Josh Neer challenged by former training partner for $15,000 winner take all purse

Josh “The Dentist” Neer is a well-known fighter in the MMA community with two stints in the UFC going 6-9. Neer has had many fights in his career but in the past five years, he has yet to stand across the cage from rival Brian Green. With multiple callouts, deals, and confrontations outside of the cage the fight has yet never been made. MMA Today has talked to Brian Gree to get his side of the story:

When Brian Green was asked about how this long rivalry with Josh Neer, he stated…

“The Beef with Josh and I started when he left Des Moines MMA (a place I have been loyal to training at since I started) I’m cool that he left the gym, but when he left, he took probably half of the gym with him, leaving Anthony Porcelli (who had three babies at the time) struggling to make ends meet, over Josh’s cousin not wanting to pay dues to train there. I never liked that, but then, fast forward a couple years, and Josh offered me a trilogy match with a rival of mine who we are still to this day 1-1 as pro’s, and Neer made me an offer for the tie breaker fight, and then Josh, Victor (the rival) and Elvis Mutapcic all three fighters being in my same weight class, blocked me on facebook, and then I had no way to call them out for their ‘being scared’ of losing to me. I have challenged all three, and none of them wanna GET IT!”

According to Green, They started fighting at a local bar, called Toad Holler. That was a bar that people would come and sign up out of the crowd and fight someone, challenge someone to fight, and then fight, before sanctioning, bloodwork or commission was involved.

“Josh was the “king” of the old amateur sign up and fight night. He would get on the microphone, and he would challenge the biggest, most muscular guy that was there at the bar with his girlfriend and Josh would challenge him, and if the guy wouldn’t fight Neer, Neer would call him a pussy and the whole crowd would start chanting Pussy, Pussy, Pussy, and that local fight night that used to be such a huge hit in Des Moines, had people stop coming because nobody wanted to be humiliated. Neer would put his finger in a guys face, while the guy was there with his girlfriend, and call him a pussy, etc. . . . Now, the tables have turned, and he has been called out, but is silent and won’t make a peep.”

Green would issue a challenge to Josh Neer for the first time in 2013 and on July 11th, 2014 they had their first face-to-face encounter. This was also the first time they meet after Green challenged Neer to a cage fight. Neer didn’t take too kindly to Green’s callout and a scuffle slightly broke out.

“Three days after my son was born, and as we were on the way back home from the hospital from my son being born.. We were dropping off a movie at the rebox in mcdonalds parking lot, and he came up yelling, shoving me,, and trying to footsweep me, while my wife who had just given birth was there just feet away not having a clue what was about to happen.”

Josh Neer has publicly expressed his feeling to Brian Green on social media calling him “lazy”. Neer has gone on record saying he will not fight Green professionally simply because “He’s not getting a payday so if he wants to fight me, he knows where I live.” Green want’s the fight and is willing to not get paid at all if that’s the case.

“Apart from a fighter, being a promoter, and as a promoter, and as a matchmaker, and as a manager, I have personally myself paid Josh Neer $17,500 and also got him a $40,000 payday. That’s $57,500 I have personally paid or gotten Neer in his career for fighting. So why don’t I deserve to make any money? BUT that’s cool, you don’t want me to make any money? Then let’s do a $15,000 WINNER TAKE ALL fight purse. I have a neutral promoter willing to come to des moines and put this fight on, and Josh, and I both have fought for this promoter before, so it’s a neutral promoter, and he doesn’t want me to make any money, then BEAT me, and I get $0 of a fight purse. . . “

Earlier this year (November), Neer and Green got into a scuffle backstage as Green was getting one of his fighters ready. Green has the details:

“Since I have challenged Josh multiple times to fight, he saw me in the back, and as I had a body protector and focus mitts on, warming up my fighter, he comes up to me and says “Oh you want to fight me?! I’m here right now, let’s fight” and I said “Yes, I do want to fight you, but now is not the time, we are fighting next, I’ll talk to you about this afterwards, and I turn back to my fighter and he swings on me and smacks me with an open hand. So I immediately throw off my protector, and mitts and I’m ready to square up with him, yelling ‘Come smack me again!’ and then all the other fighters and coaches in the back separated us, and then I go back to warming up my fighter (whos fighting in the next fight or two) and after everyone breaks us up, Neer walked back into the arena, I was now without focus mitts on, and went back to warming up my fighter, and he came back again 2-3 minutes after our original scuffle, and comes back “I’m right here, you wanna fight let’s fight now!” and then I said if you ain’t scared then let’s sign a contract and make a mega fight here in Des Moines.”

As you can see videos of the scuffle on Green’s Facebook (which has 9,400 views, 300 reactions, and just under 200 shares), he explains more about what happened:

“As I’m saying sign a contract he pushes the guy separating us out of the way and grabs me by my throat and shoves me into the concrete wall, and at this moment, I realized I have the right to defend myself, so I let my hands go; I threw 5 punches, and all but one left hook landed, knocking out his tooth, swelling up his face, and he threw one punch from the clinch that skimmed the side of my head.”

When I asked Green what would he like to happen as if it was up to him how would this end he said:

“What I would like to have happen, is we settle our differences in the cage. Coming up, from 17 – 22 or 23 years old, Josh and I used to train together, and he used to beat the crap out of me, never respected me, just used me as a body to get him in shape for his fights. He has knocked me out, broken my nose, slammed me breaking my wrist (that required surgery) and has just never given me any respect. Since then, I have learned how to fight as throughout my entire career I have fought KILLERS, some of which have beaten him too. Now, I want to earn respect from him, by us fighting each other. I don’t care if I win, lose, or draw, I want to shake hands and put this behind us like grown men. After a fight, we could go back to being old training partners, it would be nice for me to be able to go back and train with him, rolling jiu jitsu, holding pads, etc. I am very knowledgeable in this sport after 65 pro bouts, and an additional 14 ammy fights and I could help him and his fighters get better. I think that only happens if he wins. If he loses he will never lose the grudge, and i’m fine with that too, I just want to settle it like men.”

As this fight clearly needs for Des Monies, the fans, and most importantly the fighters I asked Green how he sees this fight playing out if it was to happen, Here is his prediction:

“My prediction is I knock him out in the first round. He will not want to stand with me, ESPECIALLY after me piecing him up when he attacked me in November so he either gets KO’d, OR he takes me down and tries to give me the worst beat down of his entire career, which I will be ready to defend and attempt to stop. If I don’t, I will be destroyed, and I’m aware of this that’s why I LOVE this sport! Modern day gladiators!”

There is a chance Neer still won’t ever agree to sign a contract to fight Neer and if that is the case here is what Green stated:

“If he does NOT agree to fight me, I feel I have no option other than going to the authorities and pressing charges. I’m sick of this douchebag trying to fight me, and he already has attempted to multiple times, even while I’m out with my family, now my kids are Two, and Four years old. I don’t want this guy trying to fight me every time he sees me, and when I’m with my kids. Could you imagine how traumatic that would be for a kid to see their dad being attacked in a street fight? Yeah, i’m over that..”



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