Island Fights’s Michael “Beast Boy” Davis: “UFC Debut After This!”

Finally, there’s something boxing and MMA fans can agree on.

This Thursday night, one of the southeast United States’s premier mixed martial arts promotions returns.  Island Fights returns for their 46th event, at the Pensacola Bay Center in Pensacola, Florida.  Producing UFC talents such as Mike Perry, Brandon Davis and Chase Sherman, Island Fights’s card on Thursday may be their biggest to date– which is saying something.

The event is receiving so much publicity for a number of reasons– the first being the most blatant.  The event isn’t headlined by an MMA fight, but instead by the retirement fight of boxing legend Roy Jones Jr.  In addition to having Jones Jr. on the card, the event will be featured on UFC Fight Pass— a first for the Florida based promotion.

Before Jones Jr. makes one last walk to the ring however, a handful of mixed martial arts bouts between up-and-coming prospects are scheduled to take place.  One prospect that sticks out to scouts is New York’s Michael “Beast Boy” Davis (4-0).  Davis will be taking on Montrel James (2-1) on the main card portion of the evening.

For those unfamiliar with the 25 year old Davis, he is a mixed martial artist through and through.  “I’m a boxer at heart, wrestler by soul, [and] grappler by blood,” says Davis.

Michael Davis’s upbringing through the sport of mixed martial arts is a usual, yet unusual one.  Like many of his fellow mixed martial artists, Davis credits his love for mixed martial arts to a family member.  Conversely, unlike the others, Davis’s mother is the one he has to thank for his journey into the world of MMA.

“My mother, told me there were coworkers of hers that were training MMA,” explains Davis.  “I had no clue what it was– she told me it was boxing and wrestling together. So, I went over to try it out, and I immediately fell in love.”

Reflecting on his early days in the “gym”, Davis has come to realize that he didn’t really train in a gym at all.  “The gym it self was four poles hammered into the ground– some rope tied around them, with some kind of sheet covered cardboard on the ground,” recalls Davis.  “There was one bag hung up, and that [was] about it.”

Fast forward to early 2018: Davis has flourished from his humble beginnings to become an undefeated professional.  In addition to winning all four of his pro bouts, Davis was unbeaten on the amateur scene.  Michael Davis attributes his success to “reason.”

“If you have enough reasons, you will always succeed,” says Davis.  “I’ve never gone into a fight thinking, I have to kill this guy just because he was chosen.  No, no, I go into fights thinking [of] all my dead family, all my friends that look up to me, all the sponsors that back they’re all watching now.  They get to see what I have chosen to do with my life and I just refuse to let them down.  I gave up love.  I gave up education, money, [and] travel.  Some would even say I’ve given up a chunk of happiness, so I can’t let anything go to waste.”

In his most recent bout, Davis defeated Anthony Retic (6-5) at Island Fights 42.  The New York born Davis has mixed feelings about the bout, citing poor officiating.  “There were some bad calls and the fight should have been stopped long before it was, however, I didn’t get discouraged,” explains Davis.  “Retiic knew there was nothing he could do to win and gave up.”

Comparing Retic and his next opponent Montrel James, Davis sees a large number of similarities.  “To me, he just looks like another Anthony Retic,” says Davis. “Same build and style. The only difference is weight. He’s just a little bigger but who cares?  He’s in trouble.”

Never looking to leave the fight in the judges’ hands, Davis will certainly set out to get a finish in this one.  “This kid will be finished in round 1 or round 2,” declares Davis.  “Knockout or submission it doesn’t matter to me.  He can choose his path: stand and strike and get knocked out, or try and take me down get reversed and submitted. Whatever happens I need, will, want and shall win!  UFC debut [coming] after this!”

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Island Fights 46 takes place Thursday, February 8th at 8:30 pm ET live on UFC Fight Pass.  The main event features the return (and retirement) of boxing legend Roy Jones Jr.

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