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INTERVIEW: “The Hammer” Forges the Weapon, But Chandler Cole IS the Weapon

The town of Coeburn, Virginia only has a population of 1,986. Needless to say, it’s such a small town, it doesn’t register on most people’s radar as “significant.” In such a small town, there’s Chandler Cole, a substitute teacher. Oh and he’s only the #3 ranked heavyweight fighter in the state of Tennessee with a perfect amateur career at 8-0 and a very promising 3-1 professional record. 

There seems to be a pattern of how people started in MMA, and Cole is no different. After wrestling in college for a brief stint, he went back home to take care of family but the drive to compete was still there. Cole turned to MMA and was instantly hooked. 

“Out of nowhere I took a fight. And after that first fight, that’s all she wrote. Ever since, I ain’t stopped.”

“Once I got home, I had to find something to compete in or I would go crazy,” says Cole. His drive is there. Although he’s not with Team F.A.S.T., Cole still works with his coaches.

Don’t forget what brought you to the dance.

That’s words from his coaches that “The Hammer” lives by and it shows in his humble lifestyle. He loves kids and they love talking about his pro fighting career when he’s subbing in for teachers in Virginia. 

Even in victory, Cole is trying to improve. Even after his second round finish of Dustin Dyer, Cole is looking for ways to improve. 

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“I thought it was going to be an easy fight.  I was just taking it how it comes.”

Cole isn’t complacent though. “One thing I’ve improved on (since my last fight) is my footwork. Last fight, you saw, I got caught up underneath.” Not being happy with his performance he has continued to focus on being not just a fighter, but an athlete. 

After his second round submission of Dyer last October, Chandler Cole has his eyes set on the UFC. With a perfect amateur career and a 3-1 professional record, Cole is full steam ahead on his upcoming tryout of The Ultimate Fighter’s 28th season. 

It’s not just the wins that motivates Chandler either. After his first loss to Tebaris Gordon he found an even higher level of work ethic. “I don’t care if it’s Tebaris Gordon or Stipe Miocic, I’m going to go out and train my hardest.”

“I want to win The Ultimate Fighter.”



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Simply showing up isn’t good enough for “The Hammer.” Cole wants to win it all at the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. “Making it is just one step for me. I want to win the whole thing.”

All fighters shout out their coaches and make sure to give props where props are due. But, Cole decided, in addition to his coaches, and with it being Mother’s Day, he gave his shoutout to his Mom! “I love her to death, she’s my homie.” An appropriate way to end the interview with such a promising and humble young prospect. 

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