Jade Masson-Wong: Hard work, Passion, Inspired, and a Dream!

Jade Mason-Wong although still young in her MMA career at only 2-0 as a professional she is still a prospect on the rise. The 26-year-old out of  Quebec, Canada is looking to scale through ranks in the flyweight division. She looks to improve to 3-0 this Friday for TKO 45 exclusively on UFC Fight Pass. In her sights is a fellow 2-0 fighter, Marilyn Micallef.

First of all, how did you get into MMA? Also, do you have any background in any other type of martial arts?
First I’ve always loved thrills. I started boxing training when I was younger (13 years old) for 2 years. I had to stop during the adolescence because of disciplinary problems but at age of 18-years-old I went to an MMA gym and started doing kickboxing and Muay Thai but just training. After a couple of months, I needed more challenge so I decided to do a kickboxing fight. That’s when I knew I wanted to do this and I wanted to grow up with these intense emotions and fulfill myself in this sport. So I did four kickboxing fight and after I started doing Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, … and to an MMA fight.

What do you do for work or would MMA be your full-time job?
I work in a tattoo shop, I do body piercing on appointments but my priority is really my sport.

Who are you currently training with and who are some of your main sparring partners?
My head coach in MMA is Dany Laflamme, I have a boxing coach Frank Duguay and a physical trainer Manu Molinier. I also have other people who give me time in Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu Jitsu so I learn from a lot of people. Of course, I have my Boyfriend Marc-André Barriault who helps me a lot in my learning. He’s a double champ (185lb and 205lb) in TKO organization and he just signed up with the UFC. For my sparring partner, I don’t have a lot of girls to train with but I have people at my gym Nova Gym who give me time and help me and it’s almost just guys so it’s good for me because they are stronger than the girls. We are limited in Quebec Cty with training partners so we try to go to other gyms like Tristar in Montréal once a week, we like to visit other gym and test ourselves with other people from different places.

If you would wanna fight anywhere in the world besides where you already competed, where would that be?
I want to fight everywhere in the world where it’s possible, this is one of my goals with this sport, to travel all around the world.

How is the weight cut to 125? What would be your diet plan during the weight cut?
My weight cut is not too hard, my weight normally is around 137lb so I cut to 130lb in my diet and 5lb in dehydration. I’m the type of person who loves sugar and when I’m not on diet I don’t restrict myself so just cutting sugar I lose weight. In my diet plan, I cut more carbs but keep good fat and reduce portion. This last week I cut all the carbs and that’s the hard part. The day before the weigh-ins I do baths for dehydrated (around 2 baths of 15-20 min) and the next day I’m at 125lb!

You have one loss in your career as an amateur. How did that change you as a fighter and what did you learn?
The loss I have in my MMA amateur career changed a lot of things in my head. I lost the other fight before (a kickboxing fight) so I had 2 losses back-to-back and I didn’t want to have any more. At this time it was not serious like it is now. After that, I started to work harder in the gym. This last defeat taught me a lot and showed me that to be a winner there is a lot of work to do and it will not come alone. The work is done during the weeks of preparations in training camp. When I enter the cage now I am confident because I know that I did everything I had to do during my preparation and now it is only the best that will win.

What has been the high of your MMA career and what has been the low?
The high in my career is my first belt as an amateur. It was a good fight and my opponent gave up during the fight because I dominated on all points. In this fight, I saw really nice improvements. There is also my first pro fight, I won against the opponent who gave me my only loss in amateur MMA. My low is that loss in my amateur MMA career, but that’s where I learned the most!

What would be your favorite striking and grappling technique?
My favorite striking technique is my boxing combine: jab to the body and direct to the head. I also like to work with different angles, switch right-handed to southpaw, it mixes people. For grappling I don’ have a favorite technique, I am more of the kind to go for controlling positions and doing grown and pound.

Explain a normal day in the life of Jade Masson-Wong?
Every day is different, but one thing is sure, I spend time with my boyfriend Marc-André and my three dogs. If im in training camp I do one training session in the morning, after I can go to work or something else and in the evening I come back to the gym for another training session.

What do you like to do outside of fighting?
We have three dogs and they need to do sport like me every day so I go outside with them, go for a walk, rollerblade, go to a dog’s park… I love animals so when I can do something about that I do it. I like to do photoshoot too. I have some friends photographers then I can let my imagination works and do special shoots just for fun. I have this for a couple years and it lets out my creativity.

You have many tattoos on your skin. Any special meaning behind any of them?
I love arts, a lot of my tattoos is things I like or something that represents me or my personality.

You’re fighting Marilyn Micallef who is also 2-0. What do you think of her as an opponent and how do you see this fight playing out?
I’ve seen two of her fights and what I noticed is that she wants to go to the ground, try many submission without clear technique but that’s where she’s dangerous. She can be really surprising and get something out of nowhere. I don’t think she has a lot of technique in the stand-up and this is my strength so I see the fight me keeping my stinking distance, let her come to me and punishing her with my punches when she wants to grab me. I think she will try to bring me to the ground. For the rest of the fight, we will see during the fight.

You’re fiance, Marc-Andre Barriault has recently signed to the UFC. Is it a reassurance that you can make it to the UFC seeing someone so close to you make it?
For sure it’s inspiring for me and to show everyone who has this dream that it’s possible! But I know there is a lot of hard work behind that. Marc put all his efforts in and I’m so proud of him as he has now reached his goal. That’s what I try to do too. I work hard to always improve myself day by day and to eventually live and do that in the biggest organization in the world. And I know that being a girl things can go much faster because we are less.

Why do you fight and who do you fight for?
I fight for me, I do this because I love all the intense feeling I feel during all the processes before, while and after stepping in the cage. There is such a big feeling of accomplishment after a fight, we push our body to the extreme and after I am proud to have succeeded. It’s a challenge every time!

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