Credit: Stefano Summa

Italian Fighting Championship 1: the definitive card and the weigh-in results

The list of the bouts in the first event of IFC, staged tomorrow night at the Teatro Principe in Milan

It was a weigh-in without particular surprises the one that inaugurates the course of Italian Fighting Championship, which will make his debut tomorrow night at the Teatro Principe di Milano (preliminary card from 5.0o PM local time, main card from 8.00 PM local time). Except for Angelo Marchesani, one pound above the limit allowed in the welterweight division, and Gabriele Galluccio, who did not show up on the scale on time, all the athletes have passed the test without any peculiar problems.

Below is a summary of the card and the results of the weigh-in.

Bantamweight bout 3 x 5
Petru “Texano” Biclea (4-2) [136 lbs] vs. Francesco “The Berserker” Nuzzi (4-1) [134.6 lbs]

Welterweight bout 3 x 5
Virgiliu “Iceman” Frasineac (7-1) [169.8 lbs] vs. Angelo Marchesani (2-2) [171* lbs]
*he made the weight after 2 hours of time in order to get back into the limits, he was presented on the scale at 172 lbs at the first weigh-in try

Middleweight bout 3 x 5
Walter Pugliesi (1-0) [183.8 lbs] vs Riccardo Maso (1-1) [182 lbs]

Lightweight bout 3 x 5
Francesco Moricca (2-1) [155 lbs] vs Eduardo “El Tigre” Barreda (2-0) [156 lbs]

Featherweight bout 3 x 5
Federico Fasciano  (0-0) [145.2 lbs] vs Luca “Gameboy” Barbessi (2-4) [146 lbs]

Catchweight bout (138 lbs) 3 x 5
Gabriele “Hammer” Galluccio  (2-0) [138 lbs*] vs Tanio Pagliariccio (0-0) [137.6 lbs]
*he made weight after not showing up on time at the weight-in ceremony

Credit: Stefano Summa


Welterweight bout 3 x 3
Dima Girlean (4-0) vs. Emanuele Sabatino (3-2-1)

Middleweight bout 3 x 3
Edwin Velasquez (0-0) vs. Marco Doda (0-0)

Welterweight bout 3 x 3
Isaac Trejo (2-1) vs. Leonardo Basile (2-1)

Middleweight bout 3 x 3
Nicola Sostero (0-0) vs. Jacopo Gorleri (1-0)

Welterweight bout 3 x 3
Alessandro Prometti (1-2) vs. Andrei Oniscenco (0-0)

Featherweight bout 3 x 3
Michele Riondato (3-1) vs. Stefano Morotti (3-1)

Catchweight bout 150 lbs 3 x 3
Antonio Tropeano (1-0, 1 NC) vs. Giovanni Pavese (1-2)

Bantamweight bout 3 x 3
Stefan Istoc (0-0) vs Alen Cepunaj (2-0)

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