round 1. When “Jay Jay” tried to ramp up the intensity at the start of round 2, Puetz responded by working the fight to the mat and claiming side control. Puetz did a great job of both dominating the position and assaulting the champ with a consistent stream of elbows. The Czech fighter finally got things going with his hands in round 4, and managed to reverse his German rival’s takedown attempt into moments of top position. But Puetz was too strong and ended the fight with a solid round 5 of top control. Great cardio and solid technique was in evidence from both GMC 16 main event competitors, and the decision was academic as Munich’s Stephan Puetz became the new GMC light heavyweight champion by unanimous decision.



GMC 16 – 170 lb Title:

Kerim Engizek (14-6, #125 World)

TKO Round 2-Punches

Thibaud Larchet (12-4-1, #213 World)

Defending champ Kerim Engizek mean mugged during an intense pre-fight staredown, and he backed it up with a staggering right hand that found Thibaud Larchet’s jaw 90 seconds in. Engizek stayed patient until he found an opening for another right hand 30 seconds later. The Frenchman hung tough, but couldn’t get his face out of the way of the German’s well-chosen power shots as round 1 wore on. A solid chin can only take you so far, and Engizek finally finished off Larchet with a cracking right hand that made him dance in place midway through round 2.  Great stuff from the defending GMC champ Kerim Engizek, who has now won 11 of his last 12 fights after a slow start to his pro campaign.



GMC 16 – 155 lb Title:

Mohamed Grabinski (16-5, #554 World)

Unanimous Decision – 5 rounds

Mohammed Trabelsi (8-4, #370 World)

TUF & M-1 alum Mohamed Grabinski has found a home as the GMC lightweight champion, and he defended his title without much fuss at GMC 16. Grabinski overwhelmed Mohammed Trabelsi on the feet with relentless pressure early before icing round 1 with a takedown. Round 2 started off closer on the feet, but just when Trabelsi started getting in a groove he overextended on a punch and handed an easy takedown to the champ. Trabelsi made headway with step-in elbows and elbows and clinch elbows in round 3 before scoring a takedown of his own. But within seconds, the crafty Grabinski disrupted Trabelsi’s base and swept to top position for the remainder of the round. Grabinski continued to assert his wrestling dominance in the championship rounds and never allowed Trabelsi to seriously threaten his title reign.


GMC 16:  Undercard Highlights


170: Anton Mor (7-0, #117 Russia)  UD3  Ozan Aslaner (6-2, #334 World)

Strong contender for GMC 16 fight of the night here, as these two prospects showed off skill and grit throughout this three round war. Russia’s Anton Mor landed the first big right hands of the fight, but that didn’t dissuade Ozan Aslaner from bouncing back into the pocket and forcing a brawl. Mor took advantage of Aslaner’s relentless pursuit by switching gears and ducking for a pair of takedowns that may have tipped round 1 in his favor. After that solid start, things broke wide open in round 2. First, Mor worked hard for a kimura but Aslaner rolled out of danger repeatedly to the delight of the German fans. Then, Aslaner unloaded bombs on the tiring Russian at the end of the round but couldn’t quite score the finish. After surviving danger, Mor went back to the wrestling well to control round 3 and it was good enough to eke out a majority decision in the toughest fight of his young career.


145: Omer Solmaz (7-1, #421 World)  UD3  Fernando Flores (5-5, #16 Scandinavia)

Accurate hands and good range awareness gave Omer Solmaz the edge on the feet, and both men had their moments on the mat in this competitive three round fight. Neither fighter scored serious damage and there were no notable submission tries as Solmaz grinded out a clear decision win.



135: Khurshed Kakhorov (4-0, #48 W.Europe)  TKO3  Said Eidi (3-4)

After two rounds of wrestling, Kurshed Kakhorov scored with a sweet knee in the clinch before issuing an extended beatdown on his fallen foe. Ref Marco Broersen let the assault go on for a very long time before finally halting the bout following a hailstorm of elbows.




205: Marc Doussis (3-0, #53 W.Europe)  Sub1-Triangle Choke  Koray Cengiz (5-5, #42 W.Europe)

This was an all action-brawl for as long as it lasted, with both big men swinging for the fences and connecting in the opening minutes. Things got sloppy after the gas tanks emptied, with the gassed Cengiz falling on top after Doussis whiffed on a jump knee about 3 minutes in. Doussis stayed composed and showed nice skills off his back, as he efficiently cinched a triangle choke to stay undefeated on the German circuit.


W125: Mandy Bohm (5-0, #39 W135)  TKO1  Lili Panegirico (0-1)

This bout was scratched from several different events, pro and amateur, before finally going down on the GMC 16 undercard. After all that build-up it didn’t last long, as Mandy Bohm smashed Lili Panegirico with elbows and punches from the clinch before scoring a takedown. Bohm skillfully advanced to side control and finished things early with ground-and-pound. Flawless victory for Mandy Bohm in her return to the 125 pound ranks.



W115: Samira El Khawad (4-1, #157 World)  UD3  Paulina Ionnidou (1-2)

Both Samira El Khawad and Paulina Ionnidou showed off diverse skills, solid cardio, and good fight IQ during this 15 minute tussle. El Khawad seemed to have a slight edge everywhere, though each woman landed plenty of punches and spent some time in top control. Very nice performance from the 5’3″ Dusseldorf denizen El Khawad, who bounced back from a submission loss in her GMC debut last December.


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