Juan “The Spaniard” Archuleta speaks about free agency and signing with Bellator

Juan Archuleta doesn’t waste time. It took “The Spaniard” around a month and half to end his time in free agency and sign with Bellator to a four fight/one-year contract. The former four-division champion in King of The Cage fielded offers from every promotion in the world.

Oh man every organization out there in the world right now (called),” said Archuleta. “One FC, Rizin, ACB, UFC, Bellator, re-signing with King of the Cage, LFA, there were endless opportunities out there to sign with any organization that I wanted to.

Juan Archuleta


The Spaniard enjoyed the process of free agency, calling it “the best season of his life (MMA career),” but a big part of that was trusting his manager, Tiki Ghosn of Arsenal Sports Agency. He took a step back and made sure he had a manager before he took any calls. Then once Ghosn was hired, he handed the keys to his career then.

“It’s like building a house and then handing off the keys, saying here you go, this is your house dude, decorate whatever you want,” said Archuleta.

Though he stayed hands-off, there were a few guidelines he gave his manager.

A promoter that is going to believe in me, wants me to come in and make some noise, an organization that I could go in, an organization that has believed in what I’ve done and believes in my vision, which is to be the best pound for pound fighter in the world to ever fight in MMA,” said Archuleta.

Also important to Archuleta is that he was in an organization that would let him support his family and his beliefs.

Something that is going to support my ideals as a human being, I’m a Christian, I try to walk the Christian way, I always stumble of course but I believe in God,” said Archuleta. “As long as I could bring in those ideas and bring in my family. I’m a family man, so something that’s not going to be looked down upon.”

One of the favorite past times of MMA fans is hearing what rumors are figuring out what was true and what wasn’t. And one of the many was that Archuleta was offered a fight against Austin Arnett at UFC Charlotte, and turns out, it was true.

Yeah, absolutely, they called me and told me it was an opportunity of a lifetime, you know, it definitely was.”

It was more of a decision that I believed whatever my manager has set forth for me.

Juan Archuleta


Now that he is with Bellator, “The Spaniard” has his eyes focused on his fight, he however, will not call anyone out, in fact he doesn’t even know which weight class he’ll be fighting in at first.

They didn’t give me any specific guidelines,” said Archuleta. “They left it open and they asked me, I said I didn’t know yet.”

Though he didn’t get on the card at the Forum on in San Jose, Archuleta would like to fight on one of the heavyweight grand prix cards that’s scheduled.

I’d love to be in the mix with that, fans going out there, knowing who ‘the Spaniard’ is and getting eyes on my fights and building a bigger fan base.”

With that said, Archuleta believes he is the next King of the Cage alum to make noise on one of MMA’s biggest stages.

King of the Cage has been around for years and has plenty of champs that have made names for themselves and I believe it’s my turn. It’s my turn to go in there and stir the MMA pot up and make some more noise for people to talk about and get my story out there.”

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