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“When I Fight, I Put on Shows” – Joshua Aveles Previews ACB 84 Fight

Before he fights at ACB 84, Joshua ‘El Rey’ Aveles (26-11-2 MMA) spoke to MMAToday about his career, his upcoming fight and plans for the future.

After having a friend of his link him up with Absolute Championship Berkut, Aveles begun his European journey last year. Since then, he’s gone 2-0 in one of Europe’s biggest promotions. Aveles made the decision to go over to Europe was mainly because he had a difficult time finding fights in the United States. Which is not surprising looking at his record highlighted with an impressive 19 knockouts.

Despite now fighting in Europe, Aveles says that he hasn’t changed much in his preparation for fights.

“I don’t train for any specific fighter or any specific style. I train for me to get better at every single thing. The only difference was the time change.”

In his ACB debut, Aveles faced Amirkhan Adaev at ACB 54 in Manchester, England. After a back-and-forth fight, in which Adaev scored several takedowns and enjoyed periods of top control whilst Aveles landed the heavier shots, the judges declares a draw. However, when Aveles got to the backstage he was told that he was ruled the winner. According to ACB, this was a result of a misunderstanding of the rules by ones of the judges who scored the fight a draw. According to the ACB ruleset, fights cannot be ruled a draw.

Aveles was obviously happy with the decision as he felt that his striking advantage was enough to get him the win.

“No disrespect to the guy I fought but he was stumbling all over the cage and on his bike most of the fight. Whilst I was putting on pressure and landing all my shots.”

In the grander scheme of things, Aveles is not a fan of judging in MMA due to the unpredictable and sometimes farcical nature of judges’ decisions.

“You don’t know what the hell they are fucking looking at and the fight gets the wrong decision.”

Aveles’ career got off to a rough start as he went 2-7-1 in his first ten fights. Aveles believes that it was a result of not being dedicated enough. According to him, he was fighting just because he liked it as well as to make money in order to provide for his newborn son. In addition to that, Aveles lost his brother not long before he turned professional and thus was not in the correct mental space to succeed as a fighter. As a result, Aveles often neglected training and instead partied close to his fights.

However, Aveles has since then turned a corner and rededicated himself to fighting and the results are clear for all to see. Aveles joined Millenia MMA approximately three years ago in a move which saw him reach new heights as a fighter.

“My overall game has grown a hundredfold.”

With his last fight on the ACB contract coming up on April 7, Aveles isn’t bothered whether he will get the call from the UFC. Unlike many fighters, Aveles admits that money is the driving force behind his career decisions and he is happy to fight anywhere, providing they pay enough.

“I really do not give a shit. As long as they pay me what I’m worth, I’m okay to go anywhere (…) I’m in this to put food in my kids’ bellies.”

Aveles believes that he should have already received a UFC call-up. He was scheduled to fight Josh Emmett in May of 2016 but Emmett had to pull out as he got signed by the UFC. Aveles thinks that he was more deserving of the shot than the Team Alpha Male product.

“Why didn’t they just give me the shot? I had way more fights than he did but I guess just because he was undefeated and stuff like that they chose to go his route.”

Aveles is also adamant that he is more deserving than a lot of current UFC fighters under contract. He points to the body of his work as the reason why.

“I’ve got more knockouts than half these that are making good money in the UFC, I’ve got more knockouts than they’ve got actual fights.”

‘El Rey’ does not know much about his upcoming opponent, Adrian Zielinski, but is confident that the matchup will not disappoint the fans.

“I know from the fights I’ve seen that he likes to stand up and fight so I think this is going to be fireworks.”

“When I fight, I put on shows. I’m not in a boring fight, whether I’m getting my ass kicked or I’m kicking somebody’s ass I’m going to make it a fight.”

Should the stars align, Aveles wants to make his return at ACB 86 which promises to be one of the biggest shows that the Russian based promotion has ever put on. Aveles’ Millenia MMA teammate Georgi Karakhanyan will also be making his debut on that card which adds extra incentive for Aveles to get on it.

“I’ve fought twice in one week before so I will do it again if I have to.”

Even if he doesn’t get the chance to fight on that card, Aveles wants to visit Russia someday perhaps not even as a fighter.

“I would love to go to Russia. I was supposed to go in December and then I got injured. I was so bummed out. I was a little depressed that I wasn’t able to fight that time in Russia because I was really looking forward to going to Moscow. I never thought I’d be getting out of California.”

“If ACB wanted to fly me out just to be a ‘special guest’ and watch the show I’d be so fucking down.”

Although he is willing to fly anywhere in the world to fight, Aveles isn’t a fan of early morning departures after his fights.

“I would just love if they gave me a couple of days after the fight to just chill out and experience it a little bit more, that’d be cool.”

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