ACB 87’s Chris Miah Eyes Victory Then ‘Huge News on Horizon’

Birmingham’s Chris Miah remains one of the most highly-touted prospects in UKMMA. With a record of 8-1 at the tender age of 27, the Titan athlete career has looked very promising so far.

Despite this, barriers have come in the way of the Midlander. Both weight cutting and injuries have affected his career for the worse the last couple of years, but with that behind him, Miah finds himself with the opportunity of a lifetime.

European promotion ACB have visited English shores multiple times in recent memory and again visit; this time Nottingham being the location of preference.

Miah will make his promotional debut against Brazilian Carlos Abreu (6-2) and sounded relieved to be returning the cage after the pull out at BAMMA 34.

“It’s been a real blessing. I have a lot of respect for ACB and they worked very hard to get me an opponent for this show.”

The opponent represents a similar threat as to what former scheduled opponent Dom Dillon did in terms of their jiu-jitsu credibility. The bantamweight confessed that camp has been similar to his last.

“Yeah it has been quite similar, I’ve had to do a few camps for BJJ specialists in the past where the fights never happened so I’m more than prepared for such an opponent. The main difference is he is a little more reckless and more athletic than my previous opponents.”

AND NEW GTFP Featherweight Champion Chris Miah! @chrismiahmma

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Despite an impressive KO against Jack Owen at Golden Ticket Fight Promotions to claim the featherweight title, Miah stated that he isn’t primarily a striker and is happy for the fight to go either which way.

“I’d actually argue I’m more of a grappler than a striker; I certainly started out that way. It just so happened I hit very hard and developed that skill set due to injury’s more than anything. My body has dictated the way my fighting style has gone.”

The news of Miah’s debut came shortly after the announcement of teammate/gym partner Dominique Wooding on the card. The news of course delighted him, revealing it was a one-fight deal with the Russian kingpins.

Miah elaborated on ACB as a promotion and why so many Brits are moving to themselves and fellow European promotion KSW. Most notably in recent times, we saw Scott Askham face Luke Barnatt in ACB, both former UFC athletes in their own right.

“Fighters need to see ACB and KSW as competition to the UFC and Bellator. Their purses, contracts and level of opposition are very similar. However I think a lot of Brits have jumped the gun in the past to fight on ACB or KSW and not thought of their long term goals and aims in this sport.”

With the finish bonus being in place for fighters in the ACB ranks, there is much more emphasis on fighters not going the distance. The British prospect elaborated on this.

“The incentive to finish makes a huge difference and is probably why ACB never has a dull show, very entertaining… less show more fight.

I’m always looking to win whichever way possible, usually my style means that’s in an exciting way to win, be it submission or knockout.”

Should the 135lber indeed reign victor, he simply and straight-forwardly stated “Should I reign victorious, there will be huge news.”

Though no clues have been revealed, the BAMMA bantamweight title remains vacant after the departure of Ryan Scope to Bellator MMA, which may be an option available to Miah. However, the news remains up in the air until this weekend, potentially.


Chris Miah paid tribute to his team, sponsors and all involved in his fight preparation.

“I’d also like to thank my main sponsor Olton Osteopathy (Rosi Sexton), Renegade BJJ and MMA, Team Titan, K Star Legacy and Shapeshifters for their help this training camp.”


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