Jessica-Rose Clark

Jessica-Rose Clark is looking to have fun and scrap at UFC Singapore

Ninth-ranked UFC flyweight, Jessica-Rose Clark (9-4) is set to take on the tenth-ranked Jessica Eye (12-6) at UFC Fight Night 132 on Saturday, June 23rd in Singapore. 

126lb as naked as the day I was born. This camp has been amazing. My weight cut was the best it’s ever been. The second photo is right when I officially weighed 126lb. Damn different from St Louis! Thank you to @loutrition for helping me out last minute. I couldn’t have done it without your guidance 2 weeks out. Thank you @joseshortytorres for checking in on me constantly and threatening to kick my ass if I fucked off on my diet 😂 I’m excited to have y’all on the team. Thank you @proteinhouse1 for keeping all my meals in check and delicious. Thank you @bo.sandoval @ufcpi for being an amazing source of guidance, knowledge and support. And most importantly thank you @bigwoodmma702 we have our winning recipe ❤️ Tomorrow it’s happening. No hiccups. No mistakes. No distractions. I’m so fucken excited! #UFCSingapore #JRCvsEYE

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In an interview with MMA Today, Clark discussed the importance of interacting with fans, and what she anticipates of her upcoming matchup against Eye.

When you think about social media personalities in the MMA world, fighters like Chase Sherman, Elias Theodorou, and Angela Hill come to mind. Many use social media, but it’s a rare occasion to find athletes who genuinely interact with fans. Clark, or Miss “Jessy Jess” as her fans know her by, has made it a point to be very engaging with her followers, especially on Twitter. 

“I like how many people talk to me on Twitter,” Clark said. “It gives me something to do between training sessions. I know one hundred percent, without people following me and wanting to see me fight, I wouldn’t have the job that I have. It doesn’t just come from physical prowess, or from winning fights, it comes from people actually wanting to be around you or wanting to see what you can do.”

“I try to have conversations, and even when I’m busy I always like the majority of what people send me,” she explained. “Just so that they know that I’ve seen it. I may not always get time to reply, but I just want everyone to know that I am reading it. I don’t think I’m too good to talk to any of my fans; I don’t want anyone to say that about me.”

Even though Miss Jessy Jess lives a busy lifestyle as a professional athlete, she still takes time to read and reply to MMA fans. Many have come to appreciate her light-hearted manner and witty responses to the more questionable comments that come up. Clark likes to have fun with her social media and has had a shift in attitude over the last year about how best to interact with fans of the sport.

“Even though I was always interactive, I used to start arguments with people,” she recalled. “I’d fight with people online and dumb shit like that. I don’t really do that anymore. I’m kind of a ‘water off the duck’s back’ kind of person.”

Since Clark relocated to Las Vegas from Australia, she has been training at Syndicate MMA under John Wood. Ahead of her fight with Eye, she has been working on a lot of grappling and has had training partners coming in to help her with this camp, which has been exclusively at Syndicate for this fight.

“I’m lucky this camp we’ve had a few more people who are my size. I have more training partners and people I can work really well with. I was going to 10th Planet for my jiu-jitsu for the last couple of camps but I actually have a black belt from Australia doing the last four weeks of prep with me. She’s a friend of mine from back home, she’s about Jessica’s size and obviously an elite grappler. So now I get to do everything out of Syndicate.”

“I also have Alexa Connors,” Clark continued. “She’s an Invicta bantamweight, she’s moved out here now and she’s helped me with camps in the past. We’ve got another 15-er at the gym, Chelsea [Rae], who has never fought but she’s been training for years and has wrestling, she’s a good drilling partner. The black belt Jess Fraser, she’ll be the last little piece of the puzzle.”

Clark has also had the luxury of utilizing the UFC’s Performance Institute, which is available to all of their athletes.

“I do all my strength and conditioning here,” she explained. “I work with the physical therapist here, or I’ll just come and run after practice. If I feel it was a lighter practice and I’ve still got a bunch of energy I’ll come over and run afterward. It’s such a unique place to be able to use. It’s contributed a lot, I love this place.

The Aussie is aiming to put on a show for her fans. She anticipates a fun stylistic matchup against Eye and is looking forward to the challenges the former Ring of Combat titleholder will bring. She is intrigued by athletes who are more experienced and offer different strengths that oppose her own, which is why she was eager to accept the fight.

“I know she has been grappling a lot recently and if you watch her last fight she had good submission attempts,” Clark said of her opponent. “So I am well aware of the fact that she has really good grappling. Obviously, I don’t wanna leave anything unchecked.

She’s been around for a long time she’s had a lot more fights than I have. She’s not afraid to take a bunch of punches, which is good, so I’m not afraid to give her punches. I think we match up well because we’re both well rounded, I always like to fight people who are more experienced. As soon as they offered it to me I was like ‘fuck yeah’ this should be a good scrap.

It’s the same as the Bec Rawlings one, I knew it was going to be a good fight. I don’t care if it goes to a decision as long as it’s entertaining. As long as I get hit and I get to hit someone else. She has a lot of talent and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Best fight trip I ever had #MonsterFam #Reebok #UFCSingapore #JRCvsEYE

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