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Cause For Concern As Joachim Hansen Looking To Return To Action After 2016 Stroke

In late 2016 JMMA legend, Joachim ‘Hellboy’ Hansen, suffered a stroke. It was largely believed by the MMA community that the Norwegian fan favourite had subsequently retired from combat sports as a result.

On Wednesday MMA Today spoke to one of Hansen’s training partners, Aron Jahnsen, for an update on Hansen’s condition almost one year on from the incident. Jahnsen noted that while Hansen did suffer a stroke it was a ‘minor’ one and despite previous reports Hansen had not officially retired.

Speaking to MMA Today Jahnsen stated:

“He is not retired, just taking care of his family and he is doing absolutely fine! He had a minor stroke, yes, but that’s it! He will fight again.”

Jahnsen also alluded to where Hansen’s return would be, which is believed to be Shooto in 2018.

For fans of Joachim Hansen this brings up some moral dilemmas. Many will want to see ‘Hellboy’ compete one last time, but there is no avoiding just how dangerous it has the potential to be. A stroke, even a minor one, is a career-ender. One can only hope if Hansen continues to compete, — as it appears he will be — that it’s under some form of grappling or exhibition contest as putting him in an actual bout is an unwarranted risk, moving beyond negligent.

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