Jose “Shorty” Torres: “I have created history in Titan FC”

Jose “Shorty” Torres solidified his place as a top prospect in the world of MMA by becoming the first ever double weight class champ in Titan FC history, with a total of 33 fights inside the cage.

In Jose’s first shot at the title, he met a then 7-2 Abdiel Velazquez which ended as a success taking home the 125lb belt after a second-round TKO performance. Shortly afterward he went on to defend that belt and then set his sights on the Bantamweight title. After a five round war, “Shorty” did enough to take home the second belt, breaking the record… and his hand.

Jose spoke about what it felt like to have such a status on his head. “Dude it’s awesome. At least after I turned pro, it’s not what I expected. I was expecting to have around 5-6 fights and then start getting noticed but I walked in there and I was noticed. I fought a guy with 16 pro fights and I was only 1-0. I beat him and then fought again and then for the vacant title after Tim Elliot vacated the belt. That was my third fight”.

When talking about his most recent opponent, Farkhad Sharipov, Torres spoke very respectfully of the former champ. “Sharipov was a tough opponent. Even though for me it felt like a very dominant fight, it wasn’t the fight I expected it to be. It was a lot tougher and I paid price in the fight. I broke my hand and tore my MCL because of that but even though I did win the fight, it really taught me a lot of myself and make myself better for the next time. I’m excited to show my new skills in my next fight.”

With Sharipov managing to take the champ to the distance, I asked Jose if anything had surprised him about his opponents gameplan. “Not really. I knew he was a tough fighter but he did click me and got me stuck in a guillotine. I knew he was an excellent boxer. I started slow and took a lot of unnecessary shots because of it. After that fight, I told myself I needed to become more of a well-rounded fighter if I want to be the best.”

“Shorty” is set to defend his Titan FC bantamweight title on the 17th November against 7-2, Gleidson Dejesus. “Man he is a tough guy. He’s straightforward and very explosive. If I come out slow in the first 2 rounds of a 5 round fight then I’m in trouble. He is a very exciting fighter.”

After 28 amateur bouts, Torres finally made his highly anticipated pro debut against Travis Taylor, early 2016. He stated that the fight was nerve-racking as there was a ton of pressure upon him. He also said that he didn’t see himself becoming the champ that he is today and that after huge numbers of interviews where he was told he was the best ever, the pressure to do well in this fight was massive.

“If I had the choice, I would love to get more amateur fights. The amateur fights are like your resume. It’s like a job application. The more fights show the more education. Boxers do so much better because they have a lot more fights before they turn professional. Its all about building my resume”

Ever since Jose won the Flyweight title, all he has wanted was a shot in the UFC “It’s been my dream ever since I won my first belt. I won the belt and I was like cool so I wanted to show the UFC. I was fighting harder fights that even if I lost then I’ve tried my best and they could see this with everything I’ve done.”

“They called me 4 times. The UFC called me 3 times for the contender series and once time to fight Justin Scoggins but I was injured everytime they rang. I’m keeping my weight low now in case they ever called up.”

Jose didn’t rule out season 2 of the contender show but believes that he should get the call up prior to that. “I think that my resume is good enough to get me right into a flyweight fight in the UFC. If I was called up then I would fight in the 125lb division. I think I’d fair really well against the champ. I’ve trained with most of that division between Ray Borg, Tim Elliot, and even some 135lbers too. I’ve sparred with Pettis and a few other guys. DJ’s made the flyweight division so boring because he’s too dominant. I believe I could demonstrate a lot of new stuff against him that would make him struggle.”

“You look at that flyweight division and even the Bantamweight, there is no one in the world with my type of resume as an amateur. I’ve created history as an amateur and professional and broke records. youve got Conor Mcgregor who is the first double weight class champion for Cage Warriors and overall MMA and he did it at 14-2 and never defended a belt. I’m 5-0 and defended both. I’m doing things no one else has done. I hope the UFC looks and goes ‘Hey this is the guy we need’.”





Jose “Shorty” Torres is set to defend his Titan FC Bantamweight title against Gleidson DeJesus 17th November. Be sure to keep an eye out in the future for this Flyweight prospect.

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